Know as perhaps the most savage match, and greatest write up in e fedding history Midian,jason Jordan, and Darkest Evil were the combatants, with Mister X as the special guest referee.

This Match was Held in UWA during the Template:ESW (Extreme suicidal wrestling)One Night Only PPV and was for the ESW world Title

The ESW World HeavyWeight ChampionShip King of ESW Match

Midian Vs Darkest Evil Vs ESW Champion Jason Jordan

After a night of thrills the time has come for the ESW One night stand Main event. The fans are on the edge of theirs seats, and not one person is in the concession area, all eyes are on the ring as Build up Begins for the match a Video package of Events in ESW, the ties that each of these men have with each other. As three different stages are set up for the bands that will play their superstars music live! The ESW announcers Paul Heyman and joey Styles are anxiously talking amongst themselves without their headsets on. Until they get their signal. Styles: Ladies and Gentelmen, we have had a long and rocky road here in ESW, but in my mind, this next match is going to make it all worth it. Heyman: You have no idea joey, we have three of the absolute best wrestling has ever know ready to step forward and literally tear each other to pieces for the ESW world title! I have never seen this much anticipation in a crowd since the glory days of my own ECW! Styles: Yes Paul, this is going to be a hell of a night, each of these men is so intricately tied to the other, it really is amazing how close they are to each other, and yet, are so far apart as well. Heyman: let’s take a look at some of their history

The Video Shows Midian Defeating Mister X and then Nero, to Claim his second ESW world Title. Then it cuts to the challenger Jason Jordan, Defeating Midian just one week later While the still beaten and banged up Midian tried to fend off the hungry challenger, only to fail and fall, losing the ESW title after only a week, Then Images cut to Darkest evil, him challenging Jordan, The Past Matches they had had, where Darkest Evil had constantly dominated Jordan, Then it Shows Jordan defeating Darkest Evil in A first blood match and Evil’s demand for a rematch, a rematch that would never happen as ESW would shut it’s doors for good. The video shows Midian and Evil as they led the Order of Darkness side by side to almost complete victory and domination over ESW, then it shows them at each other's throats as The Order falls, Jordan facing each man, Losing to Midian in his own spiders lair, then Finally beating Midian for the title, jordans Falls to Evil and his first blood victory over him, then the video flashes to recent events, all three men staring face to face, not one backing down as Jordan holds the title High.

Styles: So much anger, so much willines to destroy each other, I honestly cannot say who is going to win this match paul

Heyman: Everyone knows Darkest Evil is taking this home Joey, and if he doesn’t then Midian will, jason Jordan has absolutely no chance here!

Styles: I disagree with you, he has beaten both men before paul, I think he can do it again!

Heyman: Well guess what poindexter! We’re about to find out!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for The main event, it is for the ESW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!

Suddenly one of the bandsare lighted up and the fans go insane Introducing first playing the song Right now, KooooooRN! <a href= >Korn, Right Now LIVE!!</a>

Korn begins to play as the lights go out in the arena, except for a few blood red lights shining on them, as they play a huge burst of flames erupt from the entrance ramp and Darkest Evil stands within them as they recede, he raises his arms out to his side and feeds upon the boos of the crowd and his blood red eyes glisten with anticipation, Evil then makes his way down the ramp, singing the words of the song to himself as Spears of flame shoot to either side of him, as if he were walking through hell it self, he gets to the ring and walks around it, testing the cage and looking hungrily at the weapons he chose for the match, he then walks to the barbed wire and grabs it, he wrench’s back on it to test it’s strength, it gives oh so little and Evil smiles sadistically as he slides into the ring and stares upward at the ramp, waiting for his first opponent as Korn finishes their song and the fans Thank them and boo Darkest Evil Styles: I do not think Darkest Evil has EVER looked this focused, look at him, he is simply waiting for his opponents, he is saying nothing, he barely even seems to be registering the ref! Heyman: Dakest Evil is going to live up to his name tonight Joey, he is going to finally silence that little bastard jason Jordan, and he is going to bury that damn traitor Midian! Styles: Oh, but I thought you liked Midian paul? Heyman: He is a distant second, now shut up Joey….he’s coming…

The Lights go out again, this time, another band is lit up in bizarre green lights, the fans go wild again and the announcer announces them Now Introducing, playing their Song Laid to Rest…LAMB…OF…GOD!!!!!!!!

<a href=>Lamb of God, Laid to Rest, LIVE!!</a> Lamb of god hits their Music and the fans begin Jumping up and down and singing along, The stage expoldes into flame once again and Midian strides directly through the flames, the lights flicker between black light, red, and purple, making Midian’s eyes shift to bizarre colors with each change, he stops at the ramp and smiles wickedly as he scans the arena, he looks over to the band and gives the devil horns as the fans begin to boo and cheer him, then he turns to the ring and gives Evil a cold stare, he begins to walk down the ramp slowly, and in a predatory fashion, as his own spears of flame shoot up behind him, he gets to the ring and raises his hands up to the sky and the ringposts shoot flames up toward the ceiling, then he climbs the stairs and steps over the ropes, turning his back to Evil to gaze longingly at his weopons, as the music stops and the fans boo and cheer again, thanking the band and nailing Midian with their spite Evil begins to charge but midian quickly turns around and both of them end up nose to nose, staring each other down and obviously speaking threats and insults to each other the ref tries to split them up but they both turn to face him and he scrambles backwards out of the ring quickly to avoid their wrath.

