Name: Jose

Username: RKO93

Nickname: The Messiah of ROG

Gimmick: Greatest high flyer EVER

Billed Height: 6'3

Billed Weight: 215 pounds

Billed From: Greenwich, Connecticut

Fighting Style: Highflyer

Finishing Moves: Puerto Rican Destroyer(Flip Piledriver) and Spiral Tap

Signature Moves: Cobra Clutch, 450 Splash, Phoenix Splash, Shining Wizard, Twist of Fate, and The Flip Bottom

Entrance Music: Metalingus - Alter Bridge


ROG X-Rated Champion(1)

Team Meltdown member(2008)

OWW Takedown Tag Team Champion


Jose made his ROG debut after Off the Hook 2007, quickly making a name for himself with his sensational high flying tactics. He earned himself a shot at the ROG X-Rated Championship on an edition of Meltdown just weeks before High Stakes 2008. Jose would go into High Stakes 2008, wrestling a Triple Threat Contest for the X-Rated Championship against Dash Blade and Tristian Artist. Jose had lost the contest, but he wasn't the man pinned as Dash Blade pinned Tristian Artist to retain.

On the Meltdown after High Stakes 2008, Jose cost Dash Blade a chance to contend for the ROG World Heavyweight Championship and they had continued their feud. Jose would compile two partners in the next few weeks in the form of Colton and The Chaos Kid, collectively known as the Puerto Rican Express. Jose would face off against The Chaos Kid, however, in a Pick Your Poison Match the Meltdown before Apocalypse 2008, where Jose and Dash Blade would fight over the X-Rated Championship. Jose came out on top, defeating his protege, The Chaos Kid, by pinfall. This didn't ruin their partnership however, as The Chaos Kid only did so because David Simons had offered him an ROG World Heavyweight Championship match had he defeated Jose. Jose would go on to challenge Dash Blade at Apocalypse and defeat him for the X-Rated Championship, becoming the third ever ROG X-Rated Champion.

Jose would hold the title with pride as Dash Blade cashed in his rematch clause for Death Wish 2008. Jose would get involved with Main Eventers, such as Erik Michaels and Ricky Reynolds in the upcoming weeks, before he challenged Dash Blade with the X-Rated Championship on the line. Jose managed to successfully retain the X-Rated Championship against Dash Blade cleanly. The following night of Meltdown,

Jose was announced as one of the five members of Team Meltdown for the Meltdown vs. Warzone Elimination Tag Match at Glory Games.

The Puerto Rican Express has been very successful thus far, as Jose, the leader, is the current ROG X-Rated Champion and his partners, Colton and The Chaos Kid, have captured the ROG Tag Team Titles. This is only the beginning of their success, as there is much more to come!

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