Appearance: He is of a massive size. Kemono is 6'7", 327 lbs and very well built. He is slightly tan. A walking mountain of strength, power, muscle and intimidation. His size and built is untouchable. It appears he has no fat on his body what so ever. As solid as a concrete wall, veins can be seen building in his forearms, upper arms, biceps, neck and upper chest. All natural due to when he was younger constantly working with heavy equipment, then when locked up for years its was the only thing he did to keep his mind sane. Scars can be seen hidden under his tattoos, not many but they are there.

Tattoos: He has many tattoos, which are a Dragon head on his left pectoral that goes up over his shoulder that looks like it is coming out of his skin with a claw on the left bicep that also looks like its ripping threw his skin. On his right arm are tribal designs of the Seven Deadly Sins: Greed, Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, and Lust. On his left knuckles are a heart, diamond, spade, and club, on his right middle finger is an Ankh, on the back of his neck is another tribal design which means "Primitive". On his left arm around the wrist are blue flames that wrap around his wrist and goes up the underside till mid-forearm, on his back going down the middle of it is the Dark Lotus Cross with a Dark Lotus tattooed in the middle of it. Around the cross now is a strange tribal design, as if done by H.G Giger himself, which goes to mid sides. Above the cross are all 6-joker cards from the Insane Clown Posse. On the back of his left triceps it says “Shangri-La”. On his right pectoral is The Insane Clown Posse's logo Hatchet Man. On the right side of his neck in Japanese writing it says, "Death is not the one to fear nor life". His other tattoo goes around his neck, on the left side it appears to be ripping and tearing and on the right it says "Do not Open till X-Mas". On his inner left forearm, two inches from the inner elbow and inch from the wrist, Kemono has a tattoo that reads "Life". When read upside down it reads "Death". The tattoo is written in Old English and looks like the flesh tearing, or carved into the skin. On both of his sides there are for large match claw marks that are exposing flesh, bone and internal organs. If you look closely though you will see little demons and imps clawing out as if they are trying to be released. Across his hard stomach just above the navel is tattooed “Felicia”, his guardian angel.

Attire: Kemono's wrestling attire is long baggy marital art style black pants, with blue flames the rise all the way up to the knees. There is a long sash that hangs down to his knees in the back with the ICP's Hatchet Man logo. In the front is another sash that hangs down to the thighs with The Dark Lotus cross. Both designs are on a black background and designed to look like blue flames all around. He has two thick solid metal chains hanging on each side of his pants being held up by a black studded belt with a skull belt buckle, which covers the sashes. His boots are black leather biker boots with blue flame tips. There are buckles that lead all the way up the mid calf. His hands are taped up to mid forearm with normal tape then black tape. He sometimes wears elbow pads, but not often. His facial appearance has changed slightly. When Kemono goes into "Rage" his eyes practically go pale. There is a slight scare above his right eye from the explosion he was caught in, but nothing major. He has grown thick well trimmed side burns that run under his cheekbone and jaw line that meet up with his trademark black Fu Manchu style goatee, three thick braided, almost dread locked now, strands of hair near the chin, one on each side of the mouth and one down the middle of his chin that hang down to mid chest. His hair is pulled back into a pony tail. The hair that is in the pony tail is completely braided with black and blue beads that hands to mid shoulder blades. On each side of Kemono's head there is two more braids that hand in front of his ears that his tucks back behind his ears. Below his bottom lip is two long spike piercing that are two-inches in length, and his left eyebrow is pierced twice.