Heyman: I Don’t think they are going to wait to get this started! Styles: I don’t think these two have ever, or will ever like each other Paul, Even when they formed the Order of Darkness together, you could feel the hatred between them. Heyman: I think it’s a big dark monster thing Joey, Darkest Evil was midian’s first opponent ever, and Midian lost that match! Styles: but then after that Evil has been hard pressed to gain a victory over Midian, it is almost as if the heir to the throne has come early! Heyman: I wouldn’t Let Evil hear you saying that joey, he is likely to make you eat your tongue!

The fans expect Midian and Evil to go at it any minute, when the lights again fade, both men snap their attention toward the stage as another band is lit up

Introducing now, Performing his hit The Champ, Ghooostfaaace kiiilaaaah!!!!!!!!!!! Ghostface begins to perform, and the fans go apeshit as several “Tricksters” begin to perform as well <a href=>Ghostface Killah, The Champ, and Sesshomarou the Trikster</a> The Lights flash gold as Jason Jordan makes his appearance, he yells to the crowd and takes off the ESW world title and holds it in the air with his head thrown back as golden sparks pour down behind him, then, two golden pyro missiles launch from above the ring, cross each other and hit the stage as a sequence of red, gold, and green towers explode to either side of Jordan, he puts the title on his shoulder and walks down to the ring, he eyes, both Monster waiting in the ring, and exhales long and hard before his face becomes a mask of determination, he slides into the ring and holds up the title again, making sure to step right up to both his challengers and show them he is not backing down from them, midian simply unleashes his trademard sadistic smirk, while Darkest Evil simply stares, betraying no emotion at all.

The ref takes the title and holds it up himself and the fans begin a chant

“E S FUCKIN DUB! E S FUCKIN DUB! E S FUCKIN DUB! E S FUCKIN DUB! E S FUCKIN DUB! Styles the fans showing the competitors what they think, ESW lives in all these fans, and we are happy to give them a taste of what we once were! Heyman: That’s a fact joey, but right now, we need to remind the fans of what exactly is hanging on that cage wall that each of these guys is so interested in. Styles: That’s right. Weapons, each man was told to name 5 weapons to be had in the ring, Darkest Evil chose a Barbed-Wire wrapped steel chair, a Cheese Grater, a Nighstick, a Taser Gun, AND a fully loaded Stapler Gun!!!! The man is SICK! I cannot fathom anyone using these items on another human being! Heyman: If you think that’s Bad Joey Styles, wait until you hear what Midian chose! A Bag of 10,000 thumbtacks! A cattleprod! A Sledgehammer! A specially sharpened housing nail, which starts at nine inches long, but it’s only about 8 inches now that it has been made razor sharp, AND a FUCKING WEEDEATER!!! A WEEDEATER! He is ACTUALLY Planning to use this against another man! Styles: My god….Jordan, the reigning champion has also chosen his weapons, but unlike Midian and Evil has chosen to keep a few of them secret, what we do know is that he chose to bring his own barbed wire chair, and a metal baseball bat, which means he has THREE weopons hidden either on himself, OR around the ring area! Heyman: And speaking of the ring area, there are TONS more weopons already littering the area, there are so many, I think Nic had people go to garge sales and just buy things for these guys to hit each other with!

Ghostface finally ends his performance, and all three men circle the ref, he explains the rules, or the lack thereof, when suddenly Nic appears on stage

Nic: Whoa! I almost forgot something! You see, this is a huge match, we can’t let ANYTHING go wrong, so…I have a special guest referee for this match tonight, james, you can come back here, sorry man, but, your just too fragile for this man, so without further ado, lets introduce him and get this match started! The fans are left wondering as Nic steps to the side, but then, It’s Time hits the speakers and cheers and boos erupt as Styles: OH MY GOD! Heyman: IT’S MISTER X!!!!!!! X walks out on stage and smooths the wrinkles out of his ref shirt, he then makes his way to the ring and stares back at all three men, all of whom have had a rather unpleasant history with him, X simply smiles and shrugs, and then, signals for the bell, the match is on!

