John Gibbson (Born 18 June Year Unknown) is a superstar From Sin City Las Vegas Under the in ring name "Lu cifer" but is billed from "Pearly Gates In Heaven" His ring name is Lucifer but may be changing his ring name very soon he is signed under the "Xtreme Wrestling Organization"

Personal life

Lucifer is not married and not in a relationship at the time he has no children and has 3 major relationships in his lifetime maybe more to come

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves

*Finisher:The Extorsism [Tilk-A-Whirl Back Breaker]
*Holy Water Express [Black Hole Slam ] (Only Smaller People]

Favorite Moves

*"Out Foul Demon" [Crippler]
*Spin Kick
*Choke Slam
*Closeline From Hell
*Gibbson Driver [Styles Clash]


Lucifer [Hells Reject,Gods Enemy]

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