Krys Jericho
Real name Krystle Irvine
Ring Names Krys, Krystle Benjamin, Krys Hardy, KJ Irvine, Krys Jericho
Height 5'7"
Weight 145 lbs.
Date of birth January 4, 1982
Place of birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Resides Tampa, Florida
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American Made Wrestling (AMW), Hollywood Revolution Wrestling (HRW), Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling (USW)
American Wrestling Alliance (AWA; aWa), BUD, Deep South Wrestling (DSW), Fans Wrestling Alliance (FWA), Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA), Intense Violence Entertainment (IVE), All-Star International Championship Wrestling (AICW), Pure Wrestling Carnage (PWC), Xtreme-Wrestling-Oblivion (XWO; XWO-Lifeblood), WWERoleplay2003 (WWER)
Handled by Krys
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Debut January 2002
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Krystle Irvine (born January 4, 1982) is a female American professional wrestler currently signed to the Global Wrestling Coalition, Hollywood Revolution Wrestling, and Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling under the name Krys Jericho. She is the current GWC Empress Champion, in addition to being the final WWOW Capitol City Champion and USW World Heavyweight Champion, as well as being a former BUD Bytch Champion, DSW Women's Champion, two-time AMW Women's Champion, XWO Intercontinental Champion, former AWA Revolution Champion, WWER Women's Champion, WWER X-Division Champion, the final FWA Championess, and WWER's final WWER and Intercontinental Champion, having held both championships at the time the company closed down.

Early life

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Krystle was born into a family of wrestling fans. Her mother introduced Krys and her brother to professional wrestling at a very young age, and the young Krystle had been hooked ever since. She grew up idolizing wrestlers like Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan, among others. When she turned sixteen, she grew tired of the same antics she would watch on RAW and Monday Nitro each and every week, and turned to a new company, one closer to home: ECW. There, she became addicted to the hardcore and technical styles that the wrestlers brought each and every night, and the dedication and passion the fans showed on a nightly basis revitalized her passion for wrestling. It was there that she met a young man named Chris Jericho. After training with him, Dean Malenko, and later Lance Storm, Krys perfected her skills at the art of technical wrestling and, on her twentieth birthday, set out on her own to join the Philadelphia independent circuit, with the hopes of one day making it into the World Wrestling Federation.

Xtreme-Wrestling-Oblivion (2006)

After a few years on the independent scene, Krys met a young female wrestler from Fort Worth, Texas named Alexandra Callaway, who was the daughter of the legendary Undertaker. The two of them became fast friends, and Alexandra and her business partner Cassandra Daniels introduced Krys to Xtreme-Wrestling-Oblivion. Once there, Krys took on the name of Krystle Benjamin, and using the gimmick that she was the younger sister of current WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin. Under that name, Krys gained notoriety for showcasing her abilities, and throwing out all the stops to make sure the fans left each show entertained and ready to come back for more. It was in XWO: Lifeblood that Krys once again met up with Chris Jericho, who was the company's Intercontinental Champion, and the two dated briefly before Jericho left the company. On his way out, Jericho dropped the title to Krys, who reigned as champion until the company's discontinuation.

American Made Wrestling (2007 - April 2008, September 2008 - Present)

After taking a hiatus from wrestling, Krys once again received a call from Alexandra Callaway, but this time it was to introduce her to an entirely new promotion in professional wrestling. It was American Made Wrestling, owned by Cassandra Daniels and Alexandra Callaway.

Krys, now married, made her anticipated debut with the company under the name Krys Jericho. She debuted in the main event, a Triple Threat match on the flagship show, Full Throttle, that saw her facing off against her longtime friend Alexandra, and a fellow newcomer to the company, Christina Spencer. The match ended with Alexandra gaining the win after she pinned Christina. Later, Krys would enter a feud with AMW's first ever Women's Champion, Abii Heart. Heart made the feud personal when she said lewd and scathing remarks about Krys' husband Chris Jericho, and used brass knuckles to gain a win over Krys on the September 24th edition of Full Throttle. At the company's first pay-per-view event, Sacrament, Krys pulled out a huge upset over the champion, making Abii tap out with the move her husband made famous, the Walls of Jericho, after having the champion locked in the maneuver for two and a half minutes. After the match, the two women showed their mutual respect for one another by shaking hands. The two later became friends.

