Jesse Nunez is currently in Action Packed Wrestling.

Jesse Nuñez
Jesse Headshot
Real name Jesus Nuñez Jr
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Height 6 Foot 1 Inch
Weight 240 lbs
Date of birth July 19, 1988
Place of birth Phoenix, Arizona
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides New York, New York
Billed from Phoenix, Arizona
Trainer John Cena
Handled by Jesse Nunez
Win/Loss Record 96-47-2
Debut Pro Wrestling Debut 2006
Retired Yes

Other Stats

Nicknames: The Prodigy, Thug Soldier, America's Nightmare,

Quotes: "Tell Me I Can't, I Won't Hear You", "The MVP Is Here", "I'm America's Nightmare", "My Name Is Jesse Nunez, and Hayden I Am Better Than You", "I am the dream, and you are the dreamer."

Manager: Michelle Nuñez (Wife)

Entrance Music: "Invincible" by MGK Feat. Ester Dean

Alliances: The Anarchist, Jason Burgess, and Max Carter.


Born in Phoenix, Arizona. Jesse was born into an average family. During his school years, Jesse would get bullied. Jesse then started going to the gym and working out. It all helped after he stood up to those bullies and they never messed with him again. Jesse started hanging out on the streets with his friends.

Jesse and his crew started taking part in battle raps on the streets. Jesse was the best in his crew. Winning all battle raps he was in. One night after he won a battle. His opponent that he beat was not a very happy man after the loss. Him and his crew followed Jesse and his crew outside of the club.

Their crew shot at Jesse and their crew hitting and killing everyone but Jesse. They left Jesse breathing with 3 bullets wounds to his abdomen. Jesse left the hospital a month later forgetting about his dream of being a rapper and decided to follow his real dream of becoming a pro wrestler. After going through years of training at numerous wrestling schools nothing helped him. Two years after he graduated college, he met John Cena. Cena trained Jesse with his ring skills and mic skills.

After Jesse was taught everything Cena knew. Cena left Jesse a pro wrestler and great rapper. Now that Jesse has hit the wrestling and music scene. Jesse always brings his rapping skills and wrestling skills to the ring.

Else where, Jesse's cousin is making it into the business. The Anarchist has made his way onto the Rampage roster at EwC. When Jesse and The Anarchist tag together, they are simply known as "Thug Rebellion".

Since his debut with EwC, Jesse has been on an amazing run. He has become the first ever X Division Champion in Extreme Wrestling Corporation history as he won in a fatal four way at the Pay Per View event, One Night Encounter on June 30, 2006.

His debut Rap and Hip Hop album "Thug Connection" has reached number one on the billboard charts. Tracks featuring artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem, John Cena, Tha Trademarc and top selling artist. His sophomore album "The Mind of a Thug" and "The Mind of a Thug: Word Life Edition" has sold over a billion copies in the first week of sales.

During his stint in wrestling he has been in numerous factions. Back in World Legacy Wrestling he was in "The Chain Gang" that only lasted for about 2 weeks as the members in the group turned on him. In EwC there became The Brotherhood featuring members from both Brawl and Rampage as Alexander Dreadnaught, The Anarchist, Darius Miles, Ebon, Hellraiser, Jason Burgess, Phillip Rocca, Snoop Jackson, Jay Reynolds, and Jesse Nunez. The Brotherhood took on the Haydenist led by Cameron Hayden as it was shortly taken out by The Brotherhood for good. Afterwards The Brotherhood never had a chance to do anything, they all went their own ways and thought it would be best to move on, though teaming up when a friend needed help was never a problem. On August 5, 2007 after competiting in his return match to Brawl since his injury against Ricker a Masked Man got in the ring and asked Jesse Nunez to join him, a few moments later he was revealed to be the EwC World Heavyweight Champion Shadow Man from Rampage. Jesse agreed and on that day Jesse joined an historic group by the name of F.O.R.C.E. along with Shadow Man, Level One, Ebon, Angel, BDC, and Blade, Blade was later kicked out of F.O.R.C.E. as he tried to take out Shadow Man at Stable Wars. December 7, 2007 Jesse Nunez returns to Rampage to be with his fellow F.O.R.C.E. members, as all seem good for F.O.R.C.E. a change was to be made. As Angel lost in a brutal street fight Chupacabra and the rest of team F.E.A.R. kept giving her a beating but then Jesse and BDC make their way to the ring to save their F.O.R.C.E. sister. BDC was then stabbed in the back as Jesse gave BDC The Resurrection, later taking off his F.O.R.C.E shirt to reveal a F.E.A.R. shirt to a sea of boos from the fans as Beth Harte, Michael Saint, El Chupacabra, Jay Reynolds, Victor Hades, and the newest member of F.E.A.R. Jesse Nunez stood tall. Since then, F.E.A.R. & F.O.R.C.E. are no longer around and Jesse is set as his own man again.

For almost a year since he debuted in Janary 2006, Jesse has been chasing the World Championship in EwC failing a few times. At Hardcore Revolution Jesse lost in the finals of the vacated EwC Undisputed World Championship tournament to Moses Lake. At Stranglemania 5 Jesse Nunez and Moses Lake was in the main event for the title in a Triple Steel Cage match. Jesse had the match won until BDC interfered in the match. Rumble in the Bronx in a Chamber of Horrors match for the championship was Moses Lake the champion against BDC against Jesse Nunez where Jesse pinned BDC to become the EwC Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career.

At One Night Encounter, Jesse lost his EwC Undisputed World Championship to BDC inside of a Hell in A Cell. During the match, Jesse went to spear BDC through a table but missed a speared through the table and the steel post! After the match, Nunez had to undergo surgery on his right shoulder. But he has since made his return back on Brawl looking for revenge on BDC, to take back his EwC Title.

