Johnny Thornpike
Billing information
Ring name(s) The Icon
Thorn Mouth
Height 190 cm
Weight 90 kg
Hometown Flag of the United States Queens, New York, United States
Theme music "Shady Narcotics" by Eminem
Federation(s) Extreme Wrestling Federation
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Previous federations High Voltage Wrestling
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Wrestling style Brawler
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Professional career
Debut April 14, 2008
Record 5-0-10

Jonathan Thorn (born January 13, 1984 in Queens, New York, USA) better known by his ring name Johnny Thornpike, is an American professional wrestler, currently working for Extreme Wrestling Federation in Poland. In High Voltage Wrestling he was the member of the n.K.w. fraction. Thornpike is cocky, he lies, cheats and he is arrogant.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Icon Slam (Judgement Slam)
    • J.T.D.K. (Johnny Thornpike Deadth Kick - Super Kick)
    • Johnny Drop (Dance Leg Drop)
    • Icon Stealer (Figure 4 Leg Lock)
    • Johnny Jump (Fame Asser)
    • Thorn Shot (Dirty Power of the punch)
    • DDT
    • Turnbunckle Clothesline
    • Jawbreaker
    • European Uppercute
    • Eye Poke
    • Dropkick
    • Enzeguri
    • Back Body Drop
    • Snapmare
    • Neckbreaker
    • Running DDT
  • Catchprase
    • "I'm The Icon and it's nothing You can do with It"
    • "Stand Up And Run Away"
  • Signature Object
    • Knuckle Duster

Match History (5-0-10)

Result Opponent(s) Event Notes
zWin Wesley Krzysinho & DarkSam HVW Under Pressure II Handicap Match
zWin Gotix & JJJ HVW Under Pressure III teaming with Mamoru in a Tag Team Match
zLoss Nicky Damage & Husar HVW Under Pressure IV teaming with Mamoru in a Tag Team Match
zWin Ricky Banks HVW Under Pressure V Single Match for Thornpike's contrac
zLoss Venomus, Olesnicki, Devron Ference, Curtis Woods HVW Baltic Mayhem Cage of Terror Match for the HVW Pro Pain Championship
zLoss Konrad Olesnicki and Polish Eagle EWF Wrestlepalooza XCI Triple Threat Match
zLoss Curtis Woods and Venomus EWF Wrestlepalooza XCII Elimination Match for the HVW Pro Pain Championship
zLoss Jimmy Hendrixon EWF Wrestlepalooza XCIII Dark Match, EWF World Championship Tournament
zLoss Morgan The Pirate and Duality HVW Under Pressure VI Pro Pain Games Round I
zWin Justin Esperanza & Brian Andrews HVW Under Pressure VII teaming with Husar
zWin Mister Nalep EWF Wrestlepalooza XCIX Dark Match
zLoss Hendrixon, Ieshige, Jacobsen, Nalep, Oscar Knifer EWF HD Aborcja 6-Man Elimination No DQ Match
zLoss Izzy Nilsen EWF HD Eutanazja Falls Count Anywhere Match
zLoss Ieshige and Ruslan Smirnow EWF HD Ekskomunika EWF Daemusin Championship Contendership Match
zLoss Crash Martin, Ruslan Smirnow, Flying Man EWF Wrestlepalooza 100 Puchar Szczesciarza Match