Ryu Kecendrai
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Height 6'3
Weight 235 lbs.
Date of birth 12th April, 1988
Place of birth Japan
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Trainer None as of Now.
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Debut Not Yet
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Ryu Kecendrai Is still a rookie to the Wrestling scene. He is only in one federation and that is the WCF. He is currently awaiting his debut match in which he will team up with Jimpy to face Bobby Cairo and Biohazard.

Personal Information :

Kecendrai is new to the local wrestling scene. He has been wrestling privately in Japan and now works for the WCF. He was brought up in the main land of Kyoto. He has Royal Blood in him but his family have been dispersed of the throne. Both of his parents are dead and knows of no other relatives. He plans to reclaim the throne of Japan at some point in his life. Now though... He is wrestling which has wanted to do since accomplishing great success in martial arts. He plans to breach out to other people and convince them to take up Martial Arts.

Wrestling Career :


Debut Match :

Ryu Kecendrai / Jimpy vs Bobby Cairo / Biohazard ::: Winners : Unknown

Roleplays for match : The Temple

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