Joke Killings
Real name Unknown
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Height 6"2
Weight 225lbs
Date of birth April 20, 1984
Place of birth Unknown
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Resides Tampa, Florida
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Debut 10 December 2007
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Joke Killings (April 20, 1984) is an American professional wrestler. He is a skillful competitor with a sort of war paint that bears resemblance to a clown. Killings is a violent sociopath with a dark sense of humor and commits acts of violence for his own amusement. He is currently competing in PRW.

Professional RPG Wrestling (PRW)


Joke Killings debuted in PRW on December 10, 2007 when he began challenging X-Division and European title contenders for their slots through tasteless promos. His first match, however, was against Cardinal, who challenged Killings in a call-out. Joke Killings dominated the match, showing that he would be the newcomer to look out for.

Soon after his debut match, he set his eyes upon the Cyanide Championship. On December 20, 2007, Joke Killings assaulted Cyanide Champion, The Mask, and captured his first PRW title. Over the next four days, the two men waged war upon each other backstage over the title.

This would not be the only backstage conflict that Killings would be invloved in. In the cafeteria, Joke Killings harassed Matt Moyle. The situation nearly came to blows, but Marcus Falco intervened before any violence broke out. Soon, Joke Killings and Matt Moyle were set to face off at Christmas Carnage 07'. But, prior to the event, Moyle was injured in a match against Johnny Valentine. So, Joke Killings was forced to face off against Muay Thai fighter, Rama Sakda. After an intense battle in the ring, Joke Killings was ultimately triumphant in his first Pay-Per-View event. At this point, Killings was seen as a force to be reckoned with.


At the dawn of the new year, a Battle Royale was held to decide who would receive a free contendership for any championship other than the Undisputed Championship. Joke Killings was the first to enter the Battle Royale and posed a serious threat to all competitors. He soon became the target of The Inquisitor and other remaining combatants. The Inquisitor led a team effort to send Killings over the top rope. Joke Killings was eliminated.

Soon, rumors began to spread that Joke Killings was leaving the company for reasons unknown. Killings' departure was confirmed by the announce team. Joke Killings was then set to face off against The Inquisitor in a final match. The Inquisitor was the holder of both the X-Division and European titles and Killings was in line to face him for both, but the match was not for the titles.

After a brutal match that left both men bloodied and the announce desk destroyed, Joke Killings emerged victorious. After making the pinfall, he announced the reason for his departure. In a song and dance number, he announced that he had been diagnosed with AIDS.

Championships and Accomplishments

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