Entrance Attire: Kemono's entrance attire is a set of black shoulder pads. The pads have several large spikes surround by little mini spikes. On the pads hangs several large chains that hang to mid back. His lower waist, he wears a long black kilt style that covers is lower half. With the hatchet man logo on the back and the Dark Lotus cross on the front in blue flame style much like on his sashes hidden underneath. He wears a helmet model much like the big Predator's helmet from AvP. It covers most of his face and the top of his head. It is held on by straps that are hidden by Kemono's braids. His long goatee can be seen coming from underneath the helmet. When Kemono steps out from behind the curtains in his attire, he looks truly like a Devil-Monster

Entrance Music: "Out of the Fire (Kemono Mix)" by Type O Negative

Entrance: *The lights go out inside the arena as the sound of bell tolls. The only glimpse of light is coming from lighters of the fans, the crowd waits. The ring illuminates with black lights as the entrance way area glows deep dark blue. Fog comes up from under the ring and the entrance gate. Bell Tolls again as three little girls dressing white stand at the entrance way. Their voices speak in unison as their small voices echo…

"And out of the darkness the zombie did call. To Pain and Suffering came brought to them all. Away ran the children to hide in their beds. For fear that the devil will chop off their heads."

  • The three little girls laugh as they begin to sink into the fog disappearing. All is silence as "The Call of the Zombie continues.*
  • Bell Tolls*

...1...2...He's coming for you… . .

  • Bell Tolls*

. . ...3...4...Better lock your doors... . .

  • Bell Tolls*

. . …5...6...Grab your crucifix... . .

  • Bell Tolls*

. . …7...8...Stay awake... . .

  • Bell Tolls*

. . …9...10...It Will Never End...For You!!! . .

  • Bell Tolls*

. .

  • Bell Tolls*

. .

  • “Out of the Fire” by Type O Negative picks right up after the Primal Roar. Strobe lights flicker at the entrance way as the music plays. Kemono pounds his chest and raises his arm slowly. The fans look at the Devil-Monster warrior as the fog mixes with smoke. Blue flames begin to shoot up on opposite sides of the flame as they make their way towards Kemono. Kemono steps through the wall of flames and down the ramp leading to the ring.*
  • Kemono circles around the ring and stops at the ring opening. The fans are on their feet as Kemono makes his way slowly up the steel steps and to the middle of the apron. He looks to the left and to the ring slowly. His entrance attire glows in the black lights. Kemono lowers his head for what seems like a minute then suddenly throws his head and arms back as blue flames shoot up from the turnbuckles. He steps through the ropes getting a loud reaction from his many fans in the crowd. He stands there in the middle of the ring looking at every one.*
  • He then begins to disrobe his attire, starting with his custom made helmet mask, his spiked shoulder chest pad, and then his robe. Once disrobed he will then head over to the farthest corner, grabs the top rope with both hands squats down to stretch his arms and legs. Kemono will then rest his head against the top rope, as if saying a small prayer. Once prepared he smashes his head into the turnbuckle, stands up straight, cracks his neck with both hands and then does his knuckles. One ready, Kemono squats down in the corner, holding onto the top rope with his left hand staring up the ramp waiting for his opponent.*

Fighting Style: Powerhouse/ Technician/Submissionist

In-ring Tendencies: Relentless

Move List:

1.) Torture Chamber - Dragon Sleeper/Chicken Wing Combo; It starts off with Kemono taking the victim’s right wrist with his left arm and placing it behind there back into a chicken wing. He then steps on the back of the victim’s knee to bring him down, wraps his left arm around their throat, grabbing the wrist and with Kemono’s other hand grabs his own wrist and wrenches up lifting the victim off the mat and then violently shakes them around, applying pressure waiting for them to tap.

2.) Kemono’s Bearhug - He picks his opponent up in his arms and shakes them around like a rag doll, then hoists them up over his shoulder and slams down drilling his shoulder into their stomach. If it’s a high flyer leaping off the top rope Kemono will catch them and lock it hard

3.) Kemono’s Spinebuster - Kemono whips his opponent into the ropes and when they come back, Kemono catches them in a chokeslam style and slams them down hard into a Spinebuster. Sometimes he will add a spin for more momentum, dropping to his knee, rolling his neck

4.) Kemono’s Chokeslam - Kemono grabs his opponent by the neck and holds onto them in a choke. He moves them around the ring and pulls them close to his face and begins to talk to them. He then takes there arm, flips it over his own shoulder, raises them up with one arm and slams them down on their head and neck area instead of the back. This can be extremely dangerous when Kemono does it from inside the ring to the outside.

