Jessica Swift
Name Jessica Swift
Birth Name Jessica Lynn
Debut April 30, 2003
Date of birth April 19, 1985
Hometown Mobile, Georgia
Retired October 31, 2007
Resides Mobile, Alabama
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Jessica Swift (born as Jessica Lynn on April 19, 1985) is an ex-professional wrestler/Broadcast Commentator in Ultimate Wrestling Association.

Early life

Jessica Lynn was born in Mobile, Alabama and grew up an orphanage. She would later become adopted, but would keep her birth name. Her Step Parents were wrestling fans and would watch World Championship Wrestling while it was in business. While in high school, she would try out for her wrestling team, but be cut because of her sex.

Getting Into The Business

After completing high school, Jessica Lynn would work as a waitress and eventually a chief at a local Olive Garden until one day a group of local wrestlers would compliment her cooking and invite her to a show. After seeing NWA: Georgia live, she would become interested in wrestling once more and be trained by former Rocker Marty Jannetty.


During the year 2005, due to her Step-Fathers health conditions, she would become such an emotional wreck, that despite a feud with (at the time) NWA World Women's Champion Christie Ricci, she would hang her tights one last time.

Becoming a Commentator

Before she had a chance to return to the Food Service Industry, the (still) unknown members of the council would talk to her, and woo her into signing a contract agreement of being the broadcast commentator on Ultimate Wresttling Association with Irvin Fury.

Fun Facts

  • Although she is older, people mention that she frequently looks a lot llike singer 'Taylor Swift and has adopted the Swift part as her last name, only for gimmick.
  • She likes the guitar.
  • She will wrestling once in a while
  • Her stp-mother is still alive, but her step-father isn't.

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