Katie Lopez
563979175 l
Real name Cameron Williams
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Height 6' 1"
Weight 235 lbs.
Date of birth Octover 26, 1988
Place of birth Worcester, MA
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Resides Boston, MA
Billed from Boston, MA
Trainer Cameron Williams
Handled by CWL91
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Debut 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}

Katie Lopez is an American professional wrestler who is the girlfriend of and Manages Cameron Williams atIndependant Forum Championship Wrestling.


Katie Lopez often works the circuits for various indy promotions. She met Cameron Williams at an indy booking she took at a show in Boston, the two began working bookings together, and has been managing Williams and wrestling as well. and the two began dating while on the road.

Current IFCW

When the Re-Emergence of IFCW began, many of the IFCW mainstays returned including Cameron Williams. Williams brought in Katie Lopez with him to manage him, and possibly wrestle. at IFCW's Return show IFCW Generation of Power, she defeated Dan Sanders' Girlfriend and Manager Alexis Marie. And at IFCW: Chi Town Tag Wars, her and Alexis Marie continued a minor feud together. When the match ended with Cameron Williams and Ray Mendez coming out the winners, as Dan Sanders looked as if he wanted to shake Williams' hand, Lopez had attacked Sanders from behind to engage a beatdown with Williams and Mendez beating on Sanders until King jumped in for the save. In a recent interview with Williams and Lopez, it has appeared that they have brought back the IFCW Women's Championship out of retirement themselvs, and proclaimed Katie Lopez the IFCW Women's Champion. It is still waiting on approval by IFCW if the title announcement will be made official.

NegGen Alliance

After IFCW eventually filed for bankruptcy and the two men were split apart. After months of negotiation, David Gage, Cameron Williams, and Katie Lopez aligned together to form one of the biggest heel stables ever. They are called teh NexGen Alliance

Other Facts

Current Entrance Music:

"Stinkfist" - Tool

Finishing and Signature Moves


Katie Lopez Dealing out the pain to her opponent.

  • Stiff Lariat
  • Step Up Enziguri
  • Lungblower

Other Moves

* Flying Leg Drop
* Diving enziguri
* Missile Dropkick
* Curb Stomp
* Hip toss
* Spinning Neckbreaker
* Boston Crab

Championships and accomplishments

  • Self Proclaimed IFCW Women's Champion
  • Competeted in and became victorious on the first IFCW return card over Alexis Marie

One Of Katie Lopez's pics from her photoshoot.

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