Kindred London (born Kindred London on 1979), mostly known to the wrestling world as the "Innovata Of Xtreme" is American professional wrestler who is currently retired fron the wrestling world, but however is still on the roster and is seemingly active with NLCW's dominant stable, Anarchy Inc.

Early Life

Kindred London was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. With a father who came and disappeared and a mother who struggled until the day of her death which was because of a freak accident due to a gun fight outside led to a fired bullet crashing through the window of the apartment and piercing the side of Danielle London's head.

After that catastrophe, London thought the world had come to the end. But not really, at the age of six, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where his grandmother had stayed at. She ordered him to come so she could keep an eye on him and keep him out of the streets.

With dropping out of High School due to being kicked out for use of dealing and carrying drugs on campus. After being kicked out of school, the streets was his mainstay.

Wrestling Career

With trying to hustle and find a job, no one would hire him because of him not completing High School and getting his Diploma. He had nothing to do, that was until he heard about a wrestling training cramp in the base of Atlanta, Georgia. He took advantage of the offer as he needed money bad. He quit all his bad habits of drugs and alcohol to stay clean throughout the training of the sport.

No Limits Championship Wrestling

Being brought for tryout into NLCW, they looked at him and his line of bad habits. Unlike the rest, they gave him a chance to see if he'd be something they'd like or a "throwaway". With several months of being in the lower ship of LCW, NLCW's Academy, many liked his presence that he brought into the LCW. After months of proving himself to others, he graduated from the little leagues to the big leagues, which was NLCW.

The Battle with "Sugar" Shane Perry
King Era
Dirty South Regulators
Anarchy Incorporated
Dirty South Regulators Pt.2

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