John Green
[[Image:|16972px|Image of John Green]]
Real name John Green
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Height 6'4"
Weight 265lbs
Date of birth July 4.1986
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia
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Resides Atlanta, Georgia
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Trainer Triple H, President Mac
Hardcore Championship Wrestling (HCW07),EWC (EWC),
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John Green (born 4 July 1986 of Atlanta, Georgia ) is a professional wrestler currently performing in Hardcore Championship Wrestling (HCW07),And EXTREME WRESTLING CORPORATION (EWC).

Early life

John Green unlike most people was born on the 4 of July 1986. As John Green was a child he loved wrestlng and loved to watch it. He always wanted to be one but having a lot of smart at the age of nine he knew he would never be a wrestler due to the hardknock life of living in the ghetto. At the age of nine Green began to sell drugs. Even though he hated it is was getting him money through the years so he didn't complain.

Cryme Tyme

Before Green turned twenty he was in a little ruffle in Arizona. His brother was a rapper and was the only rapper that Green loved. Green soon started hanging with his brother who wanted Green to leave school. Green was not going to leave cause he was part of his school wrestling team. That was the thing that saved him from having an education. Green heard his brother lost a rap battle so his brother wanted to smoke the guy who beat him. Green took part in an drive-by shooting and was soon to be placed in jail but was bailed out by his Trainer and idol Triple H. As HHH gave him a two hour speech on why he should stop gangbanging and turn his life around Green actually payed attention. Green then went on to college to Wrestle for UT.


After graduating from college Green went on as a pro wresler in an organization called the DWA. Green went on to have legendaruy matches with men like The Jakal,Shadow,Scorpion and more. After becoming a two time World champ there Green's contract was up and management did not want to resign.


Now Green is in the EWC focusing on becoming the best here and hopes to take it by storm


While Green was working in the EWC he was called by President of HCW and local friend Ryan Hart who gave him a job at HCW where he and Ahmed Krum are feuding for the Currently Vacant HCW World Heavyweight Championship.

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