Jonnie Cresem

Early Life

Jonnie was born in 1983 in the 'small' city of London, England to his mother Leanne, his father deserted his mother when she found out she was pregnant.

Jonnie however grew up under the watchful eye of his aunt due to his mother dying of bowel cancer when we was just two years old, and so his aunt pauline took him in and raised him as if he was her own child.

When he was 8 Jonnie started to get involved with sports around the local area, he joined the West Ham United football school of excellence and started to attend an activities club at the local gym, over the years Jonnie would focus more in the gym and his football suffered however at the age of 15 Jonnie finally gave up on football and threw his full weight behind the sport which had been catching his eye for the past few months... boxing.


Greatest Achievement: prides himself on being not only the most unreliable but also the most arrogant e-fedder of all time.

Edit - ARROGANT? Jonnie makes Arrogance feel modest!


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