Jesse Nunez has made his way into MECCA Wrestling, following his friend Jason Burgess and his cousin The Anarchist. There Anarchist and Jesse Nunez has once again formed "Thug Rebellion" and made it their goal to capture Tag Team Gold. At Scars and Stripes, Jesse and Anarchist were able to capture the tag gold from then champs, Syndicate Inc., as Jesse Resurrected Michael Carrington for the win. Later Jesse and Anarchist decided not to come back the following season as they threw their tag champs in a dumpster outside MECCA HQ.

Jesse just recently defeated Elijah Mohammad Siad at Stranglemania 7 to become the EwC United States Champion.

May 6, 2009: Jesse has made his debut in Action Packed Wrestling. In this federation Jesse follows such EWC Superstars Level One, John Green, BDC, & Pence Weatherlight to compete for the APW World Championship.

On May 12, 2009 Jesse Nunez and his fiance, Victoria Violette, got married in Boston, Massachusetts. She later would go on and legally change her name to Michelle.

Jesse has been taking names and beating his opponents in the ring and out. With his fans he refers to as the "Thug KoneXion" having his back. There’s no telling how far this legend in the making will go.



Basic Moveset

  1. Throw Back
  2. Toe Kick (Kick to the gut)
  3. Snap Jab (Punch)
  4. Drop Kick
  5. Spinning Fisherman Suplex
  6. DDT
  7. Spinning Out Power Bomb
  8. Sidewalk Slam
  9. Headlock
  10. Suplex
  11. Running STO
  12. Spear
  13. Spinebuster
  14. Shoulder Block
  15. Belly to Belly Suplex
  16. Backbreaker (Randy Orton Backbreaker)
  17. Frog Splash off Top Rope
  18. Leg Drop off Top Rope

Trademark Move

The KoneXion

Description: The opponent lays on his back on the mat. Jesse goes over to his opponents head and waves his hand in front of his face. While Jesse says and the crows yells with him "You Can't See Me". Jesse runs towards the ropes to his left. Jesse bounces off the ropes then goes towards his opponet and gets a foot away. Jesse then dirts off his shoulder then with a close fist, Jesse falls towards his opponent with his fist hitting his opponents face.

Jesse Nunez 39

The Rising Phoenix

Description: RKO


The Resurrection

Description: Jesse Nunez pumps up his shoes. Jesse lifts opponent onto his shoulders. Jesse then flips over his opponent on his back onto the mat. Then usually goes for the pin.

Jesse Nunez 38

The 602 (The Unprettier)

Description: Jesse Nunez comes up from behind the opponent. He grabs both arms of the opponent and begins twist his body and the opponents body to turn around. So that the opponent is now facing Jesse's back. Jesse still has the opponents arms locked, Jesse moves forward a step and falls back so that Jesse's back is pushing the opponent's face toward the ground. When the opponent's face hits the ground, Jesse usually goes for the cover. This is a good finisher to make the opponent bleed.


Description: The opponent is lying flat on his/her stomach. Jesse goes toward his opponent's legs, Jesse grabs his/her leg and puts it in between his leg's while falling on top of his opponent. With his arms he reaches over and puts his arms under his/her chin and locks it in, and pulls back for more affect.


Championships and Accomplishments

Jesse Nunez has won many awards and championships along his journey to become the best professional wrestler alive today. He has won titles in every federation he has been in, here are his career highlights in terms of championships and awards.

International Championship Wrestling

World Heavyweight Champion 2x, Intercontinental Champion

United Championship Wrestling

World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion.

Roughneck Championship Wrestling

World Heavyweight Champion

Extreme Professional Wrestling

EPW Champion.

Fanatic Championship Wrestling

FCW Champion.

World Legacy Wrestling

World Heavyweight Champion.

West Coast Wrestling Alliance

World Heavyweight Champion 2X, Hardcore Champion.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation

Youngest Undisputed World Champion, First Division X Champion, 24 Hour Combat Champion, United States Champion, 2006 Rookie of the Year.

MECCA Wrestling

1/2 of Tag Team Champions (W/The Anarchist)

Action Packed Wrestling


Thug Rebellion


Where It All Began

When Jesse went into the wrestling industry he did not go alone. Along his side was his older cousin The Anarchist. Both coming from Phoenix, Arizona and being raised as family they had chemistry that not a lot of teams had in wrestling today. Anarchist was the high flying type of wrestler to do amazing things that nobody has ever seen before. Jesse Nunez was the powerhouse out of the two.

It is said to believe that Thug Rebellion was started in Extreme Wrestling Corporation. But it really started back in International Championship Wrestling where the two got their first start. Though they were competing in singles action, they would once in awhile team up to become Thug Rebellion.

Tag Stats

Members: Jesse Nunez, The Anarchist, & Jason Burgess Managers: N/A

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Entrance Music: "Remember The Name" by Fort Minor

Tag Team Finisher: The Spin Off

Tag Team Finisher Description: Jesse sets the opponent up for The Resurrection, Anarchist climbs to the top turnbuckle. As Jesse lays him out with The Resurrection Anarchist finishes him off in midair by jumping off the top turnbuckle pulling off the Archy Flip.

Career Hightlights: Mecca Tag Team Champions.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation: Division X

For 8 straight months the X Division was Jesse Nunez. Jesse Nunez was the X Division. For months nobody could overthrow Jesse at the top of his game. From the day he won the championship, to the day he debuted the spinner X Championship, to the Elimination Chamber. To this day, Jesse Nunez is the longest reigning EwC Division X Champion. Whoever the Division X Champion may be, they will never be like the man who once held that title from the beginning.

