Kim Riggs
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Height 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight 125 pounds
Date of birth April 6th, 1982
Place of birth Limerick City, Republic of Ireland
Date of death Alive still
Place of death Alive still
Resides Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Trainer Asylum, PZW Academy
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Kimberly Shannon Riggs-Burke (born April 6, 1982) is an Irish professional wrestler, currently competing as Kim Riggs in CWF and FSCW.


Riggs made her professional wrestling debut in May 2006, working as a valet for her real-life fiancé Asylum. Riggs continued to perform as a valet in EWA, also taking up the same position in FSCW. Riggs, who had trained alongside Asylum in Newcastle, England in the PZW Academy never wrestled while in FSCW, but was soon put in a match on EWA Rage, taking on Charitee, then EWA Women's Champion, in a non-title match. Riggs defeated Charitee using Asylum's Breakout in an upset victory. Riggs would remain undefeated for the rest of her first EWA stint, before leaving the company due to personal issues, FSCW soon closed, leaving Riggs unemployed temporarily.

Following her EWA release, Riggs began working for Triad Wrestling, alongside Asylum, Nate Reynolds, and Jackson Samuels, as Avalanche. Riggs was undefeated for the entirety of TW's lifespan, defeating Panther to become the final TW Ladies Champion. Following the closure of TW, Riggs returned to EWA and managed to secure a CWF contract, thanks in part to Asylum, who was at the time a former 2 time CWF World Heavyweight Champion. She is a member of The Untouchables alongside Asylum, Johnny Gunn, and Kaeden.

Riggs also secured a contract with the re-opening FSCW, alongside Asylum and Nate Reynolds. Riggs engaged in a feud with Haven & Grace, where alongside Nate Reynolds, the pair were beaten in a mixed tag team match at Sinless Number, FSCW's return show. Following their upset loss, Reynolds and Riggs continued to make life difficult for Haven & Grace, culminating on January 26, 2008 at No More Tomorrow, where Riggs defeated Grace, injuring her in the process, and Haven was severely injured by Nate Reynolds in the ensuing carnage.

As Riggs continued the assault on Grace, with Reynolds preventing officials from entering the ring, FSCW Women's Champion, Faith Sexton, came to the aid of Grace, and an impromptu Women's Championship match begun, the already fatigued Riggs shocking Sexton, hitting a knee drop from the top rope to capture her first ever FSCW Women's Championship.

After losing in the finals of the CWF Women's World Championship to BaY-B Dogg, in a match also featuring Dominique Matthews, Riggs would answer an open challenge laid out by BaY-B Dogg to any woman alive, for any type of match, with the belt on the line. The following week, with some help from fellow members of The Untouchables, Johnny Gunn, Riggs defeated BaY-B Dogg in an Ambulance Match, capturing the third title of her career.

Championship History

TW Ladies Champion (Final & Undefeated)

FSCW Women's Champion

CWF Women's World Champion

Signature Moves

K-Bomb (Fisherman Driver)

KDT (Jumping Impact DDT)

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