Kenny Diamond (born Augest 5th 1984) is an American Porn director turned proofesional wrestler currently working for World Rage Wrestling.

Early life

Born in Hollywood, California, Kenny's family are a family off well known directors ranging from Porn to kids films, looking to follow in the footsteps off his late father who was a porn director he joined the porn industry after graduating from high school.

Porn career

The first movie Kenny directed was "Tina's Sexy Island Adventures", whilst auditioning for the part he met former stripper turned porn star Tina Sextrous who would go on to get the main part, vetren porn star Shelly would get a supporting role and the two have remained loyal to Kenny ever since.

Fall from grace

However Kenny tried to make the jump to action films after making 11 pornos, the exact reason is unknown and may never be known by anyone other than Tina, Shelly and Kenny, he tried to incoporate porn movie elemants into his films and as a result he got blacklisted my the movie industry.

Back from the ashes

Not letting that deter him he and the girls joined the New Japan Dojo to become profesional wrestlers, they graduated a year later and Kenny traveled to Japan to home his skills, however the girls' ringside antics caused a riot the day aftet his debut and he and the girls fled to the states and have never looked back.


A few months later he signed a deal with the NAWA, he was set to feud with fellow African American Devildog (or as Kenny called him Devilpuppy) but he and the girls where released from there contracts due to bad behavior.


He and the girls signed a deal with WRW, all though he has yet to gain a win there he is currently in a feud with Johnny James stemming from there debut match.


  • Kenny is good friends with WWE superstar Mr. Kennedy.
  • Uses "Diamonds From Sierra Lioene" by Kanye West as his theme.
  • Was backstage at W23.
  • Plans on opening hiss own training school once he retires.
  • Is known to strongly against censorship and the FCC.


  • Money Maker (450 Splash
  • Cutting Room Floor (Code Of Silence)
  • CUT! (Go2Sleep)

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