Without hesitation Evil Lunges at Jordan, catching the champ in a collar elbow tie up as Midian simply back away and watches, Evil Powers Jordan to one knee, and seems about to unleash an attack, when midian rushes in, catching him off guard with a clubbing blow across the back of the neck, Midian repeats this three times before Evil turns and kicks him in the gut, evil hits a savage throat thrust and then whips Midian to the barbed wire, but Midian puts on the brakes and stops himself Styles : If midian had hit that, Evil would be on step closer to winning! Midian turns and ducks a clothes line attempt, and knees Evil in the gut, he grabs his hair and maneuvers him into the center of the ring, just in time for both men to be caught by a cross body block by Jordan! Jordan Mounts Evil and lands blows to the temple, then quickly hits a leg drop, Midian stands and goes on the attack, elbowing Jordan in the jaw and then hitting a vertical suplex, midian quickly places a stomp to evil and then returns to Jordan, who hits him with a jawbreaker as Midian tries to pick him Up, Jordan runs at the ropes and springboards off, hitting Midian with a leg lariat taking the big man down, Jordan then goes for another high risk move, only to be caught in mid ari by Evil who turns the catch itno a powerslam. Evil picks Midian up and Lands a Modified STO that puts the Misery machine on dream street, Evil stands in the ring and raises his hands as the fans boo him mercilesly Heyman: Darkest Evil is showing why he is a former 12 time world champion! Look at him! He is awesome! Styles: That he is, but he is still a sick freak in my book, and he is nowhere close to winning right now, he needs to make someone bleed first! As if Hearing Styles Evil walks over to the cage and pulls off his cheese grater, he looks at Midian, then to Jordan and back to Midian, but his mind is made up for him as Jordan stands up, Evil stalks behind him and grabs him by the hair, he pulls his head back and tries to grind the grater into Jason’s face, but Jordan blocks and holds the hand at bay, Evil, determined to see his sick will done, knees Jordan in the back, Jordan screams out, but holds the hand, so Evil does it again, and again, and again, as Jordan looks ready to fold, Midian suddenly Comes from behind and hits a reverse DDT On Darkest Evil! Jordan collapses, but Midian quickly picks him up, and whips him into the cage, Jordan bounces back, and Midian catches him, Driving him to the mat with a full nelson slam so hard Jordan bounces TWICE. Heyman: Hard Impact on that Full nelson slam! I think Jordan is in lala land! Styles: Midian now asserting himself in this match up, OH NO! HE HAS THE NAIL!!!! Midian pulls the nail from the fence and crouches down, waiting for some one to stand, he has the nail positioned, ready to stab, but no one gets up, so Midian mounts DE, and attacks his face, DE fights back, But Midian Pins an arm under his knee and tires Evil, He gouges at Evil’s head and Evil dries out in rage and Pain as the nail slits jagged furrows in his forehead, Evil begins to Bleed as Mister X makes a Sarcastic Cringing face and signals the blood Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, midian has succeeded in the first task by Making Darkest Evil Bleed, he needs only two more steps to be eligible to hang the title and win the match! Midian stands Smiling, but as He turns around Jason Jordan flies off the top rope, he has something in his hand ! he stikes at midian’s Face and both go down, X is checking Midian who has his head covered up, then, X signals again!! Midian sits up on his knees, his face a crimson mask as Jordan Yells and smiles wide holding the remains of… Styles: A PENCIL?!?! He had a Pencil hidden in his shoe?! Heyman: Well we know what one of his weapons is now! Too bad he could only use it once! Styles: that’s right, but once was enough! He made Midian bleed! Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Jordan has succeeded in the first task by Making Midian Bleed, he needs only two more steps to be eligible to hang the title and win the match! Jordan tosses away the broken pencil and goes under the ring, he pulls out two tables, but an enraged and Bloody Darkest Evil cuts him off, surprising Jordan with a spinebuster on the padding, Evil then Punts Jordan in the ribs, Midian rolls out of the ring and tries to sneak attack Evil, but Evil sees him coming and delivers a handful of stiff Punches, midian reels and falls down, and Evil tosses Jordan in the Ring, Evil Follows, but Jordan recovers and starts to retaliate, Dropping his knee across Evils skull, Evil reaches out and executes a single leg takedown, and gets to his feet, he hammers Jordans spine, and leaves him crumpled on the mat, he turns to get a “TOY” but instead finds a running big boot by Midian, Midian then Picks up Jordan and looks to hit his coffin dancer, but as he spins Jordan, Jordan keeps spinning, hooks his other arm with his legs and with a sudden motion hits Midian with the landmine! The fans are going crazy, all thre men are down, and Mister X, is looking over each, Darkest Evil gets to his feet first, he hits a running elbow drop on Jordan,s kidneys and then Picks up the grater, This time Jordan is in a position where he can do nothing, and Darkest Evil butchers his face with the Grater, X raises an eyebrow and signals the announcer. Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Darkest Evil has succeeded in the first task by Making Jason Jordan Bleed, he needs only two more steps to be eligible to hang the title and win the match! Evil Does not seem to care at the moment though, he pulls down his Barbed chair and attacks the prone Midian, Evil lands the chair with a sick thud and a cry from midian, then, he steps on it and digs it in deeper, and with no remorse, jerks the chair out from under his weight, turning Midian’s back into ground beef, Midian yells and flops around the ring, until he rolls out of it, Evil then batters Jordan across the back, Jordan yells as well and goes down, and rolls from the ring to escape the mad man with the Barbed chair, Evil laughs as the fans boo him and chant “Evil Sucks! Evil Sucks! Evil Sucks! Evil Sucks! Evil Sucks!” Evil drops the chair and exits the ring, he points at the fans and begins threatening them, He does not see Midian this time however, as Midian has pulled a few light tubes from under the ring, he leaps up and smashes one across Evils Skull, then again to shatter the rest of it, Midian rolls evil into the ring and places five more light tubes in with him, he places them in the middle of the ring, X tries to talk Midian out of what he is about to do, but Midian simply smiles, and puts Evil in Powerbomb position, then, Jordan yells something to Midian, midian seems to think for a second, he put evil down and nods….and Jordan begin to climb up the 15 foot cage! Styles: What are they doing?!?! Heyman: They are working together to get back at DE that’s what they are doing! They can’t do it on their own, so they have to double team him! Styles: paul, your full of crap, whatever Midian was about to do would have been more than enough, I think they are both just pissed off about lossing around two pounds of flesh to those chair shots! Jordan gets to the top of the cage area, he looks down at Midian, Midian nods, Jordan nods, Midian lifts Darkest Evil after a few shots to the kidney’s and