Joe Roberts
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Joe Roberts]]
Real name Joe Roberts
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Height 6'1"
Weight 221 lbs.
Date of birth July 25th 1987
Place of birth Jersey City, NJ
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Resides Carteret, NJ
Billed from Jersey City, NJ
Trainer Ultimo Dragon, and Scott Di'Amore.
Xtreme Wrestling Alliance(XWA) (March 2006 – Present)
UCW (??? - Company Folded)
Handled by N/A
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Debut March 2006 for XWA
Retired {{{retired}}}

Joe Roberts has been a pro wrestlers for 3 years wrestling in several different promotions. Being a champion in each one except MWE.


Roberts is a XWA mainstay. He also started wrestling for Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment.


Not much is know about Joe Roberts. During his first run in XWA he was on a horrible losing streak, until XWA Superstar took him under the wing of Team Zenith (At the time called Team Harrier. Soon after that he won the XWA Cruserweight Title. On the same show stable mate James Harrier, and mystery partner Jason Artemius won the XWA Tag Titles. Using the "Freebird Rule" Roberts also helped in defending the titles against numerous other teams. During this regin Roberts lost his CW title in a conerversal match against XWA favorite El Stupido. Three weeks later Roberts was injured in a losing effort against Kayo/Jager, where Zenith lost the titles. Upon his return Roberts won his first three matches and #1 contender match. He would lose the match to Kayo. In current times he faced off against XWA Mega Heel Ali Vaziri and ended his stay in XWA 5 weeks after he debuted. Now Roberts has been feuding with Jay Money and recently beat him for his second Cruserweight Title regin. Upon the rebirth of XWA Roberts once again won a vacated Cruserweight title.

Titles Held

  • No Titles Held.
  • Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (XWA)
  • XWA Cruserweight Title (4)
  • XWA World Tag Team Titles (1)
  • World Cup 2006 Team Pure USA Member
  • Voted Most Improved XWA Wrestler June 2006
  • World Cup Finalist w/Pure USA
  • Self proclaimed Pure USA Captian/MVP
  • Ultimate Championship Wrestling
  • UCW United States Champion

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Finisher 1: JR Driver (Crossarmed Brainbuster)(Semi-Retired)
  • Finisher 2: Jersey Stretch (Tilt-A-Whirl into a Boarder City Stretch) (Face Finisher)
  • Finisher 3: Hangman's Clutch (Heel Finisher)
Signature Move 1: Mafia Kick
Signature Move 2: Suicide dive
Signature Move 3: Backpack Stunner (Usually set up for Hangman's Clutch)

Strikes: Forearm Strikes Running Palm Thrust Enzuguri Spear Dropkick in the corner.

Grapple Moves: Arm drag (Can be done from anywhere) Inside Cradle Double Underhook Suplex Brainbuster Sit out piledriver Tigersuplex Back Drop Driver Cravate

High Flying: Spirngboard Hurricarana (Can be done from top rope too) Top rope senton Frog Splash Lionsault

Submission Armbar Triangle Choke Last Chancery

Random Facts

  • Roberts current theme music is "XXXX" by the punk rock band Crime in Stereo.
  • Roberts manager in XWA is the interviewer Ella Marsh.
  • His current XWA record stands at 21 wins, 18 losses, and 1 no contest.

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