Josh Allen joined OCW in 2001 as a rookie. Immediately after joining and winning his first title ever - the OCW Light Heavyweight title - OCW closed.

When OCW reopened later that summer, JA once again reclaimed the same title as one of only a few to hold the championship two times. After numerous battles with greats of the OCW (wins and losses both), JA and OCW's owner, Dean, clashed, and JA left the fed, vacating the LW title.

Some months later, JA returned, and would once again reclaim the title, being the first (and 1 of only 2) to hold the title 3 times, the other being Silver Cyanide. He would also hold the OCW Hardcore and World Heavyweight Championships one time each.

Important matches included feuds with Pete "Pornstar" Parker, TGO and El Linchador.

After Dean's OCW closed, JA was out of a job for some time before getting up the nerve to buy the company and reopen. After several months as Online Championship Wrestling, Josh and Andy Murray (owners) reorganized the fed as Omega Championship Wrestling.

New shows were created, and new stars were born, but soon the owners parted ways for other opportunities, bringing a sudden halt to a company full of young talent. Besides a brief appearance to attack TGO during OCW's Blackout PPV, JA has not stepped foot inside an OCW ring since Omega closed in 2003 - but won't deny the urge to do so on occasion.

Following his ownership of OCW, JA joined ICWF, strapping on the boots once again to go further than he had in OCW, with a North American championship win, to be followed by a World Championship win - and later unifying the World title with a LW title victory, being one of only 2 to have this honor in ICWF.

When ICWF closed (immediately following his Unified Title match), JA collaborated with Eriq Mobely and Kannon to start a new fed: New Legends of Wrestling. The fed seemed to have a great potential, but outside forces would push JA to leave NLW, and the fed ultimately closed.

Currently, JA is in the middle of an Eriq Mobely and Jack Sullivan feud over rights to NLW, which is being sought to reopen.

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