drives him into the glass tubes with apowerbomb at the same time Jordan sail off the Cage and hits a Swanton bomb!!!!! Midian stumbles back a vicious grin on his face, Jordan rolls to a safe corner, X is holding his head with both hands, his eyes wide, and Evil is writhing on the ground, in so much pain he can’t even scream! Styles: OH MY GQD!!!! HE’S DEAD!!! HE’S BROKEN IN HALF!!! Heyman; THAT WAS THE MOST INSANE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!....I LOVE IT!!!!! Styles: What is Midian looking for now? He’s under the ring…what is that? A bucket? What in the world? As Darkest evil rolls from the ring, his back tattered and torn, Midian slides back in, he holds a bucket high, then he reaches in.. and starts spreading… Styles: NO! he can’t be doing what I think he’s doing! Heyman: THAT SICK FUCK IS COVERING THE RING IN SALT!!!!! Midian covers the whole ring in salt, he laughs and the fans cannot believe how far this is going, then, Midian turns to Jason Jordan, who is getting up, he smiles and puts out his hand and moves it as if to say…”Come get some”, Jordan smiles back and circles Midian, Midian Lunges, but Jordan is too fast, he dodges and lands a stiff kick to the back of Midian’s knee, midian growls and tries again, and again ends up kicked in the knee, he howls and stumbles, flexing the ailing appendage, and Jordan attacks, he lunges in and catches Midian offguard, he nails a Headshot, but both men cringe and groan as their bloodied backs soak up the salt, setting their wounds on fire, Jordan gets up first and turns around, only to find himself tazed by Darkest Evil, Jordan hits the ground almost in a seizure as the electricity wreaks havoc on his nervous system, and Evil walks over to Midian and does the same to him, Midian drops like a sack of logs, and Evil Grins, he exits the ring, and slides in a table, he sets it up, taking his time, he then pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and a lighter, he sprays the table down and lights the lighter, the fans all stand up and as the table bursts into flames chants of ‘ E-S-Dub” echo throughout the arena, Evil then picks up Jordan, and puts him between his legs, he raises his hands to the sky and the lights go red, contrasting eerily with the flames, Evil then hoist Jordan up and nails him with the Dark Asylum through the table, Jordan goes into a frenzy as the burns mix with the salt, his cries make many of the fans cup their faces in worry, X signals to the announcer and immediately goes to check on Jordan Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Darkest Evil has succeeded in the Second task by putting Jason Jordan through a table, he needs only one more step to be eligible to hang the title and win the match! Chants of “HolyShit!” fill the arena now, Jordan lets X know he is ok, and X backs upas Evil goes for a pin 1……..2…..Jordan kicks out, Evil simply spits in disgust and stands, returning to the weapons on the cage, he pulls down the stapler, he stands over Jordan, and torments him, leaning in every so often to pop a staple into his flesh, Jordan Screams as Evil laughs, but The laughs do not last long, midian enters the mix once again, he rushes Evil and drives his elbow into his skull, forcing Evil into the cage, Midian then begins a series of punches to his back and kidneys, and follows up with a back suplex, The crowd is cheering as Midian pulls down his sledge hammer, he measures evil, and then hits him with a shot to the ribs, Evil folds, and Midian drops the hammer again, this time to the spine, Midian drops the hammer and rolls out of the ring, forcing him to hiss in agony, he pulls out another table, and sets it up outside the ring, just outside of the barbed wire, and another one on the other side of the ring, held up by the ring apron and the security wall. Styles: oh…I wonder what he’s thinking.. Heyman; nothing good, you can bet on that Midian returns to Evil, he picks him up, hoists him onto his shoulders, and delivers his Grand design neckbreaker, Midian then Picks the groggy Darkest Evil up, and looks to whip him into and over the barbed wire and through the table, but De collapses to the ground just short of the Mark, midian curses him, and suddenly the fans go crazy, Jordan has gotten back up, climbed the turnbuckle and before Midian realizes it, runs ACROSS the ropes and hits Midian with a huge dropkick, midian flips over and into the barbedwire, and back out again, crashing thorough the table at ring side!!!! X runs up to the wire to see if he should call it and he does Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, jason Jordon has succeeded in the Second task by putting Midian through a table, he needs only one more step to be eligible to hang the title and win the match! Suddenly X stops in his tracks and looks at the wire closer, his face goes pale and he lets out an audible “HOLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIIT!!!!!” At this time midian stands up, he is wailing like a wounded animal and clutching the left side of his head, where fresh blood is pouring from a new wound. Heyman: What in the…Oh lord… Styles; OH MY GOD! This is disgusting! What X has Noticed, is Midian’s left ear tangled in the barbed wire mess, midian stumbles around and removes his hands, we can see that his ear has indeed been ripped off, he collapses to the ground and several EMT’s rush over to him, X gags and picks the ear out of the Wire..and hands it to one of the EMT’s. in disgust, Jordan looks horrified by what he has just done, but not for too long, He recalls the threats midian made to his family, and he immediately drops to pin Darkest Evil X Counts 1…. 2…. KICKOUT! Jordan looks infuriated, but then he sees where Midian is.. Heyman: Uh oh…this is bad. Styles; That’s layla And Mohammad Jordan in the front row! And MIDIAN IS GOING OVER TO THEM! What is he going to do?! Do you think he is going to attack them?! Heyman: I hope not…I mean, Do what you will to Jordan, but leave the man’s family alone! Midian makes his way over to the terrified family of Jason Jordon, he seems to be looking for sympathy over the loss of his ear, and he seems to be getting it, Layla, is fretting over the injury, but screams, Midian turns around and Jordan flies out of the ring, attempting a dragon ranna, but Midian does not go over, instead, he fights, Jordan, and hoists him back up in bombing position, he turns to the table set up earlier between the ring and the wall, he tries to plant Jordan, but Jordan fights and slips out, he backs up to check his wife, then, he picks up a chair with hatred in his eyes rushes Midian with the chair, but The Misery machine is ready, he counters Jordan and Flapjacks him through the table!!! Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Midian has succeeded in the Second task by putting Jason Jordon through a table, he needs only one more step to be eligible to hang the title and win the match! Midian Laughs at Jordan, then begins stomping away at him, then he turns to The Jordan Family, But Layla now sees Midian for what he is, a Monster, Midian tries to comfort her, But Layla rears back and slaps Midian on the wounded side of his face and the fans go crazy in support of Mrs. Jordan, she shrinks back as the howling Midian turns on her, But Jason Jordan is behind him in a flash, he rolls Midian up in a school boy, and X, who had followed them out, counts 1……..


