Kin Zan Dant
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Kin Zan Dant]]
Real name Jeff Zan Dant
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Height 5”9’
Weight 229 lbs.
Date of birth December 18th, 1981
Place of birth Richmond, Ontario, Canada
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Resides Panama City, FL
Billed from Richmond, Ontario, Canada
Trainer Self Trained
Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (UWC) (2007 - Present), Extreme World Wrestling (EWW) (Late 2006 - Present)
Handled by N/A
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Debut Late 2005
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Jeff Zan Dant, (born December 18, 1981), best known for his ring name, Kin Zan Dant, is an American professional wrestler of the Canadian bloodline. He is a signed superstar to UWC, and EWW.



From a small village in the province of Ontario, Canada, Kin Zan Dant was born on December 18, 1981. Raised by the edge of the switchblade, Zan Dant grew up learning how to fight his battles on the street. A cocky bastard now resides in the likes of XWA and EWW, only to look for some good ol` fashioned fightin` every week he performs.

Titles Held

  • Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (XWA)
  • XWA Tag Team Championship (1, current w/ AJ Styles)
  • Extreme World Wrestling (EWW)
  • EWW InterSpeed Championship (1, current)
  • United Wrestling Cartel (UWC)

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Finisher 1: Smokin' Ace (Standing Shiranui)
  • Finisher 2: Metal Health (360° Cannonball off top Turnbuckle)
  • Signature 1: Killin' Dropkick (Low Dropkick to seated opponent under turnbuckle)
  • Signature 2: Richmond Drop (Spinning Samoan Drop Variation)
  • Strikes & Attacks
  • Front Flip Shoulder Block
  • Crooked Arm Lariat into Tornado DDT
  • Football Low Knee
  • Reverse Shining Wizard with Bionic Elbow
  • Dropsault (sometimes with a landing splash pin)
  • Snap Jabs
  • Calf Kicks
  • Running Front Dropkick
  • European Uppercut
  • Backhand Chops
  • Power Grapples & Throws
  • Catapult Backbreaker
  • Mountain Bomb into Leg Submissions (ex. ankle lock, leg bar, cross-leg STF)
  • Side Slam into Inverted Cutter/DDT/Neckbreaker
  • Spinning Wristlock into Dropkick landing into Ippon Seoinage
  • Snapmare/Snapmare Driver into Low Lariat
  • Elevated Snap DDT
  • Snap Suplex
  • Inverted Vertical Suplex
  • Gutwrench Suplex
  • Straight Jacket Bomb
  • Ground Tactics & Springboard Techniques
  • Top Rope Springboard Moonsault
  • Springboard Double Stomp Variants
  • Springboard Spiral/Spinning Leg Drop
  • Push-Up Facebuster
  • Rolling Neck Snap
  • Senton to Different Body Parts
  • Repeating Stomps to Shoulder Joints
  • Seated Inverted Suplex into Muscle Buster
  • Speed & Technical Moves
  • Crucifix Headscissor Takedown
  • Two Handed Bulldog into Ground Headlock
  • Springboard Hurracarrana
  • Kip-Up Front Dropkick/Double Stomp
  • Topé con Hilo
  • Skinned Cat Dip (Skin the Cat into Back Elbow)
  • High Impact Arm Breaker DDT
  • Jumping DDT
  • High-Flying & Diving Moves
  • Spinning Back Elbow (High Flying)
  • One Leg Missile Dropkick (High Flying)
  • Spinning Wheel Kick (High Flying)
  • Middle Rope Somersault Splash (Diving)
  • Diving Chop Drop (Diving)
  • Top Rope Arm Breaker DDT (Top Rope)
  • Short-Arm Clothesline (Turnbuckle)

Random Facts

  • Kin Zan Dants theme music is "Stabwound" by Necrophagist
  • Kin Zan Dant holds titles from both XWA, and EWW.
  • He is close friends with fellow XWA and EWW superstar, Jay Money.

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