Joseph Titan
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Height 7'2"
Weight 250 lbs.
Date of birth July 15, 1979
Place of birth Saint Cloud,MN
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Resides Saint Cloud, Mn
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Debut 2007 (GWF)
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Joseph Titan: Born in Saint Cloud, MN. Born on July 15, 1979. Currently employed by the CWO (Championship Wrestling Organization).


Not Much is known other than he is trained by Christopher John. He was brought into the CWO in order to be a body guard. He size both an advantage and disadvantage. He would be managed by Jason Drake. Christopher John's former manager.

After betraying the man who thought him and brought him into the CWO Titan went on a losing streak. After having some major battles with The New Icon most notably on Extreme 6-12-07. Titan blow an already hurt shoulder out. He won over the Intercontinental Champion by a count out. Later the two would Reunite. Both men beaten and bloody. Titan would turn his back on Jason Drake.

Finishing Moves

Fall of the Gods:(Triple Powebomb)



Million Dollar Icons- (Tag Team with "New Icon" Christopher John)

Camp Drake- (Stable only member managed by Jason Drake)


Coming Soon

Title History

Awards Received

Other Wrestling Gear



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