3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jordan Surprised Midian with the roll up! Jordan breaks it as X signals the announcer!

Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Jordan has succeeded in the Final task by Pinning Midian!, he is now eligible to hang the title and win the match! The fans cheer, as Midian argues with Mister X, Jordan rolls out of view to rest, and as He does so Darkest Evil returns to the fray, Blindsiding Midian with an elbow to the skull, almost Knocking down X as well, X warns Evil not to touch him, and Evil simply smirks and rolls Midian into the ring, As Midian clutches at his wounded Head, Evil measures him, then, seeing the right moment, steps on Midian’s head…driving the wounded ear into the salt! Midian unleashes a primal scream, as the salt burns at the wound, he kicks and does everything he can to get out of the predicament, but evil uses the ropes to put all of his weigt down on his foes cranium. Finally though Evil gets bored and steps off, He picks Midian up, and taunts him, holding him up with one hand, and slapping him across the face with the other while screaming at Midian, he does this three times before hitting a gutwrench suplex, then Evil simply kneels next to Midian and Chokes him, Midian fights, and X tries to grt Evil to break the hold, but Evil keeps it on, laughing until Midian’s hands shoots up and grabs his throat as well! Midian snarls and the two mansters choke each other as Midian forces himself to his feet, they circle each other, their hands tightening, Evil forces Midian to bend, but Midian rights himself and makes DE bend, Finally, Darkest Evil Swats away Midian’s hand and grabs his throat with both hands, lifting him into the air, Evil holds him for 10 seconds, walking around the ring before dropping him with a huge two handed choke slam, to Evil annoyance however, midian manages to roll out of the ring and out of his Immediate grasp, he goes to retreive him when he is blidsided by Jordan with a running Kick to the Knee, Evil stumbles and turns, nailing Jordan with a huge punch that Puts his down, Evil Howls his rage and bends down, grabbing Jordan by the throat and picking him straight up into a massive choke slam that shakes the whole ring! Evil goes for the Cover immediately. one………


Styles : Three!….NO! Jordan kicks out! I cannot believe it! Heyman: Niether can Darkest evil!!!!!!!! He’s Pissed off!!!!!!!!! Evil stands and pulls Jordan up, he gets him on his shoulders and roars, he hits the Darkness Falls and pins




Evil Gets the pin, and the crowd boos heavily as X signals the announcer Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Darkest Evil has succeeded in the Second task by pinning Jason Jordon, he is now eligible to hang the title and win the match!

