Jonathan Vandelay


Jonathan was born into the influential and extremely wealthy Vandelay family in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up in an “old money” family with roots back to the original South gave Jonathan an extremely frivolous view on life. Money was never an object, partying was a job, and everyone sucks up when they are paid enough. Being a decently good looking, but very wealthy young man made it extremely easy for him to be a natural playboy. His looks aren’t quite on the level he thinks they are, but he always finds the right type of women who doesn’t care.

Jonathan grew up with two passions in life, professional wrestling and the jet-setting life of a professional actor. He moved to Hollywood after graduating from high school and began taking bit parts in movies while training in Ju-jitsu and wrestling. He made influential friends there in Tinsel Town, and enters the world of wrestling today as an incredibly charismatic; awesomely athletic; extremely connected; and untested star.


Jonathan is currently working connections within the Extreme Wrestling Corporation. EWC

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