Women's Champion

Krys reigned as the AMW Women's Champion for a month. During that month, she faced Christina Spencer, which ended in a no contest when Krys did a moonsault onto Christina on the outside of the ring, and neither woman could answer the ten count. She defeated Ariel Maddox in a non-title, I Quit match, making the woman scream "I Quit" to the world.

In a two-day pay-per-view event called "Halloweek Havok" that ran from October 31 to November 1, Krys lost her Women's Championship in the Triple Threat main event in Mexico City. While the first part of the show aired from Amsterdam, the second part aired from Mexico City. In the main event of the evening, Krys wrestled Torrance Walker and Christina Spencer in a historical match for the Women's Championship. Krys lost the title when Torrance pinned Christina to win the championship. Torrance reigned as Women's Champion until her retirement from wrestling in late February.

Late 2007 - 2008

After losing the championship, Krys defeated another newcomer, Amber Harris, whose departure from the company was just as sudden as her arrival. The next week, Krys was one of many women who interfered in a match between Christina and Harris, attacking Harris and showing her the door on her way out of the company. The following week was to be the debut of her husband in the company, but due to certain technicalities he missed both his flight and his match.

American Made Wrestling took a brief hiatus for a brief while from the end of November till the new year, and with its return marked a new era in wrestling. The vacant World Heavyweight Championship was up for grabs in a battle royal, and there were going to be 12 participants. She lost her chance when she once again took on Christina and Torrance when she was pinned by Christina. The following week, she disdainfully competed in a lingerie battle royal, and happily eliminated herself and another newcomer, the Australian Diva Kirsten Addok. She later defeated Addok in a Texas Bullrope match in the February 5 edition of Full Throttle, earning her way into the Battle Royal at the next pay-per-view, Unhinged.

On February 24, 2008, a familiar face appeared in AMW as John Cena, Krys' friend from when her husband was in the WWE, made his feelings known to her and the world. Trying not to let her emotions get in the way of their friendship, Krys never gave him a clear answer as to who she wanted between him and her husband. Despite giving her all in the Battle Royal, her own husband mistakenly eliminated her, when he was sent into the turnbuckle, knocking her off as she was about to execute a hurricanrana.

Not long after Unhinged, due to a lack of enthusiasm from many of the company's employees, Callaway and Daniels placed the company on a hiatus until the end of March. When the company made its return from the break, LiveWire on Saturday nights replaced Full Throttle on Tuesdays. Once again, though many appeared for the first LiveWire of April, and Krys was scheduled to face rival Christina Spencer for the number two contender spot to the AMW Women's Championship, the company closed its doors, and the two never had their match.

AMW's Return and Third Reincarnation (September 2008 - January 2010; 2010 - Present)

In September, it was announced that American Made Wrestling would re-open its doors, and Krys did not hesitate to rejoin. She, along with fellow alumni Alexandra Callaway, Dhillon Michaels, Mr. Nyman and Chris Jericho, all joined the company again. Already conflicts had been started when, during a conversation with Callaway, Dhillon Michaels intruded in the conversation, making enemies with both the women. On the first edition of AMW's new show, Final Solution, Krys teamed with Alexandra Callaway against Dhillon Michaels. The two women lost the match when Torrance Walker, Dhillon's girlfriend and Krys' longtime rival, attacked Krys and left her unconscious, leaving Alexandra to be destroyed by Michaels. On the second edition of Final Solution, Krys and Torrance were scheduled to face one another in a long-awaited match, but Director of Authority Alex Shelley announced that a suspicious substance was found during her drug sample. It later turned out that the diva was pregnant!

