Keith Jaxx
Real name Stephen Hardy
Ring Names Wild boy, Sneaky Butcher, Sausage Jockey, Uphill Gardner
Height 5'10
Weight 204lbs
Date of birth 24th October 1966
Place of birth Quaogh, Rhode Island
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Resides Quoagh, Rhode Island
Billed from Quoagh, Rhode Island
Trainer Rico
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The Wild Boy



Winning the United States Title

Hanging up his boots


Entrance Music - Wild Boys by Duran Duran

Hometown - quahog Rhode Island

Wrestling Style - Speedy, Daredevil, High Flying, Martial Arts, Some Technical, All Rounder and Unorthadox

Profile - Lives in quahog Rhode Island was good friends with a lot of the people there including Glen Quaqmire

Entrance(s) Keith Jaxx sprints down the ring wasting no time.

Wrestling Moves

Normal Moves Does camp things during the match (Like Rico) Hurricanrana

Running Bulldog



Spinning Knife hand chop

Various Kicks such as:

Ax Kick - (Keith lifts his leg straight up in the air and drops it down on the head or shoulder of the victim. Also can be executed to the back of the neck of a bent over opponent. The heel or back of the foot is the contact point of the Keith's foot.)

Back Kick - (Keith is facing the victim, he spins 180 degrees and strikes the victim in the stomach with the sole of his foot).

Jumping spin kick - (Keith jumps in the air, as he goes in the air he spins his body and strikes the victim with the side of the foot as he flies through the air.)

Roundhouse Kick - (Keith kicks with one leg while pivioting 90 degrees on the other. The attack can be directed at the knee, midsection or head. It can be done to a sitting opponent to the back. The top of the Keith's foot is the contact point for this kick.)

Snap Kick - (A standard martial arts kick. Keith lifts his knee up and pushes his foot out striking the victim the kick, usually in the stomach. The point of contact is the sole of Keith's foot).

Asai Moonsault

Signature Move(s)

The Catapult - Catapult elbow drop - Keith stands on the apron grabbing on to the top rope and launching himself over the top rope landing an elbow drop on his opponent.

Jaxx the Facts - Keith jumps up to the second rope springboarding off the ropes. As he comes back off the ropes he grabs his opponent's head and then hits them with a reverse DDT.

K-Down - Baseball slide DDT

Jaxx that out - Dragon Whip (Benjamin's spinning kick)

Sink your Keith into that - Capoeria Leg Drop

Finishing Move(s)

Jaxx 3000 - Harlem Hangover

Titles Held United States Champion - 6 October to 27th Novmber 2005 Trivia Keith Jaxx like Guys Jaxx will never say no to going to the Gay Bar regardless if he has a match or not.

Affiliation Road Agent Alignment Face

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