5.) Kemono’s Clothesline - Kemono takes a few shots to the chin and just looks at his opponent. His opponent goes for one more punch and Kemono catches the fist twists the arm and pull them towards him and Kemono level's his opponent with a strong powerful clothesline

6.) Kemono’s Double Arm Backbreaker - He kicks them in the stomach causing them to bend forward. He will then underhook the victim’s arms and raises them up vertically. He holds them up, allowing the blood to rush to the head and then drops to a knee, forcing the victim to slam across his other knee.

7.) Kemono’s Death Valley Driver - Kemono gets them up into a Death Valley Driver Position, Then throws his opponent up and over his head dropping them down right on top of their head doing a 180 degree turn.

8.) Kemono’s T-Bone Suplex - Kemono puts his left arm under the victim’s left arm pit and up under their chin, reaches around behind them with his right arm and then throws them up vertically over his head. Half the time it appears as if the victim will land on their head.

9.) Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex - Kemono goes to Irish whip them but fakes it, pulling them back into a bear hug, then throws them up over Kemono’s head. Half the time the victim looks like they are going to land on their head.

10.) Spinning Belly to Belly Suplex - Kemono locks his opponent as if he was going for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex but instead Kemono takes a step and spins his body driving his opponent back first into the mat with a lot of momentum. Kemono remains on his knee’s with his hand on the victim’s chest, looking at the crowd.

11.) Kemono’s German Suplex - Kemono grabs his opponent and gets behind him. He locks his hands around his opponent's waist and brings them up and over Kemono's head and releases. As Kemono falls backwards, his opponent gets slammed right on their head, causing series neck injury. Can be extremely dangerous.

12.) Primal Rage! - When Kemono final has enough of his opponent he will snap. When he does, he will lift up his opponent onto his shoulder and charge them into the turnbuckle and just goes ballistic on them, hitting them with rights and lefts, busting them wide open, starts laying kicks to their midsection numerous times, stomps on their throat keeping his foot on the throat choking them and then runs to the other side of the turnbuckle, from left to right, and does a running kick straight across the face.

13.) Kemono’s Back Suplex - Kemono gets behind his opponent and goes to before a Back drop, but instead of dropping his opponent on to their upper back, Kemono folds his opponent up by dropping them right on top of their head. Can be Extremely Dangerous.

14.) Kemono’s Powerbomb aka K-Bomb - Kemono's variation of the Powerbomb has a lot more force and power behind it. If the opponent is smaller, he will power bomb them to the outside. If it happens to be an opponent bigger than him, the force behind it can drive the victim through the ring.

15.) Kemono’s Reverse DDT - Kemono grabs his opponent by the hair and yanks back on them, he locks them into a reverse DDT and then reaches and grabs his victim's tights and lifts them parallel to the mat. locks them into a reverse DDT and quickly drops backwards, folding up his opponent up like an accordion. Extremely Dangerous.

16.) Kemono’s Big Boot - Kemono runs towards his opponent delivering a big boot to their face. The victim flips backward and lands on their stomach hard. For extra damage Kemono with add a small jump.

17.) Kemono’s Knee Strikes - Kemono delivers several knee's to his opponent's stomach region, then whips them into the ropes, Kemono runs towards them and jumps up driving his knee into their stomach one more time, knocking the breath right out of them and possibly causing internal injuries.

18.) Kemono’s Rib Breaker - Kemono gets them in a fall away position does four rib breakers, then throws them up over his head making the enemy land on their stomach.