Debut of the Division X Championship

In April 2006, Dookie Long, the general manager of Friday Night Rampage at the time, revealed that he was brining in a new championship. He later revealed that it would be the EwC Division X Championship. The match was to be decided at One Night Encounter, Sunday April 30, 2006 in Winnipeg, MB in an Ultimate X Match. Where there would be wires above the ring 15 feet in the air crossing in a shape of an X with the title in the middle. The superstars competing in the match were The Anarchist, Ermac, Wolack, and Jesse Nunez.

Jesse Nunez was not even suppose to be in the Ultimate X Match. He was just a filler as they did not have another competitor to have compete in the match. There was speculation that The Anarchist was the supposed favorite among the EwC staff to win the Division X championship at One Night Encounter. But Jesse Nunez proved to be just too much. As Ermac and Anarchist were fighting on the wires above the ring to grab the belt, Jesse had hit them both with a steel chair eliminating them for the rest of the match as Jesse climbed on the wires to become the first ever Division X Champion in Extreme Wrestling Corporation History.

Scars and Stipes 2006: First Title Defense

Sunday, June 25, 2006 is the day of the first Friday Night Rampage pay-per-view being headlined by Devon Jackson (the champion) versus Cameron Hayden in a HcW World Title shot in a ladder match. Also headlining the event was the High Incident Match for the Division X Championship. The superstars competing in the match was the champion Jesse Nunez against Ermac, Webbie, and Namok. The match takes place 30 feet in the air on a Scaffold.

This would be the start to a long going feud between Jesse Nunez and Namok. In Boston, Massachusetts was one hell of a night according to the fans in attendance and around the world. The match was everything it was hyped to be and more as wepaons and high flying abilites were put to the test in the violent match above the ring. Some of the match spilled into the ring where we saw impressive emoves such as a chairsault by Namok as well as some impressive technical holds by Jesse Nunez using a chair. The crowd seemed almost split in half between Nunez and Namok as the two were left at the top of scaffold. In a shcok, Namok hurricarana'd Nunez off the scaffold as he landed in a group of fans but in a miracle, the fans caught Nunez as he crowd surfed back to the ring while his cheering section cheered "Jesse! Jesse!"

Nunez made his way back up to the Scaffold where Namok and Nunez traded blows before Nunez was able to hoist Namok on his back and deliver "The Resurrection" off the scaffold into the ring as he then jumped and was able to perform a moonsault onto Namok below in the ring for the 1...2...3. All men covered in blood, but the EwC Division X Champion was left standing tall.

Friday Night Rampage: June 21, 2006

The Division X championship was about to take its first defense on Rampage as the champion, Jesse Nunez, was going to be taking on the now Haydenist, Namok. For weeks this match was hyped up to be one of the biggest match ups in the lives of Jesse Nunez and Namok. Ever since Scars and Stripes, Namok has made it his goal to overthrow Nunez as the Division X Champion.

Jesse Nunez made his way down to the ring as the fans went crazy. He held up his version of the X Division belt which the "X" was a spinner as the fans cheered. He made his way into the ring and cut a promo on Namok and how he knew The Haydenist would not play fair. Namok appeared on the ExtremeTron saying that he was going to be honorable and that The Haydenist would not attack him during the match....but The Haydenist quickly ran down to the ring with weapons. Nunez held them off for a while but the numbers game got the best of him as they began to beat down on him much to the fans hatred.

Namok then made his way down to the ring as The Haydenist cheered him and told him to get the last bit of gold for The Haydenist. He picked up the downed and injured Nunez and hit his finisher and went for the pin...1...2 but in a big surpise Nunez kicked out surpising everyone as the fans cheered. Nunez then was able to fight back as the match became a fast paced and extremely entertaining match. The match was won however by Nunez after hitting The Resurrection and gaining the pin quickly. The Haydenist rushed in but it was two late as the ref counted the three as the fans cheered but it quickly turned to boo's as The Haydenist rushed in and beat down on Nunez, but Anarchist, Big Evil, Violator, and Snoop Jackson came out to save the day as The Haydenist scattered and the show went off the air as The Revolutionist celebrated in the ring, hoisiting Nunez in the ring and celebrating.

Night of Champions 8

Sunday August 13, 2006 in Lexington, Kentucky. The Division X Championship was to be defended for a third time against Namok but this time with Dookie Long in the match helping Namok. The match was to be a Phoenix Time Bomb match, where you were to get two pins in order to win the match. This match was intended to be for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship between the champion Cameron Hayden and Jesse Nunez, but Hayden was sent to Mexican Jail for phony charges.

The match was fast paced and violent as expected, Dookie mostly stay out of the way much to the boo's of the fans, everyime Nunez attempted to get a piece of Dookie, Namok would stop him. The first pin went to Nunez after The Resurrection as the fans cheered but as Nunez celebrated it, Dookie came up from behind hitting the X-Division champion with a lighttube and sitting on him laughing for a 3 count.

The match proceeded in a similar fashion as both sides came close to getting the two pins to win, but Dookie often stopped Nunez from getting the win but at the very end of the match in a very impressive movie, Nunez was able to hoist a down Namok onto his shoulders, and then catch Dookie and hoist him up to as he Resurrected both of them at the same time, pinning them separately and getting the win.

As Nunez was celebrating, out of nowhere, Michael Saint and Cameron Hayden hit the ring fresh from Mexican Jail and began hitting Nunez with various weapons. President Mac comes out and announces that because Nunez was supposed to get a shot at the HcW title tonight and didn't, he would get his shot next Rampage as the fans cheered loudly.