Evil stands and smirks, he rolls out of the ring and grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring, But is stopped from following it by a left hand from Midian, Midian punches Evil again, and evil respondes, the two trade blows again…again…again…midian again Punches Evil, both men are groggy, but as Evil returns the Punch midian ducks under and maneuver behind Him, he locks his hands around his waist, and HITS A HUGE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX THAT PUTS EVIL THROUGH AN ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!! Styles: WHOA! Heyman: There goes the Spanish announce table Joey! That could have been us with a hurt and pissed off Darkest Evil landing in our laps! Styles: I do not think Anyone envies those two right now…My God, the level of brutality in this match is without a doubt beyond anything I have ever seen! Heyman: Midian just yanked Jordan out of the ring onto the floor! Wise Move, don’t leave him alone to climb the ladder! Midian stomps Jordan in the head, and then returns to Evil who is laying face down amid the wreckage of the Spanish announce table, midian smiles and grabs one of evils legs, dragging him into a more open space, Mr. X is Next to him, trying to get Midian to put Evil in the ring, but Midian simply Smiles and Locks Evil in the Cradle of Filth!!!! Styles: The Cradle! Midian’s pet Submission move! An Inverted STF!!!!! Heyman: NO! He knows Evil has no way to get out of this! Styles: Of course he knows! If Evil cannot break the hold, then in order to avoid injury he will have to tap out! As The Announce team goes into a fit, X is beside Evil, asking him if He gives, Evil, in intense pain, grabs X and tries with all his might to break the hold, trying to roll, or break The Grip of Midian’s hands around his face, But Midian simply pulls his arms forward, arching Evils Neck and back even further! Evil’s Eyes are full of Rage, Shock, and maybe disappointment, he has no choice……

He taps out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X Signals to the Announcer as Midian breaks the hold and rolls away from Evil, who holds his neck in agony. Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Midian has succeeded in the Second task by Forcing Darkest Evil to submit to the Cradle of Filth, Each participant is now eligible to hang the title and win the match!!!!! Styles: Short is the list of names that have ever made Darkest Evil tap out…Midian can now add his name to that list. Heyman: BULLSHIT! The only reason Evil tapped is so he would force Midian to break the hold! Like you said, the longer the hold stayed on, the more risk for injury, and the more time Jordan had to recover and win with no one to stop him! Evil is a genius! Styles: I think midian was the smart one Paul, he is the one who Put Evil in such a hard spot! Meanwhile jason Jordan has recollected himself, he watches Evil tap, and Stays out of Sight, Midian stands, but doubles over in pain, he clutches his head, Jordan Immediately takes advantage of Midian’s lapse in awareness and nails the Big man with With the Backcracker! Jordan Picks Midian up again, and in a rage, Hits the Move again, Jordan then nails The now standing Evil with a DDT. Jordan beats his chest, the fans solidly behind him, he screams like a beast and gets in the ring, He sets the ladder up, but where is the title? He looks around, frustrated by this roadblock, then he sees it, it is out by the announce tables….right between Midian and Darkest Evil… Jordan watches as the two wounded Monsters stand up, then, he simply shrugs and runs at the ropes, he dives out with a corkscrew plancha, and barrels into Midian and Evil, all three men go down, X immediately checks on each, making sure to check the severely wounded Midian multiple times before simply shrugging and backing off. All three men, begin getting up at the same time, Jordan does so first, he picks up the title, and stumbles to the ring, rolling in painfully through salt and broken glass, He makes his way to the ladder, But Evil is right behind him, The Demon Prince cuts him off, and hammers him down, the fans begin a “Lets go jordan” Chant Jordan is now firing back on Evil, Midian then Joins the fray, punching Jordan, the Evil, and they both return the favor, one hard punch to either side of his head, making Midian stumble away, Jordan is quicker than Evil, And nails him with a quick Enziguri! Evil topples down, and Jordan tries to catch his breath…but behind him Midian has torn down the bag of tacks, and he dumps them out, swinging the bag around making sure the pointy toys are well scattered, Jordan sees this, and his face falls into disbelief as if questioning why Midian would want to up the ante of the match even further. Midian tosses aside the sack and smirks, he steps forward, and the two lock up, Midian quickly overpowers the smaller man, forcing a knee into the tacks, Jordan grimaces in pain, but manages to fight back up to his feet, Midian knees him in the gut, breaking the lock up, then, Midian tries for a clothes line, Jason Ducks it, and scoops Midian onto his shoulders and in one quick motion..

STYLES: FU! FU! FU ONTO THE THUMB TACKS!!!!!! Heyman: BULLSHIT! HE CHEATED!!! Styles; Oh how the hell did he cheat paul? He plain just one upped Midian, and showed the Big man that he can throw him around too! Midian hits the tacks and comes right back off of them, gritting his teeth and hissing as hundreds of them have found their way into his flesh, couple that with all the salt and previous wounds, and Midian may be out due to the severe pain he is in. He rolls out of the way, and Jordan picks up the ladder and sets it up, he grabs the title, and starts to climb! Styles: Jordan may do it! Heyman: I think not. As soon as Jordan is halfway up the ladder, Darkest Evil bounces off the ropes and shoulder blocks the ladder, Jordan teeters, then, he falls into the barbed wire!!! He is cut badly, and screams in agony, Suddenly Evil motions up towards the rampway… Styles: OH COME ON! NERO AND AZIA?! Heyman: I knew Evil had a game plan! He’s the smartest man in wrestling! Nero and Azia rush to the ring, Nero immediately targets Midian and starts pummeling him, Azia enters the ring and slaps the piss out of Jordan, DE looks ready to steal the win, But X gets in his face, telling Evil to havehis cronies get the fuck out of the match, Evil just laughs and pushes X aside and picks up the title, he starts Up the ladder, but X grabs his arm, telling Evil it will not end dirty, Evil shoves X away harder, and X, Pissed off, rushes back and Knocks evil from the ladder, much to Evils Surprise, then he turns and delivers the X- Terminator to Azia!!!!!