19.) Half Nelson Backbreaker - The opponent goes to throw a punch at Kemono, but Kemono blocks it and under hooks the thrown arm, locking around the head, lifts them up one arm, then drops to a knee and slams them stomach first onto Kemono’s other propped up knee

20.) Torture Rack/Backbreaker - Kemono lifts the victim up into a Torture Rack, cranks on it and Kemono just throws them up and over his head and drops them down onto his knee sideways. While Kemono is down on a knee with the victim lays across the other knee sideways, Kemono drops his elbow down onto their face repeatedly, busting them open. He would then start to apply pressure by taking his own arm, wrapping around their neck, then the other leg through the legs, stands up bringing the victim with him, and slams them down again onto his knee with such force that the victims bends more than a slinky.* *Dangerous move. The victim normally lays limp on the mat until Kemono picks them up. If the ref has to he would immediately ring for the bell to end the match.

21.) Face Plant Slam - Kemono gets the opponent in corner, begins crouching and choking with right hand, moves his left hand between legs for support and picks up by neck and between legs, holds in air for a second by the throat with the one arm and then yanks them down causing them to smack the mat face first.

22.) Kemono’s Single Leg Crab - The opponent goes to kick Kemono in the stomach but is blocked. Kemono grabs the ankle with his left hand and quickly does a dragon screw getting the victim onto the mat. While holding the ankle still, his arm moves up under the knee going for a single leg crab. He steps up and over, locking in a standing crab, then goes down to his right knee and presses his left knee into the back of the victim. He holds on with his left arm and with his right hand punches at the ribs. *Used to weaken up the ribs for The Gore.

23.) Kemono’s Death Drop - Kemono knee’s his opponent hard in the stomach causing them to leave their feet, Kemono then steps in front of the, grabs them by the hair, places his right leg to the right side of the victims face. Kemono then grabs the victim’s right arm with his left hand and grabs the left arm with his right, cranks up wards using his leg that is placed to block them from moving, and drops down to the a knee. In the process the victim’s arms are let got, their head, mainly throat, are caught by Kemono’s solid thigh and calf. New way of saying “Guillotine Leg drop”* *Upon the first time he did this move, he stopped. After performing the move to the young wrestler, he did not get up. Kemono pinned him and stood up, The ref went to check him and it turns out his neck was crushed by Kemono. Now years later he is bringing back the move. It has been perfected from its previous predecessor and will only do it when his opponent deserves it.

24.) Kemono’s Double Underhook Piledriver - Kemono kicks them in the stomach going for a Tiger Driver, hoists them up and holds them vertical, then sits out spiking the opponent’s head into the mat hard causing their legs to stay vertical before they flop down either to the side or in front of Kemono.* *Very Ruthless move. After performing the move, Kemono would roll his neck and growl as the fans react to the devastating move.

25.) Kemono’s Pump Handle Suplex - Kemono sets the victim up as if going for a Pump Handle Slam. He will lift them up so their back is parallel to the mat, walk slightly with them, they begin to fight their way out of the hold but his grip is to strong. Kemono will then throw them up and over his head in a Fall Away Slam fashion.

26.) Kemono’s Camel Clutch - With the victim laying down on the mat face down Kemono will set them up for a camel clutch. Kemono takes the right arm and puts it over the right thigh, Kemono grabs the hair of the victim, and does a cut throat taunt to them, takes the left arm puts it over his left thigh then, locks his hands under the chin and yanks up.

    • Kemono does this when he feels that the victim has not really proven himself to Kemono. People who run their mouth to him and don’t back up their words will get locked in.

27.) Chokeslam to a Backbreaker - Kemono goes for his choke slam move but instead of slamming them down to the mat, he will drop to a knee, dropping the victim on across his propped knee. Victim bounces hard and Kemono chokes them for a second only to shove them off his knee in disgust.

28.) Gorilla Press Slam - Kemono lifts the victim high over his head. He will beginning to press them up and down over his head showing off his might. He will either throw them up into the air so they fall nearly 8 feet down to the mat or throw them over the top rope to the floor below or far enough so the victim knows what it feels like to crowd surf.

