Actual Name: Hiyoshi Kitamangu

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 215

Birthplace: Khulna, Bangladesh

Birthdate: December 22, 1976

Lineage: Keigami is in the direct line of Genghis Khan

Favorite Food: Dried Squid

Favorite Drink: Fine Wine

Idol: Kenzo Suzuki

Early Life

Hiyoshi was born in Khulna to a wealthy merchant family. At an early age, however, he began to reject wealth and power. He was attracted to the Buddhist teachings, and became a monk at age 19. Two years later, however, he saw a vision calling him to be a fighter. He took up the ring name Keigami, meaning meditative force, and entered a small wrestling business in Khulna.


In 2002, Keigami was among the first to join the newly developed SEAWO and soon battled his way to the SEAWO Indonesian Championship. He has kept it to this day, and would also have the SEAWO Champion's belt, were it not for a SEAWO rule preventing the possession of more than one title. His overall record on the SEAWO is a shocking 57-4-2.

Signature Moves

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