John Kidman

John kidman is a GWF wrestler that is the current GWF Hardcore Champion. He debuted in late 2007 as a face, winning very few matches. Soon he turned heel and started chasing the GWF Hardcore Championship. Kidman got closer to the title by taking out the current champ Jeff_Hardy_boys. He lost a fight with The Reprobate for the title, but soon after beat him and Matthew Smexy for the title.

Sunday Brunch

John Kidman is in the lower-midcard of GWF Sunday Brunch. So far he has won one, lost two. Despite his hardcore title, John has done very little on Sunday Brunch and some internet fans called him "Lazy" and "Unwilling to work Sundays". John hit back at these insults by saying "I have a busy time on FNB. The hardcore matches take lots out of me and so I am not 100% for Sunday".

Finishing moves

Kidmnan Krash/crash (psycho driver I)

Face+mat=death (modified spinning facebuster)

Barry white driver

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