29.) Turnbuckle Powerbomb - With the opponent in the corner, Kemono will execute a powerbomb into the turnbuckle.

Signature Move: The Gore

Signature Move Description: An Unstoppable and much powerful spear that drives the air out of the victim. Good chances of internal injuries. Practically no chance of the opponent getting up after this. The Gore can happen when ever Kemono is charging. If it’s someone a lot smaller than Kemono the victim will leave their feet upon impact and can be turned inside out. Kemono would normally stalk his opponent either when they are getting up off the mat or their back is turn towards him. He will crouch down in the opposite corner and when they turn around he levels them. Kemono will also Irish whip them hard into the turnbuckle causing them to stagger out of the corner. With that done, Kemono will bounce off the ropes that are in front of the victim and hit them with more force. Kemono has been known as well to pick the victim up into a bear hug fashion and run full force into the corner turnbuckles Goring the victim into it.

Finishing Move: The 9th Gate, The Sinister Urge, Kemono's Hatchet Drop

Finishing Move Description:

9thG: It's like an Emerald Fusion. He picks up his opponent as if going for a body slam but rest them on his shoulder, he hooks the head under his arm and then drops to the side driving the head into the mat, knocking his opponent unconscious.

SU: Kemono drives his knee into the stomach area of his opponent and grabs them and sets them up for a suplex, Kemono raises them up, holds them up with one arm, spins and leaves his feet driving his opponent straight into the mat.

KhD: Kemono’s Hatchet Drop is just like Joker’s. The only difference is its being done by a man with much more power. Kemono will get in position with the move but lock his hands together. He will then begin to choke the victim with the move, swinging the around slightly, then raises them off their feet and spikes them down hard to the mat.

Title History:

HWA Heavyweight Championship (x2) NEW International Championship HWA Tag Team Championship (x3)


He was born Marc Gaiden during the year of 1966. While he was young him and his father would sit around the television screen watching wholesome TV programming such as The Munsters, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners and Leave it to Beaver.

Just when life could not get any better his mother was murdered when he was just under six years old. His father was convicted for the crime. People said that the father was just recently released from his job and that he just snapped one day.

Normally when young Marc comes home from school his mother would be waiting for him with a batch of chocolate cookies but not that day. Police were found instead in his home. With that stuck in his mind, he can never ever stop seeing that scene. The violence and brutality struck him hard. The bloody hammer, the wall painted with blood. All Marc can really remember of his father that day was he was screaming over and over again

"I didn't do it!!"

Normally he was out going, his eyes filled with wonder and excitement. He became very quiet and kept to himself. He was sent to a church foster home and continued going to school. It was rough for the young Marc. People would keep their distance from him then laugh at him for being slightly bigger than everybody.

It seems the town he once knew to be quiet and remote became filled with crime and poverty. Every day he had to deal with gangs and getting into fights. Ever since the murder, Marc always had difficulties expressing his anger. There has been times where he has came to the edge of snapping and at times it was difficult to calm him down.

By the age of ten he met a young girl. She was a year younger than him, soft skin, red hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was a wildfire and spoke her mind. When she came into the picture she became a key element to what Marc has become. As they spent more time with each other she became his only true friend. She was the only one that could calm him down when he got angry. Her loving nature and soft voice could ease the pain inside his mind and help him regain his self-control.

Marc never could express his anger through voice so when someone would run their mouth to Marc or behind his back, she would do it for him. She gave him advice and even said to him to take out his aggression in the weight room, sign up for sports like wrestling or football. He can take his frustrations out in the weight room then prove himself on the field and mats.

So he did.

He spent hours in the weight room just lifting as much as he can. When weights wouldn’t work he would take out what ever frustration he had left onto the punching bag. Constantly pushing himself and making himself lift more than he could. She was always there for him when he needed her the most.

By the age of 16, Marc could almost bench around three hundred and fifty pounds. Many students and even teachers were starting to show respect for this prodigy. When asked about steroids he just shook his head "no" and went on with his business.

