Korran Halycon
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Height 6'3,
Weight 228 lbs
Date of birth January 3rd, 1986
Place of birth Greenville NC
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Resides San Diego CA
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Trainer Kelly Ingle
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Debut 2006 (Full Metal Wrestling)

Vital Statistics

  • Name: Korran Halycon
  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 228lbs
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Theme Song: Godsmack - Alive
  • Alignment: Heel
  • Primary Finisher: ""Brotherly Love" - Modified TKO (Instead of spinning landing behind him, his opponent lands in front of him)
  • Secondary Finisher: "The B.A.M.N." - Haas of Pain
  • Wrestling Style: Brawler/risk taker with some technical knowledge


  • Korran Halycon is the younger brother the PWA's Kieran Halycon, also known as Rogue. Korran has lived in the shadow of his older brother all his life. He has constantly been compared to his brother, and has had to deal with great expectations because of who he was. Very rarely has Korran meet the outrageous expectations that were placed on him and he blames his brother as the primary reason why. During his brother's absence from society Korran was finally able to lead a semi-normal life. That is until his brother showed up in the PWA. With the resurgence of his brother and the apparent success he seems poised to gain, Korran once again finds himself with a growing rage toward his sibling. However this time Korran is not going to sit by while his brother once again basks in glory. He will not have it. He sees FMW as a chance to prove to people just who is the better any means necessary.
  • Korran Trained for 6 months with legendary trainer Kelly Ingle, before Kelly passed away in a fatal training accident.(he fell off a roof) Instead of seeking out a new teacher, Korran decided he knew enough about wrestling and immediatly entered negotations with FMW. Korran will make his debut with the company at show 1.3, teaming up with his new tag-team partner Sublime agianst the MWA and the team of T. Ekstreme and Trey Spruance. Korran plans on challenging for the tag titles with his partner TheSublime and also plans on competing in the Ultraviolent Division in hopes of bringing home that gold. Korran is obsessed with becoming a champion of any sorts before his brother becomes a champion in the PWA. Korran will not stop at any lengths to gain the prestige of being a champion before his brother does.

Career Record (??-??)

FMW (??-??)


  • Korran enjoys playing the Guitar and Drums, and has played in several rock bands
  • Koran's favorite food is Pizza, his favorite topping-Pepparoni
  • Korran's favorite TV show is House
  • Korran once tried Sushi, he found it to be grotesque
  • Korran got accepted to Duke, Georgia, Michigan, UNC, Yale and USC, but chose to go to USC to remain close to home. He dropped out when he heard his brother returned to society.
  • Korran has never been cow tipping
  • Korran's favorite Ice Cream flavor is Cookies 'n' Cream
  • Korran is a big Dave Matthews Band fan.
  • Korran once at 13 hotdogs at one time. His brother ate 14.

Championship Facts

FMW Tag-team Champion
Preceded by:
First Reign Team with The Sublime as SoCal Connection Succeeded by:
The British Lions

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