Uncensored 2006

Sunday October 29, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the co-main event of the night was for the Division X Championship between Jesse Nunez and Big Evil. Ever since Rampage lost to Monday Night Brawl in Stable Wars, the two have been pointing fingers at one another. Perhaps shaken up by the trade from moving to Rampage from Brawl, Evil was not himself in this match and Nunez was himself. Evil had a hard time staying in this match and found himself on the outside of the ring many times. Nunez sent a clear message to the EwC by being a major force in this match and showing amazing skill and agility. Sadly he was unable to get the 3 count as Evil was sent out of the ring for one last time...he would walk out of the match and backstage resulting in a count out and the win for Nunez.

The Elimination Chamber

Friday Night Rampage; December 8, 2006 in Calgary, Alberta-Canada was to be taken the best main event in Friday Night Rampage history. Jesse Nunez was to take on Blade, Alexander Dreadnaught, Preston Marks, Keri Morrgan, and Nathin Doe for the EwC Division X Championship. Earlier on in the week, the match was announce on That same day it was posted that the match was to now to be taken place in an Elimination Chamber.

Jesse Nunez was the underdog going into the match and he was the champion. He and Nathin Doe were the first two superstars to start the match. Jesse was the first busted open from the steel chains wrapped around them.

Preston had set up a table and puts Blade on it as Jesse DDT's Nathan in the ring. Preston climbs to the top of one of the pods, but is unaware that Jesse was behind him following him. Preston looks to be leaping onto Blade, but is stopped by Jesse who sets him up as Blade gets off the table. Jesse with The Resurrection OFF THE POD THROUGH THE TABLE!

Jesse stayed on top of the pod as Nathin jumped onto the pod and gave Jesse the Blessing in Disguise on the steel mesh as Jesse was eliminated. The last two in the ring were Nathin Doe and Blade where there would now be a guarantee of a new Division X Champion. Blade proved to be the better of the two as he delivered the Death Wish on the steel mesh to claim the Division X Championship that Jesse had made famous over the last eight months.

Jesse Nunez Vs Cameron Hayden

Monday Night Brawl vs. Friday Night Rampage Supershow

Indianalpolis, Indiana, Wednesday July 5, 2006. The main event that has been hyped up for weeks. Team Brawl which consisted up with Shadow Man, Hurricane Jeff, and Alexander Dreadnaught was to take on Team Rampage which consisted up ofJesse Nunez, Cameron Hayden, and Jackal in a six man tag main event.

Throughout the match it was to go back and forth with everybody on their respected brands working together to beat the other brand. But within the match was to be all Team Rampage. Cameron had tag himself back in and goes for Shadow Man. Jackal and Jesse are going after Dread and Jeff around the ring. Gabreal Martin and Namok run in from the back. Namok sets up for a spinebuster and Gabreal runs at Shadow Man nailing a leg lariat!

Cameron goes for the cover but is broken up at two by Jesse. Cameron and Jesse argue in the center of the ring. Jesse was telling Hayden he did not want to win like this. Cameron slaped Jesse who nailed a kick to the gut and The Resurrection! Jesse puts Shadow Man on Cameron as the ref had counted the three count giving Team Brawl the win with assistance from Jesse Nunez. This was the beginning to a feud that would have the HcW World Heavyweight Championship come into play.

Friday Night Rampage; August 24, 2006

Just five days after the Phoenix Time Bomb match at Night of Champions 8 between Jesse Nunez and Namok and Dookie Long, Jesse was now able to get his HcW World Heavyweight title shot. The match was previously going to be taken place at Night of Champions in the Phoenix Timebomb match but Cameron Hayden and Micheal Saint were put into Mexican Jail for phony charges that they claimed to be given against. This match had ended in a controversial ending that nobody had wanted.

Friday Night Rampage was in San Juan, Puerto Rico as Cameron Hayden with Michael Saint and Dookie Long was to take on Jesse Nunez with Kelly in a No Disqualification match for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship.

Throughout the match was back to back action from both men. But soon Hayden was to be able to his a suicide dive through the ropes hitting Nunez to give himself the advantage. Soon the fight was taken to the fans as Jesse had gained the upperhand when Hayden had missed the spear nailing a steel chair giving Jesse the advantage for just a moment. Both men are bleeding, as Jesse was able to hit the Resurrection. Jesse goes for the pin for the win but was short lived as Nathin Doe as he jumps off hitting Nunez with a flying Vandaminator. Hayden goes for the pin. Amazingly the match had continued with a kick out from the number one contender.

Hayden has set up a table on the guardrail and on the ring and throws Nunez on top with another table making a table sandwich with Jesse as the meat. Hayden sets up a ladder in the ring and climbs it, he flipped off the crowd before jumping off nailing his target as both men are now motionless outside the ring.

Dookie Long and Nathin Doe put both men in the ring, laying the arm of Hayden over the motionless body of Jesse Nunez. Fans began to boo as the three count was coming down, a sudden kick out.

Nothing seemed to put Jesse to rest as Hayden finally locked in the Contraception. Jesse crawls to the ropes reaching out for his life. Dookie Long pulls out industrial looking shwears from under the ring and runs to the ropes, slowly cutting them and pulling them away. Nunez refuses to tap, after a few minutes, Nunez passes out giving the win to Hayden.

Nunez was carried out on a stretcher but he still salutes the fans for believing in him as Nunez did not quit in the match. But this was long from over between Hayden and Nunez.