The year before graduation, his only true friend was killed in a car accident caused by an arrogant punk who thought doing drugs, drinking and racing was fun. The only one that could calm him down was gone and he could not control it on his own anymore. Without her Marc became an unstoppable force.

When Marc snaps, its like everything is in slow motion. With his abnormal strength, one punch from Marc can rip a jaw off its joints. His strong hands can easily break bones. His large arms, if ever used in a choke hold, could break a neck like a toothpick In school, he was involved in a few fights where he would always win. As soon as the attacker tried to take him, they would swing first and Marc would nail them straight in the jaw.

He has been sent home several times because of his anger. He visited counselors to help him control his anger. But when he would walk away, people would laugh and mock him. They may laugh at him, but they are lucky that he did walk away. If he where to have stayed in fight they would be in a hospital bed sipping meat through a straw.

On the day of graduation a gang of four attacked him. The gang was a group of kids that have tried to fight Marc and lost. They thought that the number games would be able to take down Marc. He tried struggling but alas they managed to pull him off into an empty hallway where they started to cut him with box cutters. They pinned him down as they begin to cut him. The pain was unbearable as he began to bleed. He was afraid of what to do or what would happen next. He didn't want to fight then everything went black.

When he came to the gang of four was down to one. He had blacked out, snapped and killed three of them. The one member that survived jaw was only hanging on by a tendon, his right arm was broken in ten different spots, both legs where shattered and the boy could not breath. He looked at the blood that was on his hands and was in shock. He rose to his feet and quickly went for help.

He managed to find his foster father, who was the priest at the church, the father immediately called the police. Marc was then tried and sentenced to serve seven years to life for his act of violence. The judge ruled him to be unstable, almost bi-polar, and needed to seek consoling for his extreme act of violence.

With this the young Marc was then sentenced to solitary confinement for almost the rest of his life.

It was lonely for him. He would sit in his cell. The cold concrete floor, the bullet proof glass that allowed him to see the outside of the hallway, his bed that was too small and the metal door that kept him locked away. When he was allowed to go into the yard to work out none of the other prisoners would talk to him. The would look at his large natural frame and keep their distances.

His strength was untouchable.

Many would look at him in awe as he would easily out lift the strongest prisoner. After being in jail for almost ten years his hair grew long, he developed a beard and his muscle mass, slowly becoming more like what he is today.

On one day he made friends with a new guard, by the name of Jason Lawson. Jason Lawson was a young rookie who was recently transfer. Much like Marc when he first arrived, he was in a new area with no friends. Jason would talk to Marc, keeping him company in his cage. He would tell him what it was like on the outside, the weather, the news, events that have happen and just acted like a friend. Jason would also bring paper and pencils for Marc to draw.

When the day was nice both men would enjoy being outside in the yard. Of course Marc would find the closet weight set and begin to lift even more. Then on way day a prison riot happen. During the riot, Marc remained in his cell. He could not get out seeing how the cells were reinforced to remain locked at all times. Jason was jumped by four rioting prisoners. They began to brutally attack Marc right in front of his own eyes. Marc's eyes watched the event as Jason's blood spilled on the floor.

He could not take it anymore and repeatedly slammed him shoulder into the door and kicking it off its hinges. The prisoners looked up and when they saw Marc they tried to fight him. Four against one should easily bring him down. One prisoner went for Marc, yet was grabbed by the throat and slammed repeatedly into Marc's cell bullet proof glass until it broke. The prisoner was instantly killed and Marc then attacked another. Blood again was on his hands. Marc remained at Jason's side until the Riot control came in. They saw the blood on Marc's hands and immediately pointed their guns at him.

He was then convicted for murder once more.

A speaker for Jason Lawson immediately protested that Kemono saved Jason's life. After evidence was revealed that Kemono indeed help save Jason's life, he was released from his life sentenced. Jason Lawson was still in the hospital and requested to see him. When Marc was taken to the hospital to visit his friend, Jason died due to complications.

