Konrad Olesnicki
Billing information
Ring name(s) Inkwizytor
Height 190 cm
Weight 116 kgs
Hometown Flag of Poland Torun, Poland
Theme music "Ameno" by Era
Federation(s) None
Previous federation(s) High Voltage Wrestling
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Wrestling style Brawler & Hardcore
Professional career
Debut March 22, 2008 (HVW Under Pressure I)
Record 1-0-4 (HVW)
1-0-0 (EWF)
Accomplishments HVW Pro Pain Championship

Konrad Olesnicki is a Polish professional wrestler, currently unemployed. He was an Inquisitor working for Father Director. Olesnicki was a HVW Pro Pain Champion. He left the Holly Office after losing his match at Baltic Mayhem and being founded as a lunatic.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Pokuta (Fireman’s Carry double knee Gutbuster)
    • Crucifix Splash
    • Zal za grzechy (Sick Kick)
    • Spowiedz (Sitout suplex slam)
    • Postanowienie poprawy (Double Arm DDT)
    • Rachunek Sumienia (Double Underhook Dominator)
    • Modlitewnik (Kimura Shoulder Lock)
    • Konfesjonal (Full body block in to Samoan drop)
    • Mlot Bozy (Polish Hammer)
    • Trojca (3 German suplexes)
    • Oficjum (Belly to belly suplex)
    • Boży Bojownik (Super Kick in to back suplex)
    • KKK (Power bomb backbreaker)
  • Catchphrase
    • "Nawracajcie się i wierzcie w Ewangelie... Skurwysyny!"
    • "Bóg ze mna, chuj z toba!"
    • "I chocbym szedl ciemna dolina, zla sie nie ulekne, bo jestem największym skurwysynem w tej pierdolonej dolinie!"
  • Signature object
    • Kostur
  • Manager
    • Faust

Championships and accomplishments

HVW Record (1-0-4)

Result Opponent Event Note


Venomus, Alex "The IOOT" Scorp and Emilio Cordoba

Under Pressure I

World Championship Qualifying Match


Itchytude and Oscar Knifer

Under Pressure II

3-Way Extreme Rules HVW Pro Pain Championship Match


Devron Ference

Under Pressure III

HVW Pro Pain Championship Match



Under Pressure IV

Backstage Brawl


Venomus, Johnny Thornpike, Devron Ference, Curtis Woods

Baltic Mayhem

Cage of Terror Match for HVW Pro Pain Championship

EWF Record (1-0-0)

Result Opponent Event Note


Johnny Thornpike, Polish Eagle

Wrestlepalooza XCI

Triple Threat Match

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