Josh The Jersey Boy

Josh The Jersey Boy is one of the newest superstars in E.V.E., he first came on to the scene however in GWF. After he lost a triple threat match, he decided to leave and join E.V.E. He won the Interpromotional Title twice and was also an EVE Tag champ. JJB as he was called pissed many off with his outlandish promos and his breaking of kayfabe constantly

The Incident

Josh The Jersey Boy was at a house show in Israel wrestling his old partner Marcos, when JJB made several Hitler salutes and was stabbed. Many do not know if he did this to profit from Michael Richards racial outburst or if Toast put him up to it.

Relationships with superstars

JJB is mostly friendly with everyone except for newcomer T-Dog tomasio. They had a backstage fight where JJB kicked T-Dog back to Spain

Championship History

JJB has accomplished a lot over his short time at EVE, he shocked the world when he beat Gary Crackett and Smoke for the Inter Promotional Title in late October.

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