Marc was again alone.

He went to the bank where he parents saved up his money when he was younger under a savings account and after being in prison for ten years, interest went up. With the money he had he moved back to the house he grew up in for a short time and decided to head for New York.

He came across an underground wrestling slash fight club world where he thought he should just step in for a peek. As he walked around the bar area he saw a poster reading "Defeat the Champion, win the prize money!" He knew that he could win so he decided he needed more money and fighting was the only thing he really knew.

The champion had no chance at all against him.

The crowd was amazed at the size difference between Marc and the champion. The people in the room looked at Marc and then back at the champion. For once in his life people where laughing at some one else’s misfortunes. The champion was laid out cold with a quick series of wrestling takedown followed by numerous elbows and punches from Marc and he was declared the winner. He nodded, took the cash and just walked away.

In the arena was an older man by the name of Alex Frost. He was known for wrestling in Japanese promotions and considered to be a hardcore and old school wrestling legend . He watched match and was impressed at the untrained rookie. Alex Frost took Marc under his wing, calling him "Beast", for his obvious size and in ring attitude.

Frost trained Marc on how to use his strength properly and effectively. They would later travel to Japan where everybody would chant "Kemono" (pronounced Kay-Mo-No).

After he left Japan, Frost said that Kemono seemed to have a better ring to it. Marc then went into the very same fed where he started and became an instant underground success under the new name Kemono. In only a short period of time Kemono became the champion of the federation. He dominated everybody in the ring. Many challengers stepped up to the plate only to be sent back to the locker room. In that very same fed where he ruled as champion this is where he met Joker Kardz.

The two became a great tag team combo of strength and speed. They won the tag titles quickly and was the most popular groups on the underground circuit. Eventually The group traveled back to Japan. New ground means new foes. In Japan, Kemono met a few of his worst rivals, main one though is Vykos Morbius. An English aristocrat narcissist, with long beautiful black hair, thin goatee with a slick smirk. His wrestling attire consisted of wearing black leather pants and a gothic shirt.

Vykos was considered a vampire due to his actions in the ring. He would bite himself or the opponent and spew their blood into their faces. Vykos challenged Kemono to a horrifying match that became known as a House of Horrors. Vykos had so much confidence in this match that he expected to walk out the winner…wrong.

Kemono literally tore him apart.

Kemono mangled Vykos face and destroying his beauty. After the match Vykos vanished. Last known of his looks after surgery was he was bald, pale because of a lot of blood lost, ears clipped and numerous scars covering his entire body. Vykos vowed revenge on Kemono and will be back to get his blood.

After meeting Joker, Kemono was then later introduced to Crow. Crow looked Kemono and with a smile said, "My friend, I would love to give you your tattoos." Kemono always thought about getting tattoos done but never new what to get. He trusted Crow to design all of Kemono's tattoos. The tattoos all have a meaning or a story behind them. They reflect Kemono's personality and traits. If you look at the tattoos carefully, you can understand them and the mindset of Kemono.

Crow calls Kemono his "Demigod" now because of evolution from man to monster to devil-monster. Crow believes that Kemono could be a God. His tolerance for pain, strength, and heart makes him the perfect God of War. After Crow finished all Kemono's ink, he then left the underground wrestling federation to join the New England Wrestling organization.

After he left the NEW he came to HWA, where he has won the title, been nearly undefeated, and became one of HWA's top stars and possibly legends. His time in HWA remains well known. He and Joker made an impact on to the federation. He won the world title with in two months of being part of it. He defended it against numerous opponents and no one could beat him.

Jim Logan came into the fed, cocky and arrogant. He felt Kemono was no match for The Strike Eagle. Every time they faced Kemono always won. This drove Jim Logan insane but eventually the two developed a respect for each other. Kemono held the title for months on end and then was caught in explosion accident. He was away for several months only to comeback in to regain his lost HWA title.