Styles: YES! I knew there was a reason Nic put X in here! X may hate all three man, But I think He hates Evil and his “Family” most of all! Heyman: DAMN IT X! YOU SCREWED IT ALL UP! Nero Looks at X in disbelief, X tells him to bring it on, but he does not get the chance, midian has reached a lighttube, and shatters it over Neros head! Nero is busted Wide open, and Midian throws him out of the ring, X also dumps azia out, But Evil is standing and about to attack, when Jordan comes out of nowhere to nail a head shot to the Prince of hell!! Now, Jordan, who has taped up his abdomen, Midian, and X are all staring at each other, when X says “Why the fuck are you idiots looking at me?” X then calls for security to escort Azia and Nero away from the ring, midian circles Jordan, wanting revenge, wanting oh so much, just to make the man scream. Midian Luges in, Jordan ducks out of the way, hitting him with a stiff kick in the thigh, Midian sucks in breath and stands straight, he tells Jordan to do it again, Jordan does, Midian screams at him “AGAIN!” Jordan kicks harder, This happens three more times in rapdi succession before Midian finally grows so enraged he jumps forward and hits a fierce headbutt, Jordan stumbles, and Midian grins, suddenly, Midian jumps up on the ropes, and springboards off, hitting Jordan with a huge leg lariat into a legdrop!! Midian stands up and lifts Jordan to his feet, Jordan is now covered in tacks as well, Midian hoists him up for the lesson, but Jordan rolls through, taking Midian over, as they land, Jodan hits Midian in the face with a dropkick! The fans are behind Jordan again, he sees Evil standing, and his hopes of trying to win at the moment are dashed, he dropkicks evil in the knee, dropping him down, Jordan quickly gets up, and trys to hit the WMD, But Evil Shoves him away and gains his feet. Evil looks around, seeing Midian’s sledge hammer he picks it up, but is cut off when midian grabs it as well, the two men fight over the hammer until Midian pulls it away, only to get kicked in the gut and hit with a STO! Evil stands again and this time locks Midian in a hold of his own Heyman: Evil Locks Midian in a Cobra Clutch! HAHA! Payback for earlier! DE Lifts Midian up, and starts to rag doll him, but Midian catches the ropes, and suddenly both men are yanked out of the ring, landing with a thud, Jordan sees his chance he grabs the title and starts up the ladder! Styles: He’s going to do it! Heyman: NO! Jordan gets to the top, he fumbles with the belt and Styles: WHO THE HELL IS THAT! Heyman: Mr. UNTOUCHABLE?!?! YES!! THANK YOU!!!!!! Mr.Untouchable runs in, slides in the ring with a chair, and as Jordan is helpless on the ladder, strikes him across the spine with the chair! Jordan falls to the mat, but the title still sits on the ladder, Mr. Untouchable picks him Up I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING TO PAY YOU BACK BITCH! Untouchable wraps jordans arms and hits his finish! Styles : The double underhook piledriver! That son of a bitch has cost Jordan this match! Heyman: He calls that Move the restraining Order Joey, and this would never have happened if Jordan had not slapped him during the Champion of Champions buildup during Meltdown! Untouchable hops out of the ring, X comes out of the ring and tells Untouchable he has to go, or he is going to Fine him, Untouchable throws up his hands and backs off, X turns around and sees Midian sliding into the ring, so he runs back in, midian sees the title he sees Jordan laid Out, thumbtacks sticking in his head, midian simply shrugs and he starts up the ladder, but Evil is in the ring too, they both get to the top, and begin punching at each other, niether man willing to give ground at this crucial point. Evil rakes Midian’s eyes, and Wraps a hand around his throat! Midian’s eyes go wide at first, but he does the same! Styles; Uh oh…They did this earlier Paul! Heyman: And Evil came out the winner then Joey, and he will now too! Just you wait! Styles: but Midian has the title in hand, Evil will have to climb down to get it! Evil realizes this as well, so he grabs for the title, this weakens his grip enough so that Midian is able to shake him free, and with a huge effort CHOKESLAM OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! Midian jumps with Evil, adding his weight to the impact, Midian then Stands, he looks out over the fans, pain etched into every part of his face, then, He runs his thumb across his throat, the fans cheer as he picks Evil up one more time, he gets him in position for the lesson learned…BUT EVIL WRIGGLES OUT OF IT! He lands and shoves Midian away, hoping to make room for something, Evil charges, but gets punched in the throat, he backs off, and Midian looks to the cage wall…His eyes light up with madness, and he pulls down the Weedeater!!!!!! Styles: OH MY GOD NO! Heyman: He wouldn’t dare!!! Would he?!?! Styles: HE WOULD OH MY GOD!!! HE STARTED THE DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fans are screaming, midian has cranked on the weed eater, Evil cannot hear it though over the roar of the crowd, midian is stalking him, Enraged at Midian’s continied perseverance Evil Turns around to charge, and Midian raises the weedeater to his torso, right before he hits the Gas…Evil looks shocked…then Smiles evily and then, his world is agony, pure and crimson hurt as the plastic thongs rip at his flesh, Darkesest Evil Screams and stumbles away, Midian, throws down the weedeater and chases afer Evil, He picks him up again, and this time Nails the lesson learned in the middle of the thickest Pile Of thumbtacks!!! Styles: I think I am going to be sick paul…I can’t watch anymore! Heyman: they said this match will happen only once, we should pray they are right. Midian stand sover Evil his eyes wide he picks up the title and moves to the ladder…only to find jason Jordan standing and blocking his way, Midian lets out a loud and audible “FUCK!” and hangs the title around his neck, he walks over to Jordan and the fans cheer as Jordan repulses him with a quick jab, and another, and another Midian is rocking, until Jordan goes for a big one, Midian smiles and quickly raises the title over his face, Jordan hits it, and reels back, holding his hand, Midn stumbles back and to one knee, the title shielded him some, but also did damage as well. Jordan wrings out his hand, As Midian groggily stands up, both men are at their limits, neither of them are making a move. Midian moves in quickly and Jordan is ready for him ducking and hitting a drop toe hold that forces Midian to crash ito the cage, Midian reels, and Jordan snags the title, he wobbles on his feet and holds his head, doubling over and picking out a tack from his skull, he holds the title high and starts up the ladder after moving it back in place. Styes : Can Jordan do it! Will he retain! Jordan reaches the top of the ladder he tries to hang the title, But Midian is back up, Jordans face is twisted in absolute devastation as Midan makes his way up to the top, hammering Jordan with each step, Midian then maneuvers himself onto theladder, and scoops Jordan up Styles: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heyman: THE LUNATIC HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Styles: I think He killed him!!! Midian lands the Lunatic High, and seemily on instict stands back up, grabbing the title, he works his way slowly and painfully up the ladder, both of his opponents lay motionless on the canvas, X is running between each of them, checking to see if they are still breathing, Midian makes it to the top, the fans are all standing as Midian Fumbles with the belt, he curses as Darkest Evil begins to get his feet, Midian cannot seem to get the latch Open, Evil is standing, Groggy, but standing, He looks around and sees Midian on the ladder, he stumbles forward, and tries to go up the ladder, but Midian kicks him in the head, and sits on top of the ladder, he gets the latch open, Evil grabs his leg, Midian shakes him off, H etries to slide the title on, but Evil comes back, yanking at his leg, making the ladder wobble, Midian kicks again, and panicking almost drops the belt, Evil starts up the ladder again, he gets almost to the top BUT MIDIAN DOES IT! HE HANGS THE TITLE!!!!!!! X signals for the bell and Lamb of god once again play Laid to rest! Midian unsnaps the title and falls to the canvas, shrieking as he lands again in the terrible combination of salt, broken glass, and thumbtacks. <a href=>Lamb of God, Laid to Rest, LIVE!!</a>

