John Taylor
Real name Jonathan Dennis Taylor
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Height 6'4
Weight 244 lbs.
Date of birth January 1, 1971
Place of birth Rapid City, South Dakota
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Resides Unknown
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Debut 1990
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Jonathan Dennis Taylor (born on January 1, 1971) better known by the ringname "Lone Gunman" John Taylor, is a retired American professional wrestler. Taylor is best known for his appearances with GroundZero Wrestling 2K1 (GZW2K1) and Hong Kong Wrestling Federation (HKWF). His achievements include holding the elusive GZW2K1 Lord Of The Coliseum crown and two reigns with the promotion's World Heavyweight Championship.

Wrestling career

HKWF (1990-2001)

John Taylor's early days were by his own admission unremarkable. He served in John Profit's Hong Kong Wrestling Federation as something of a career midcarder in spite of his obvious technical prowess. Towards the end of the decade, he struck up a working relationship with HKWF executive Fox Giovanni. This led to increased corporate backing for Taylor who would soon become known as "HKWF's Hitman".

GZW2K1 (2001-2002)

To follow.

GZW2K1 (2004-2006)

To follow.

Championships and accomplishments

GroundZero Wrestling 2K1

Light Heavyweight Champion
World Heavyweight Champion (x2)
Lord Of The Coliseum 2004
Wrestler Of The Year 2004
Wrestler Of The Month (x3)

Hong Kong Wrestling Federation

World Heavyweight Champion


Xtreme Fantasy Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion
Dead Cell Wrestling United States Champion


  • At 2004's Lord Of The Coliseum event, Taylor entered as World Heavyweight Championship and defended his championship throughout, the first man to achieve this feat.
  • Taylor was the second man in the history of Combined Championship Wrestling (now GroundZero Global) to hold two of the interfed's top titles simultaneously (GZW2K1 and HKWF World Heavyweight Championship), James "Monarch" Corbin being the first.
  • At 244lbs, Taylor was the heaviest Light Heavyweight Champion in GZW2K1 history.
  • Taylor retired GZW2K1 legend Pimp Bizkit in an I Quit match in May 2005.
  • Taylor never successfully defended a Heavyweight championship on Pay-Per-View.
  • Taylor headlined every major GZW2K1 Pay-Per-View event in the year 2004.
  • Taylor has never lost a GZW2K1 World Heavyweight Championship as the challenger.
  • In 2005, Taylor was ranked no.2 in's 'Top 10 E-Wrestlers'.

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