When he came back he did not come alone though. Felicia Rourke, a beautiful young woman with golden locks of hair, brown eyes and small frame came with him. Ironically enough she was hire by Joker to be his house maid but then became close friends with Kemono. The two became in separate able. Felicia 5'3" frame seemed like a mere child to Kemono’s. Felicia became Kemono’s light to his darkness. His Angel. A true Beauty and Beast story.

During dark times of the HWA she became a target to the scum known as the Trinity. The Klownz with help of Jim Logan faced The Trinity in epic battles for several months until the Trinity fell apart. After The Trinity was out of the way he retained his title official from Sean "Bloodshed" Jackson during the Joker era of the HWA. Bloodshed and Kemono faced for the HWA title in the House of Horrors match. It was one of the most intense and violent matches the HWA ever had to offer. At one point the FCC thought it should not be aired but after discussing for some time it was allowed.

Bloodshed began to loose a lot of blood during the match and all it took was one devastating K-Bomb to end it all. Kemono was crowned HWA champion again. With the belt around his waist more challengers came into to play. It was getting that time for Jim Logan to retire and he wanted one more match against his old friend Kemono. The two faced each other in a tag team match, with Wulf. Logan and Wulf vs. Joker and Kemono. It became an elimination tag that later became a title defense. Kemono beat his old friend but celebrated with his friend Jim by raising his hand in victory even though he was the looser. The respect these two developed over the past months became apparent more so at the end of the match. For two men that hated each other so much only to become allies.

Kemono's personal life with Felicia was developing more so. Kemono was getting tired of the HWA title and wanted to get rid of it. He even contemplating retirement so he can finally be at peace. With that in mind he dropped the title to Ronnie McNeil. A lot of the fans were shocked that a Flawless was able to put Kemono down long enough for McNeil to get the pin fall. In reality though Kemono was only playing opossum.

One title down one more to go.

Enter The Experiment, Devin Cade and Christov Yury became a thorn in the Klownz side. It all started with Joker Kardz and Devin Cade then escalated with Kemono and Christov. At Civil Disobedience the two teams faced in tag team match for the titles. Kemono was going to mainly start things off then allow Joker to take the fall but the Experiment made this personal . The Experiment actually kidnapped Felicia and strapped her into an electric chair. Kemono become in rage and walked out of the match searching for Felicia throughout the building. Breaking down doors and even walls to find her. When she was found she was alive and only hurt with minor burns on her wrists. With Felicia hurt Kemono left the HWA. He needed to get away from the HWA to be with her.

Time has passed for such a long time since Kemono has been in the HWA, but due to personal demons he was unable to make his return. Rumors has it that Vykos Morbius came back to haunt Kemono. After Civil Disobedience a lot of violent events happened in areas of London involving a Vampire and a what looked like a giant beast. Random murders, fires, buildings being knocked down and cars flipped over. Possibly Kemono fighting with Vykos? No one really knows or has very much proof to show that they did do it.

Kemono is a very intimidating character. He does not run his mouth, because he would rather have his actions speak for him. Because of his size and strength he uses a lot of power moves to inflict a massive amount of damage. Though he is big he can be very quick and agile. There is enough leg strength behind his Gore that he could shift the ring with a single one.

Using his strength as a weapon, submission style moves like a Sleeper, Camel Clutch, Surfboard, Single Leg Crab, Wishbone, Stranglehold or a Katijajimai can do more damage faster then any other submission move then most other technical wrestlers. His years in high school wrestling make him use to quick movements and can throw a suplex move from just about anywhere.

He has been trained in to weights since he was just a young kid, trained in roman wrestling since he was a pre-teen, learned how to fight more as teenager and as an adult he learned everything he does now and that is how to survive. He is no longer human. He became a Monster. He became The Devil-Monster. A perfect competitor with practically no limits. If your on the other side of the ring facing Kemono you are in a whole lot of trouble, plain and simple....bub.

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