Styles: HE DID IT! MIDIAN DID IT! Heyman: NO!! Darkest Evil was so close!!!!!!!!!!! How can this happen!!!!!!!! Styles: I don’t know Paul, I cannot think of how ANY of these men were able to finish this match, I hope to God That I never have to see another King Of ESW match EVER! This brutality was so inhuman, and so close to tragic so many times. WAIT WHAT IS? NO! Darkest Evil Just floored Midian with a Darkness falls! Damn it! Why can’t the man ever show any respect?! Heyman: you expect him to show Midian respect? That Psycho used a weed eater on him! In the ring, Darkest Evil, a livid angry Darkest Evil is standing over Midian, He is yelling something at him, as X tries to get him to leave, Evil chases X away, and then turns spitting on Midian. Finally Evil turns and painfully exits the ring, he walks up the ramp cursing, X checks on the heavily bleeding and mutilated Midian, who with X’s Help, manages to stand, X raises his arm, but Midian falls to his knees, his eyes are almost vacant, though there is a smile on his face, He looks over at Jason Jordan, who has just started to move and realise what has happened, Jordan holds his head in his hands, his disappointment evident, midian stands, dragging the ESW title through the remnants of hell, he stands over Jordan, who readies himself for an attack..instead…he is offered a hand, Jordan and everyone else look shocked and perplexed, but Midian simply makes the offer sterner, Jordan takes his hand, and Midian Pulls him to his feet, though both men almost fall in the process, using each other to stay standing, midian can be seen saying something to Jordan, and then Raising a surprised Jordan’s hand while Mister X raises his other hand and the ESW World Heavyweight Title high into the air HERE IS YOUR WINNER AND NEEEEW ESW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION


The fans start a “That was awesome” chant, and switch it to an “E-S-W” chant and continue switching back and forth Styles; Midian is a three time ESW world heavyweight Champion, he went through the most barbaric match ever conceived, and he faced two of his greatest challenges ever. Darkest Evil May be bitter over the loss, as may Jason Jordan. But the fact remains, these three men became legends tonight. No one will ever mention ESW again, without thinking about three man who laid everything one the line, suffered pain that No one could ever Imagine, and all for the glory of the ESW world Title. Heyman: Amen to that, Goodnight everyone! And thank you for watching E S W!! The camera zooms back to Midian, on a turnbuckle celebrating his win, He Points at the stage where Nic Daniels is seen shaking his head in disbelief, and clapping his hands and smiling wide. Midian raises the title with both hands over his head and screams as the camera fades E – S – Fuckin’ - W

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