Joanne Locke
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Height 5' 6
Weight 115 lbs.
Date of birth February 26, 1992
Place of birth San Antonio, TX
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Joanne Locke was the manager of a Emmy Rhimes over at No Imitation Wrestling Federation. Joanne Locke was believed to have no wrestling experience whatsoever, but then showed that she knew more than we thought, when she turned on Emmy Rhimes at an all roster Terror Battle Royal. At age 15, she is already breaking into the job world with a ton of help with her mother and is searching for a decent federation to be apart of.

Life: The Story

With the help of her mother, Joanne Locke is thee youngest managers to have ever existed in the wrestling world. Although she is not legal to be working, most of the work done is by her mother. Joanne Locke hopes that this experience can further her career experience for the future in managing big time names in the movie industry.

For those who think this is illeagel, Joanne Locke has been granted a working permit, allowing her to work at a younger age.

Joanne Locke is actually a woman with much wrestling experience, and actually has no plans to be in the movie industry. She is searching for a federation in which she can grow in, now that she is no longer the manager of Emmy Rhimes.

Career: No Imitation Wrestling Federation

After becoming the manager of Emmy Rhimes, Joanne Locke was being treated very unfairly. Eventually she snapped, and took out Emmy Rhimes in an all roster Terror Battle Royal, ruining her chance in getting a big name championship. Having now turned to the dark side, Joanne Locke is done with Emmy Rhimes and NIWF.

Skills: Finishing Moves

Lowblow - Uppercut to the groin

Entrance: Emmy Rhimes's Manager

Music -> None
Video -> None
Entrance -> Accompanies Emmy Rhimes to the ring
Status -> Neutral


  • Joanne Locke was believed to have no wrestling experience.


NIWF//No Imitation Wrestling Federation

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