Judge William J. Jennings
Real name
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Height 5'10
Weight 180 lbs.
Date of birth September 13, 1931
Place of birth New York, NY
Date of death
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Billed from Los Angeles, CA
Trainer Jimmy Carter
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Debut December 2006
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Judge William J. Jennings (born on September 13, 1931) is a United States federal appeals court judge who has sat on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals since 1980. He is considered that liberal court's most liberal member. He is also a professional wrestling manager currently working for the WNWA.


Jennings is the manager of Frustrated Inc.. He is a longtime friend of The Liberal Librarian and made his WNWA debut in December 2006 after The Lib and The Lummox were fired from the bsWo. Jennings was assaulted by Thunderlips and The Insiders. He successfully sued the estate of the late Thunderlips for assault and won a $63 million settlement, forcing Thunderlips' family into a life of poverty and servitude.

Jennings has used his position as judge to overturn several decisions made by WNWA referees and officials. On two occasions he has over turned losses by Frustrated Inc. to Team Agbor and he set up the WNWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, rigging matches for The Liberal Librarian.

One thorn in his side as of late has been his connection to pornography, prostitution and drug use- exploited by Carl Bowman and J.R. Ewing. He has also raised the ire of Sheriff Washburn.

Personal Life and views

  • Judge William J. Jennings was appointed to the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals by President Carter.
  • Jennings is a staunch liberal.
  • Jennings' mother was also an appeals court judge.
  • Jennings is currently married to Angelica Rickston, the Executive Director of the ACLU of Northern California.
  • With the money he received from the estate of Thunderlips, he started a film company called W.J.J. Productions. Three of his stars are the wife and children of Thunderlips.
  • Jennings also owns all the copyright and patented materials concerning the name and likeness of Thunderlips-thus, The Liberal Librarian is allowed to use many of Thunderlips' mannerisms and logos.


  • Jennings is an outspoken member of the American Constitution Society, a nation wide, liberal association of attorneys, judges (including United States Supreme Court Justices), law students, and politicians which serves as a counterbalance to the conservatice Federalist Society.
  • Jennings is very active in the ACLU and the Democratic National Committee.
  • Education: Harvard College, B.A., 1952; Oxford University, B.A., 1956; Yale Law School, J.D., 1961.
  • Professional Career: Jennings served as a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, California Advisory Committee from 1962 to 1974 and was its Vice Chairman from 1969 to 1974. He also served as member of the Democratic National Committee and as an unpaid advisor to former Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley and former California governor Jerry Brown. In 1975 he was appointed to the Los Angeles Police Commission, which he chaired from 1978 until his judicial confirmation in 1980. He also served as Professor of law, University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, 1977-1998.

Jennings celebrates at the Lib's party.

Judge pump

Superior Court Judge granted Presidential Pardon. San Francisco, Calif. (AP) - 9th Circuit Superior Court Judge William J. Jennings was pardoned by President Bill Clinton January 19, 2001. Jennings was on trial for four felony counts of indecent exposure while presiding over child molestation trials in 1998 and 1999. Three courthouse employees testified to seeing the judge's penis exposed while he presided over trials. Prosecutors also contended that Jennings used a device called a "penis pump" while presiding. Jennings has maintained his innocence of all charges and alleges a vast right-wing conspiracy has been hatched to "usurp my throne."


Jennings and wife Angelica Rickston after Jennings' was freed from Braddock County Prison Farm by the U.S. Senate.


Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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