Recoently I have been looking threw some stuff on Wikpedia about eWrestling and what i found was a little shocking, Joey flacone, the owner of a fed who absoulutly dispies me but i try not to get on his bad side. But lately i have got in some could-be legal trouble with him leading into a big troublsome, but when i was looking at Wiki and saw that the first efed to his the internet WiWF consist of some odd number of superstars still efedding today but what caught my eye and dropped my jaw was Joey Falcone when i saw this it was stunning for me and it made me feel like an idiot to this veteran and legend so Joey if you might happen to read this i want you to know iam truly sorry for being a butthead. But thank you guys for your time and thank you for reading

- T.J. Kancer

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