Jeff Ross
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Jeff Ross]]
Real name Jeff Adam Ross
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Height 5'11"
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth August 12th, 1955
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia
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Resides Montréal, Canada
Billed from
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Extreme Wrestling Entertainment
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Jeff Ross is currently employed as the color commentator for the popular wrestling promotion, Extreme Wrestling Entertainment.

Early Life

Born Jeff Adam Ross, Jeff adopted his pseudonym from one of his favorite professional wrestlers, Adam "Edge" Copeland. His parents were extremely abusive towards Jeff, and beat him frequently as a young boy. When Jeff got fed up with their bullying ways, he trained for hours upon hours in the high school exercise room. The next time his father laid his hands on his son, Jeff broke his arm in four places and gave him a severe concussion. To this day, Jeff's father has a speech impediment.

Jeff fled his home immediately following this incident, and ended up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he trained with a local promotion. For twenty years, Joel wrestled in various small-time businesses in order to make a living. In an ironic twist, in the middle of April, 1987, Jeff suffered a traumatic head injury. However, he was scheduled to wrestle the next day, and did so, suffering another injury. He was diagnosed later with post-concussion syndrome, which ultimately ended his career. From then on, Jeff dedicated himself to calling matches, and was paired with Christian Stylez for the original EWE Like Stylez went into retirement after the original promotion closed down, only to come back at the request of new owner Mike Vallee.

Personal Life

  • Jeff has never expressed the desire to be in a long term relationship, but rather has various "floozies" which he frequents on wrestling road trips.
  • Jeff does not own any pets.


  • Jeff has won over 40 wrestling titles in his career, although none of them are recognized.

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