Wrestlefest 8

Hanukah 8 Levels Scaffold match for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship. Both men were bloodied up in the match but this time Hayden seemed to be just too much for Jesse Nunez as Hayden was able to pick up the win.

Jesse Nunez Vs Moses Lake

King of the Cage: Where It All Began

This night seemed to be the beginning of the end for Jesse Nunez. Two weeks earlier before King of the Cage. Jesse had won a first round bye into the second round by defeating Big Evil on Friday Night Rampage. Setting him up for the winner of the 8 Man Hell in a Cell match on Brawl. A new comer who has been making himself known within the last two months defeated 7 other men in the Hell in a Cell including Shadow Man. This man was Moses Lake.

From their promos they gave during the King of the Cage there was already a sense of hatred between these two superstars and they did not even know each other since Lake is on the Brawl brand and at the time Jesse was on Rampage. The match was full of back and forth action. Nunez was the fan favorite in the match, but Lake was the favorite for the men backstage watching on their televisions.

Moses attempted to climb the cage, but half way up he climbed back down as he was too scared to climb any higher. Jesse then went to the top rope and hit a Frog Splash. Jesse went towards to the cage door but Moses launched a cro-bar at Nunez hitting him in the back of the head and knocking him out. Lake had got the pinfall victory heading into the next round and soon after in the final round where he ended the undefeated streak of Shadow Man with a little assistance from Jason Burgess to become the 2006 King of the Cage.

Hardcore Revolution 2007: Jesse Nunez Vs Moses Lake II

A tournament is being held of the now vacated EwC Undisputed World Championship held last by Shadow Man. The tournament consisted of 8 men. Moses Lake, Big Evil, Nick Sickk, Jason Burgess, Joey Orsome, Snoop Jackson, Alexander Dreadnaught, and Jesse Nunez.

The tournament was a huge hit bringing in the best ratings a Brawl pay-per-view event has seen in years. None of the superstars knew who they would be facing until the very beginning of their match. In the first round Lake was able to defeat Joey Orsome who recently just defeated Moses Lake for the International Championship a week ago on Brawl. Joey Orsome has been eliminated leaving only 7 other men left in the tournament.

The next match in the first round saw Jason Burgess and Snoop Jackson taking each other on. Jason Burgess received the very easy win eliminating Snoop "Vicious" Jackson out of the tournament. Leaving 6 men left in the tournament.

The next match in the first round saw Nick Sickk taking on Alexander Dreadnaught. In a hard fought match Nick Sickk ended up picking the win between the battle of the giants leaving now 5 men in the tournament with Dreadnaught gone.

In the last match in the first round left the final two competitors who have yet to see the ring. Big Evil taking on one of the favorites of the night, Jesse Nunez. Big Evil had seemed to control most of the match but Jesse Nunez was able to pull out the win hitting the fatal Resurrection on Big Evil eliminating him from the tournament as Jesse goes to the semifinals with only 4 men left.

Round two and Jason Burgess is set to take on Moses Lake. Jason Burgess was the first out of two men to defeat Lake since he debuted. But despited help from BDC from both the first and second round Lake pulled off the victory elminating Jason Burgess.

Round two between Nick Sickk and Jesse Nunez. It had been back and forth the whole match until the end where Nick Sickk seemed to be the one to go to the finals against Moses Lake. The then manager of Jesse Nunez, Kelly Kelly, jumped onto the ring apron and got the attention of Nick Sickk who was then slapped in the face only to meet The Resurrection eliminating him out of the tournament leaving only two final men.

The Finals of the tournament of a lifetime. Jesse Nunez Vs Moses Lake. This time for the EwC Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. Both men are tired and both badly want to win the tournament. But the tournament was just to get even harder as the general manager of Brawl, Max Carter, announced that it would be a ladder match!

Both men going through hell as it quickly became a TLC match! Both men falling off the ladders and into tables. Hitting steel chairs off each other's faces! Both the ending came down to one last spot. Jesse Nunez was climbing the ladder away from a distracted Moses Lake as Lake pushed the ladder knocking Jesse off and intangling his arms in the ring ropes. Lake climbed up the ladder as a tied up Jesse Nunez watched as Moses Lake became the new EwC Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Phoenix, Arizona: 2/12/07

Moses Lake had not even had the chance to gloat over his victory at Hardcore Revolution for a day and he now finds out that a new superstar had been signed over to Monday Night Brawl. In Phoenix, Arizona, Monday Night Brawl made its stop. Moses Lake made his way toward the ring to give a sort of victory speech before he was interrupted.

Moses: "But, where do I go from here. I mean, let's face facts, now I don't have any challengers. I mean, who is there on Brawl that is truly worthy to face the Hardcore Combat Superstar for the EwC Undisputed World Championship? Two of the other champions on this show couldn't even make it past the first round, and the third champion is greener then Leprechaun Piss. Let's face it, Brawl only has one wrestler worthy of being in the main event, and that's me. There's literally no one on this show left to face!"

Moses is smirking, but then the lights dim. That ever familiar opening riff plays, and Moses's head snaps towards the entry way. "The Time is Now" has hit the amps, and the fans lose it.

Aiello: "It can't be!"

Out from the entry way bursts Jesse Nunez!

Skippy: "It is! It is! Jesse Nunez is here on Brawl!"

Aiello: "And Phoenix is going crazy for their hometown hero!"

Jesse had slide into the ring to give and take a few words to Moses Lake. Jesse had just revealed to the world that he just signed a contract excusively to Monday Night Brawl! After a few more exchange of words both men begin an all out brawl. The fight then made its way up the ramp up on the stage. Lake was Resurrected off the stage into the electric equipment causing sparks to flyout with sounds of explosion as Jesse got the upper hand as he leaves the new EwC Champion lying in an electic wreck.

