Josh Samuels
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Josh Samuels]]
Real name Joshua Winslow Samuels
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Height 6'1"
Weight 213 lbs.
Date of birth June 12th, 1981
Place of birth Saratoga , Wyoming
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Resides Salt Lake City, Utah
Billed from Saratoga, Wyoming
Trainer IceKid (Steven Cartagena)
Handled by N/A
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Debut May 21st, 2007
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Here is a short look at the maverick of professional wrestling, Josh Samuels.


Joshua Winslow Samuels was born on June 12, 1981. The residents of Saratoga, Wyoming were thrilled, and could see the importance of the child. At age forteen Josh ran away from home to become part of the airforce, stealing a fake id to gain entry.

Josh stayed in the force for ten years, before an accident left him paralysed fromt he legs down. He considered ending his life right then, but a friend told hoim, if he trained hard, he could regain control of his legs. Josh went into training to walk again.

Six months later, he took his first shaky steps. Overjoyed, he asked his friend if there was anything he could do for repayment. Steven Cartagena, who played a character called IceKid in TAW, asked Josh to try his luck at wrestling. After three crushing losses, Josh decide TAW wasn't for him, but he had the fire to compete. Since leaving TAW, he has joined Havoc, Envy, New Dawn and eventually CWF we he holds a 4/6 win loss ratio across all of the promotions.


Josh started his career in the TAW. There, he swayed into Tag Team competition by starting a stable, The Zaxs. He then joined the New Dawn, where he proceeded to go undefeated until the feds death. Then, Josh had his debut in WWE Envy. He recently had his debut match, in which he beat Ron Killings and Superman. Also, Josh competes in the WWE Havoc, where recently lost his undefeated streak.

Josh has had a great deal of success in CWF. Starting with a triple threat dark match 2 weeks ago, Josh has had a winning steak that included beating both youngsters and champions. His most recent victory was a triple threat match, where he defeated the Global champion The Boss and a young man with many expectations, Nabeel Nawaz.

Other Facts

Theme Music: Kriptonite-Three Doors Down Marital Status: Engaged Weight: 213 pounds Height: 6 foot 1

Finishing moves

Rapid Fire - A series of rapid kicks, ending in a huge roundhouse.

Signature Moves

Homing Missile - A somersault corkscrew splash

Blast Radius - An inverted bow and arrow lock

Dive Bomb - Shooting Star leg Drop


Josh enjoys Japanese Horror films.

Josh cannot bait a line.

Josh's blood type is AB+

Josh dedicates all his matches to his grandfatherr, Ashton Samuels, who died recently.

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