Jeff Friar
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Jeff Friar]]
Real name
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Height 6'2
Weight 223 lbs.
Date of birth February 16th, 1975
Place of birth Madison, Wisconsin
Date of death
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Resides San Antonio, Texas
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Debut 2007
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Jeff Friar is a cameraman for the Championship Wrestling Federation. He was just recently employed for the official cameraman position by Anthony Romeri. He has so far enjoyed his stay in the CWF, and plans on staying for a while.

Early life

Jeff grew up in Madison, Wisconsin along with 2 other brothers, Gordon and Matt. Him and his brothers always got along and always played jokes on unexpecting victims. They never had a dull moment. Although they drived her nuts, Kelly Friar, Jeff's mother, loved her boys to death and wanted them to be successful. This is when she exposed them to one of her own personal loves. Wrestling.

Jeff, Gordon, and Matt all adored wrestling and were constantly acting out matches and pretending to be wrestlers. They grew up in an environment like this; each of them growing to like certain parts of wrestling. Gordon wanted to be the one close to the wrestler, asking them burning questions. Jeff wanted to be there when everything happened to videotape it. And then Matt, he just wanted to be in the ring. These interests propelled the kids to the positions that they're in right now. Gordon is currently a backstage interviewer for feds, which he never seems to be consistent with; constantly leaving. Jeff got to the CWF and is a cameraman, but Matt, who fulfilled his dream of being a wrestler, joined a backyard wrestling league in 2006. This decision was a very unfortunate one, as one fateful day, Matt had to go through 3 tables, coming off of the roof of a building. He was ready, but obviously the guy performing wasn't as when it came to the point, he got nervous and screwed up, causing Matt to miss the tables and land on the concrete, right on his head, killing him on impact. This is a terrible loss for the Friar family and we issue our condolences.

Personal life

  • Jeff is a happily married man, married to Kate Rivera who is a doctor.
  • Jeff has a 5 year old son named Jordon.
  • Jeff has a contract with the CWF for 6 months. He plans on signing on for longer once his contract expires.


  • Jeff enjoys fishing with his son.
  • Jeff also likes messing around with Dean Simon, who he commonly films interviewing wrestlers. He always pranks him whenever he can.

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