Stranglemania 5: Jesse Nunez Vs Moses Lake III

Within the next few weeks on Brawl. Jesse and Moses had been getting at each other's throats. At the end of one night, Lake announced that it would be him and Jesse Nunez in the main event at Stranglemania 5 for the EwC Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. The following week, Lake had announced that the match would take place in a Triple Steel Cage match.

Stranglemania had finally come. Now Jesse Nunez and Moses Lake are to this day has given the most exciting match of all time in EwC history. The match was bloody and never really was a one sided battle. Weapons and steel everywhere yells of pain could be heard from both men all night. In the final cage is where it all came down to. Moses Lake seemed to get the win when Lake hit Jesse with the title and Jesse stumbled on the edge of the cage. Lake ran for one last assault but was scooped up by Jesse and given The Resurrection off the third steel cage through the second into the last cage through a table that was set up earlier in the match.

Jesse could not believe it. Jesse Nunez was finally going to become the EwC Champion. Jesse looks at the title and then once more at Lake at the bottom of the cage. Jesse then goes to take the belt, but discovered it was missing! Jesse is hit in the head with the title and knocked off the cage by a hooded figure. Jesse falls down next to Lake in the ring. The hooded figure reveals himself to be BDC who earlier won the right to call himself Mr. Money in the Bank. When it seemed that BDC was the new champion. President Mac, the owner of Extreme Wrestling Corporation, came out and announced that the match was a draw and that Lake would still be the champ. But at Rumble in the Bronx, it was announced that the main event would be Moses Lake the champion against BDC, and against Jesse Nunez in a triple threat match inside the Chamber of Horrors match for the EwC Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.

Rumble in the Bronx 2007: Jesse Nunez Vs Moses Lake Vs BDC

April 29, 2007. The Rumble in the Bronx has finally left New York and made its way into Atlanta, Georgia. But to the events leading to the match was not an easy one. The next night on Brawl, Jesse sought retribution against BDC, the leader of Retribution Inc. Lake was out in Hollywood filming commercials for Powerade, Addidas, and Lifestyles condoms. Jesse Nunez called BDC out and he got the whole package including Nathanial Broadway and Lance Fiennes. Out to save the day seemed to be the new commissioner of Brawl, Hurricane Jeff.

Hurricane Jeff shocked the world when he superkicked Jesse Nunez signifiying him joining Retribution Inc. The following week Jesse and his new friend Jay Cee took on BDC and Lance Fiennes in a tag team match in the main event. Despite interference from both Sean Ferguson and Moses Lake. Jesse was able to pick up the win for his team by pinning one of his opponents at the Rumble, BDC. Then it was shortly announced from Hurricane Jeff that it would be Jesse Nunez and Jay Cee taking on Moses Lake and Sean Ferguson, taking on Joey Orsome and Lance Fiennes in a 8 man tag team match next week. Then shortly after Max announced that it would be Hurricane Jeff taking on Jesse Nunez next week.

The following week, the last Brawl before Rumble in the Bronx opened up to a Hurricane Jeff claiming his was not able to wrestle due to a hurt leg. But was found out that it was not hurt and had to wrestle. The match between Jeff and Jesse Nunez was short when Hurricane Jeff hit Jesse in the face with one of the crutches brought by Jeff. And a beat down followed on Jesse from Retribution Inc. and Joey Orsome sending Jesse to the hospital.

Jay Cee was forced to take on Lake, Ferguson, Orsome, and Fiennes by himself in the main event. In the match Jay seemed to be just about done, then suddenly Jesse Nunez comes running in and cleaning house! Jesse Nunez was able to pin Lake after a Resurrection giving him all the momentum heading into Rumble in the Bronx by pinning both his opponents for the main event match in the last two straight weeks!

The time has come. The three superstars make their way into the electric steel cage as the match begins. Several times Jesse was pinned but a kickout in every one of them. Each superstar stealing a finisher from each other's arsenal. But finally Lake got BDC in the Choke-Out and it seemed to be over, but Jesse pushes BDC into the electirc steel cage. But Lake was on the back of BDC and was electricuted forcing him to let go of the hold. Jesse lifts up BDC for The Resurrection and goes for the pin. 1-2-3!

Jesse has finally won the big one! Jesse is now the NEW EXTREME WRESTLING CORPORATION UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPION!

Present Day

Both men have left EWC and moved onto other things. Their battles almost legendary and they have a certain respect for each other and look forward to renewing their rivalry when the day comes.

Jesse Nunez Vs BDC

Where The Hatred Began

At Stranglemania 5, Jesse Nunez and Moses Lake were headlining their first Stranglemania Main Event, inside a Triple Steel Cage match for the EwC Undisputed World Championship. At the end of the match it seemed that Jesse was finally going to be able to become champion as Moses Lake was Resurrected down to the wrestling ring while Nunez was at the top with the belt. Out from the rafter came a dark figured.

The man from the rafters hit Jesse with the title, sending Jesse down with Lake. The man takes off the mask revealing himself to the world that he was BDC. Since that night, Jesse has made it his goal to get retribution to the Retribution Inc. leader.

Karl Defoe: A Burning Mistake

April 28, 2007 the night before Rumble in the Bronx, came the night that BDC and Jesse Nunez' feud was just about to heat up, literally.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation aired on their website, footage of one of Jesse Nunez' promos for the event. The EwC strongly advised a warning stating "The Extreme Wrestling Corporation is not responsible for what you’re children see on our website. It is the parents responsibility for what their children see and hear. The following segment has a essential amount of violence and criminal action. We here in Extreme Wrestling Corporation advise you to watch at your own risk. Thank You."

