The Journey To Hell is a match type used by Global Extreme Wrestling. It was introduced at GEW Winter Bash 2006 by Nathan Irwin. To date, that match is the only Journey To Hell match ever held.


The Journey To Hell is an elimination cage match variant. The match begins with all competitors locked inside a steel cage, and the cage is surrounded on all four sides by barbed wire. On the entrance ramp is a pit. A competitor is only eliminated by being forcibly thrown into the pit by another. That competitor must return to the ring for a ten count. If after the count the competitor in the pit has not managed to climb out, that competitor is eliminated.


Nathan Irwin's first act in Global Extreme Wrestling was to challenge GEW Intercontinental Champion Luke Mason to such a match at Winter Bash 2006. Dean Heartly and X-Pac were also involved. Mason and Heartly together eliminated X-Pac, and Irwin later eliminated both Heartly and Mason to win the Intercontinental Championship.

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