Jeffrey Adrian Drake (born November 5th, 1976 in Los Angeles, California; currently residing in Lake Norris, Tennessee) is an American professional wrestler better known by his ring name of Jeff Van Damage. After 14 years in the professional wrestling business (and 7 on the e-federation circuit), Jeff Van Damage took a leave of absence from the ring, following a successful stint as Commissioner for the First-Class Championship Wrestling league (1CW).

Jeff Van Damage
Image of Jeff Van Damage
Real name Jeffrey Adrian Drake
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Height 6'2"
Weight 245 lbs.
Date of birth November 7th, 1979
Place of birth Los Angeles, California
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CyberBrawls, MIA, XWA, HIW, Ring Wars, Wrassle[dot]Net, OTB, SCIW, CWA, RAGE!, Nexus, 1CW
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Debut (efed) 2001
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Past Federations

  • Renegade Alliance of Wrestling (member of CyberBrawls)
  • Missing In Action Wrestling (member of CyberBrawls, later Wrassle)
  • Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
  • Only The Best Wrestling
  • Ring Wars
  • High Impact Wrestling
  • East Britain Wrestling Alliance (member of GWC)
  • Extreme Hardcore Wrestling-X (member of Wrassle)
  • Desert Renegade Wrestling (member of Wrassle)
  • Southern Coalition of International Wrestling (member of Ring Wars)
  • Championship Wrestling Association (members of Ring Wars)
  • Nexus Wrestling (member of GWC)
  • First-Class Championship Wrestling (member of GWC)
  • RAGE! Wrestling (member of GWC)

Title History


  • O.T.B. Battle For The Belt Winner
  • O.T.B. World Heavyweight Champion [first ever]
  • O.T.B. Best Of The Best Winner
  • O.T.B. United States Champion


  • RWTG Heavyweight Champion
  • RWTG Tag Team Champion (w/ Jumping Jack Flash)
  • SCIW Tag Team Champion (THE ELITE; w/ Titan)
  • SCIW World Heavyweight Champion [3]
  • TEAM FINALS Champion, August 2004 [ATT, Lady Death, Sierra]
  • Winner of SCIW World Title Blitz [2]
  • FINALS Champion, January 2005
  • "Legend" Status in Hall of Fame, 2005


  • HIW Triple Crown Winner
  • HIW World Heavyweight Champion
  • HIW United States Champion
  • HIW Tag Team Champion (THE POWER TRIP; W/ Psychopath)


  • RAW World Champion
  • RAW WarTime Champion [2]
  • RAW Tag Team Champion [3] (DREAM MACHINES; W/ Eiji Ezaki; W/ The Mad Bomber)


  • MIA XS Talent Champion
  • MIA Bloodsport Champion
  • MIA Renegade Champion
  • MIA Dark Flame Champion
  • MIA Tag Force Champion [2] (THE ELITE: W/ The ICon)
  • Hall of Fame, 2003


  • XWA World Heavyweight Champion [2]
  • XWA International Champion
  • XWA Television Champion
  • XWA Hardcore Champion [5]
  • Winner of 2002 Civil War Battle Royal
  • 2-Time Winner of Hardcore Invitational


  • AWA Tag Team Champions (BOOYAH KNIGHTS; W/ Kyle Winters) [3]


  • EHW-X World Champion
  • EHW-X Triple X Champion
  • Winner of Extreme Bowl Battle Royal


  • DRW World Heavyweight Champion


  • EBWA World Tag Team Championship (w/ Surge Xero)


  • 1CW World Champion [3]
  • 1CW First Class Champion [first ever]
  • 1CW Tag Team Champion [2] (w/ Austin Kincaid)
  • Winner Countdown 2005 Battle Royal
  • Winner 1CW Ironman Trophy Tournament
  • Winner 2005 Barcelona Grand Prix
  • Winner 2006 Barcelona Grand Prix
  • Hall of Fame, 2007

RAGE! Wrestling

  • Universally Honored Champion (UHC)
  • UHC Tag Team Champion (ELITE; w/ Guy Lacrasse)


  • Winner of the Underground Invitational 2001
  • Winner of the Ironman Tourney 2001
  • International Wrestling Committee Grand Prix, Silver Medal


  • Rookie of the Year [RAW, 2001]
  • Wrestler of the Year [RAW, 2001; XWA, 2002; w/ LT, SCIW, 2004; 1CW, 2005, 2006)
  • Match of the Year [2002 [x2]; 2003 [x4]; 2004 [x3]; 2005 [x3]; 2006; 2007 [x2]
  • Best Face Wrestler [2002; 2003 [x2]; 2004 [x2]; 2005; 2006; 2007]
  • Best Feud [w/ ELITE vs. Team Real Deal, 2002; vs. Axis, 2003; vs. The Package, 2003; vs. LT, 2004; w/ John Hansen vs. Dark Omen, 2004; vs. Toby Jones, 2004; vs. Reiner Cross, 2005; vs. Moses Creed, 2006; vs. RAGE! Wrestling, 2007]
  • Best Finishing Move [VAN DAMNATION, 1CW, 2005; NEGATIVE THEORY, RAGE!, 2007]
  • Best Tag Team [THE ELITE, 2007, RAGE! Wrestling]


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