The footage shown was Jesse Nunez traveling to Wales, the hometown of BDC. Jesse was told to do his promo at the home of BDC, without the knowing of BDC. But others involved knew exactly what was to happened this night as everybody was involved. This was to add a bit more excitement to the up-and-coming match up at Rumble in the Bronx.

The video showed Jesse Nunez forcing himself inside the home of BDC, taking hostage of two men in BDC's life. Jesse was armed and dangerous during this segment, though the plan was for nobody to get hurt. Tied up to chairs, Karl Defoe (BDC's brother) and Iceman, were defenseless to Jesse. Throughout the video Jesse would hit both men with his gun in hand.

Jesse displayed anger throughout the video. The ending was to be the grand finale of this segment. As Jesse was scheduled to light the house on fire and to leave it to burn. {C}Jesse goes back inside the house he left as he pours lighter fluid everywhere he could including on Karl and Iceman.

Jesse goes to leave the men still tied up, screaming for help as Jesse leaves the house. He then lights a baseball on fire and quickly throws it through a window in the house as the house quickly goes to flames.

The EwC, Jesse Nunez, Karl Defoe, and Iceman were fully involved in the segment as Karl Defoe and Iceman agreed to the segment knowing full well what would happen in the end. It was scheduled that firemen and other fire officials were to be there to put out the fire and get Karl and Iceman out safely. But without the acknowledgement of EwC and Jesse Nunez, that did not happen.

One Night Encounter 2007: Jesse Nunez Vs BDC

The following BRAWL after Jesse Nunez won the EwC Championship. BDC challenged Jesse to a match for the title as Jesse being the fighting champion agreed. A week later on BRAWL the match took place, just as soon as Jesse Nunez was going to use The Resurrection, Retribution Inc. comes to save BDC causing a DQ and Jesse retains, but shortly after, the general manager of BRAWL Max Carter comes out and announces the main event for One Night Encounter as Jesse Nunez Vs. BDC for the EwC Championship inside a Hell in a Cell.

A few weeks later to the event leading up to Jesse Nunez and BDC's main event at One Night Encounter, Karl Defoe passed away. BDC was not told what would happen the night before Rumble in the Bronx, so he did not know it was an accident. But Jesse still thinking this is in character, decided to keep going with the angle as he was the one who murdered Karl Defoe.

In the last promo Jesse did before One Night Encounter, he went to the grave sight of Karl Defoe. He did the promo near the grave and at the end he lit the tombstone on fire. Off camera Nunez seemed to still think Karl passing was a storyline as people from EwC finally informed Nunez that Karl was really dead. Jesse quickly grabed a fire extinguisher to go put out the flames of the tombstone.

Jesse tried telling BDC that it was an accident and that he did not know, but BDC refused to believe it and threaten to take out Nunez for good while he takes the EwC Championship from Jesse Nunez.

It is finally time for the EwC Undisputed World Championship match as the Champion Jesse Nunez takes on the challenger BDC. Jesse Nunez went to the top of the cell as BDC followed as they began to fight there as the match hasn't even started yet. Later on they make it to the ring to begin the match as Jesse Nunez is already bleeding. During the match Jesse goes for a spear but misses and spears the Steel Post and goes through it! The ring is filled with weapons, sweat, and blood, the ring is a disaster. Jesse dislocated his right shoulder during the incident but continued to wrestle, refusing to call the match off to another time.

Jesse then runs off a ladder to BDC on the outside of the ring and goes through one side of the cell as that side collapses. Later back on top of the cell, Jesse is not in good shape as he is down on one knee over the center of the cell over the EwC Championship belt as BDC signals for the end. As BDC goes to lift Nunez, Jesse hits the Rising Phoenix on BDC as BDC hits face first to the title as both men go through the roof of the cell to the middle of the ring. Jesse went through a table in the ring as BDC hits face first as the ring collapses.

BDC was able to get the pin as a bloodied, broken, injured Nunez was unable to move. BDC becomes the EwC Champion after Jesse put his own body on the line hoping to take BDC out.

Night of Champions 2007

Auguest 26, 2007 Jesse Nunez and BDC wrestle again this time for the HCW Heavyweight Championship in a first blood match. The match was filled with back and forth action and could have gone any way. Like some great matches the match had a controversial ending where both men hit each other with an iron bar and a steel chair seemingly busted each other open at the same time.

Max Carter came out to inspect the replay and after a few minutes declares BDC the winner and still champion.

Present Day

Both men still have their differences but have gone on to other things. They both still come out to compete in a new company of Action Packed Wrestling on occasion but their paths have never crossed. Reports say the hatred to each other have died down but there is respect between the two men.


His debut Rap and Hip Hop album "Thug Connection" has reached number one on the billboard charts. Tracks featuring artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem, John Cena, Tha Trademarc and top selling artist His sophomore album "The Mind of a Thug" and "The Mind of a Thug: Word Life Edition" has sold over a billion copies in the first week of sales.

Thug Connection

Thug Connection CD

Debut Album

The Debut Album From The Multi Time World Heavyweight Champion, Jesse Nuñez Has Finally Hit The Streets. Tracks feature artists: 50 Cent, Eminem, Proof, John Cena, & Tha Trademarc.

