Justin “The Hammer” Roberts
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Justin “The Hammer” Roberts]]
Real name Justin Michael Roberts
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Height 6’7”
Weight 235lbs
Date of birth 5/18/1988
Place of birth Chicago Heights, Illinois
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Trainer Kris Williams
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Debut 4/01/07
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Chaotic Pro Wrestling

Justin Roberts began his career in CPW with his trainer Kris Williams in the emotional tag team known as Doing it for her. D.iF.H. got into a massive feud with The Unhumans (Duke Jupiter and Z) and S.O.D. (Axl James Slade and Bo Slade). Roberts made his official debut in the ring on 4/0/07 and his first match was4/06/07. Roberts battled with his emotional state when Kris Williams sister-in-law Jessy Kayne entered the picture. Kayne and Roberts was an item until she turned on Roberts and started dating Jupiter. This caused the downfall of D.i.F.h. when Williams decided that Roberts was not needed anymore on 7/27/07 Roberts lost a loser leaves town match making his CPW career over.

Fearless Championship Wrestling

Roberts made his Fearless Championship Wrestling debut against Johnny Foltin on the second taping of Tuesday Night Tartarus. Roberts has been in and out of the scene in FCW once his long time girlfriend Jessy Roberts signed a FCW contract making her one of the FCW Bombshells.

Titles Held

Fearless Championship Wrestling


Finisher- Cry Me a River (Spinal shock)

  • Signature Moves
    • My Broken Heart: 360 Senton
      • Arm Drag-Dropkick Combo: Arm Drag-Dropkick Combo
    • Tears from Heaven: Double Stomp
    • This is Going to Hurt You: Lungblower
    • Hugs & Kisses: Springboard Avalanch Frankensteiner

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