Joey Demise
Height 6 ft 0 in
Weight 260 lbs
Born 1986 (21 Years Old)
Current Location South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Current Employers Society Of Sim Wrestling (SOS),
Former Employers None
Pro Debut January 2006.
Current Status On Japanese Tour

Joey Demise is a Sim wrestler currently employed by Society of Sim Wrestling. He also works part-time in the far east with companies like Unicorn Gate and Okinawa Championship Wrestling. He is also in negotiations to appear in Immortals of Wrestling.

He is best known for being SOS Tag Team Champions with partner Phoenix. Demise & Phoenix Lost the titles in SOS's first Steel Cage match at Save Our Souls in April 2007. Demise & Phoenix left the company after Save Our Souls to tour Japan, and are set to return soon to a part-time role in SOS.

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