Tracks: 1. Who I Am 2. Never Back Down 3. Bulletproof- feat. 50 Cent 4. Tell Me I Can’t 5. Respect for the PHX 6. Mi Amor- feat. Mariela Nuñez 7. Thug Connection 8. Take it or Leave it 9. F*** the World- feat. Eminem & Proof 10. And One Baller 11. True to the Game 12. You Can’t See Me- feat. John Cena & Tha Trademarc 13. That’s the Way it Goes

Bonus Track: Basic Thugonomics Remix- feat. John Cena & Tha Trademarc

The Mind of a Thug

Jesse New CD 1
The Sophomore Album From The Prodigy, Jesse Nuñez Has Finally Hit The Streets. "The Mind of a Thug" has tracks feature artists: 50 Cent, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Akon, The Game, Bobby Valentino, Ne-Yo, John Cena, and Tha Trademarc.

Tracks:1. Intro 2. The Resurrection 3. 64’ Impala Feat. The Game 4. The Prodigy 5. The Untouchable Feat. John Cena & Tha Trademarc 6. Left Me Breathin’ (Big Mistake) Feat. 50 Cent 7. Keep Yo’ Mouth Shut 8. America’s Nightmare Feat. Eminem 9. The Mind of a Thug 10. Who’s Next? ( EwC Superstars Diss) 11. Ain’t New To The Game Feat. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg 12. Thug Soldier For Life 13. I Salute You 14. Lady Feat. Akon 15. The New Breed 16. Tell Me Girl Feat. Bobby Valentino & Ne-Yo 17. Hustler 18. Outro

The Mind of a Thug: Word Life Edition

Jesse New CD

Sophmore Album Remix Edition

The Sophomore Album From The Prodigy, Jesse Nuñez Has Finally Hit The Streets. This is the special "Word Life" edition that feature two bonus tracks and remixes from "The Mind of a Thug." Tracks feature artists: 50 Cent, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Akon, Bobby Valentino, Boyz II Men, Ne-Yo, T.I., Lil' Scrappy, Ice Cube, The Game, DMX, Young Jeezy, Xzibit, Lloyd Banks, D12, John Cena, and Tha Trademarc.

Tracks: 1. The Resurrection Remix 2. 64’ Impala Remix 3. The Prodigy Remix Feat. Ice Cube 4. The Untouchable Remix 5. Left Me Breathin’ (Big Mistake) Remix Feat. 50 Cent & Eminem 6. Keep Yo’ Mouth Shut Remix Feat. Lloyd Banks & Lil’ Scrappy 7. America’s Nightmare Remix Feat. Eminem & John Cena 8. The Mind of a Thug Remix Feat. John Cena 9. Who’s Next? Remix (EwC Superstars Diss) 10. Ain’t New To The Game Remix Feat. Dr. Dre & Ice Cube 11. Thug Soldier For Life Remix Feat. 50 Cent & Xzibit 12. I Salute You Remix Feat. D12 13. Lady Remix Feat. Akon & Eminem 14. The New Breed Remix Feat. The Game & DMX 15. Tell Me Girl Remix Feat. Bobby Valentino, Ne-Yo, & Boyz II Men 16. Hustler Remix Feat. T.I. & Young Jeezy


17. Thug Rebellion Feat. The Anarchist {C}18. Word Life Feat. John Cena & Tha Trademarc

The Death of the Phoenix

The Death of the Phoenix Album

Third Studio Album

Jesse Nunez brings you "The Death of the Phoenix", his third studio album and first album since 2007. Tracks feature Eminem, John Cena, Tha Trademarc, Linkin Park, Ne-Yo, and New Kids on the Block

Tracks: 1. The Rise 2. Legend 3. Always Feat. Ne-Yo 4. Tonight Feat. New Kids on The Block 5. Warrior 6. Who’s Next? Pt. 2 [APW and EWC Superstars] 7. Hustle 8. No Problem Feat. John Cena 9. Legacy 10. Ghost of Me 11. The Fallen Feat. Linkin Park 12. Vengeance 13.Devil’s Advocate Feat. Eminem 14. My Sins Feat. Tha Trademarc 15. Suicide Note 16. Death of the Phoenix

Movie career

Like many other superstars in his profession Jesse Nunez also takes his shot at the silver screen.

If It All Ended Tomorrow

Jesse Nunez Movie

Debut Film

EwC champion Jesse Nunez dominates the big screen as accountant Jesse Reyes. After a devastating terrorist attack on New York the American Government believes it was the work of Jesse Reyes. Reyes has been sent to death row and only has less than 48 hours to escape and find out who is really behind the attack. The movie also stars Sofia Vergara, Mark Whalberg, and Jack Nicholson. Available at EWCshopzone or Any Video Outlet Store.
Rated R For: Strong Language, Violence, Nudity, and Strong Sexuality.

The film received a 61% overal rating on Rotten Tomato. Critics blasted the film due to the plot being so close to the 9/11 attacks. The acting in the movie however was very good but suffered as well due to the writing. It was said Jesse Nunez chose very poorly to do this movie and it is said that is why he has taken so long to do another movie.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Movie

Better Than The Games

A squad of eight Marines enter in forbidden territory in North Vietnam. The mission: Find military scientist, Dr. Marshall, from captivity and bring him home back to the United States. The brave men to accept this mission find themselves risking their own lives as they go through epic battles and a test of their own courage as one. The movie stars current APW and EWC superstar Jesse Nunez, Christian Bale, Paul Walker, and Djimon Hounsou. Available at EWCshopzone or Any Video Outlet Store.
Rated R For: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Torture, Gore, and Nudity.

The film received a 97% on Rotten Tomato. The movie was based off the hit video game series of the same name. The movie was nominated for several Academy Awards including: Best Picture, Best Drama, Best Supporting Actor: Jesse Nunez, and Best Actor: Christian Bale. However the movie lost in all categories.

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