During the months after her pregnancy was revealed to the AMW audience, she began taunting Dhillon Michaels, citing that he could be the father of her unborn child. At Dimanche Noir, the first AMW pay-per-view since its return in late 2008, Krys came to ringside in the final match of the evening, Chris Jericho vs. Dhillon Michaels for the vacant AMW Heavyweight Championship. She interjected herself into the match, and ended up receiving a spear from Michaels, resulting in her losing what was later revealed to be a baby boy in only her third month.

In January 2009, she and her husband resurfaced in AMW again, after taking a brief hiatus from the company in light of their loss. Their first match back was a mixed tag team match, in which they defeated Michelle McCool and Eric King when Krys pinned McCool. After their victory, Krys ended her friendship with longtime friend Alexandra Callaway when Callaway revealed her relationship with Dhillon Michaels. In the following weeks, Krys would make it known that she wanted the AMW Women's Championship back around her waist, entering into a tournament to crown the next champion. Her opening-round match, against McCool, was ruled a no-contest when both Torrance Walker and Jeanette Salazar interfered; Walker trying to attack Krys, Salazar simply trying to break up the fight. During the time their friendship had been ended, Krys teamed with Michelle McCool against Torrance Walker and the debuting Jeanette Salazar, in a losing effort, when Krys refused to be tagged in by McCool and simply walking away from the match. Not long after the loss, Grace McKenna defeated Alexandra Callaway in the finals of the tournament to be crowned the AMW Women's Champion. At Purgatory in May 2009, Krys participated in a three-on-two Handicap Match, teaming up with friends Alexandra Callaway and Abii Heart, defeating Chantelle Hilton and Michelle McCool. Nearly a year after Purgatory, Jericho, the new AMW World Heavyweight Champion, turned on her, nearly crushing her throat with a chair and leaving her bleeding in the middle of the ring, in what resulted in a bitter battle both on- and off-screen. Towards the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, the owners of American Made Wrestling announced that they would close the company yet again. Before the company completely closed, both Krys and Jericho reconciled their differences, though they remained separated.

In late 2010, it was revealed that original American Made Wrestling owner Cassandra Daniels has resurrected the company yet again, this time with her brother, Vitali Aleister as the General Manager of the show. Many of AMW's original top-tier talents returned, among these including Chris and Krys Jericho, Dhillon Michaels, and Alexandra Callaway. Almost immediately upon AMW's return, Jericho was announced as a participant in an eight-person tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. After winning her first round tournamenmt match against CM Punk, who was immediately fired from the company, Jericho later went on to defeat longtime friend Alexandra Callaway in a singles match unrelated to the tournament to capture Callaway's Vixen's Championship. Several weeks later, Jericho defeated Matt Ward in semifinal match to advance to the final round of the tournament, where she will face off against longtime hated rival Dhillon Michaels to crown the company's first champion.

American Wrestling Alliance (April - July 2008)

Shortly after AMW closed its doors in 2008, Krys was on the hunt for a new company to join. Due to an altercation with her husband, Krys decided to head to American Wrestling Alliance, owned by Jayson Zine and Charisma Johnson, where Alexandra Callaway was once again. Krys made her official debut in the American Wrestling Alliance on April 20, 2008 in a dark match, defeating Callaway. The following week on Revolution, Jericho continued her streak, winning a triple threat match against Jessica James and Starr Lehmann, the former secretary of AWA co-owner Jayson Zine. On the May 4th edition of Revolution, she teamed with former AWA Revolution Champion Fallyn St. John in a tag team match against newcomers Konstantine Weylin and Kentucky Cooper. The duo lost the match when Fallyn was pinned by Kentucky, and Konstantine held Krys' legs, keeping her from breaking the pinfall. The following week on Revolution, Krys participated in a Hardcore Elimination Battle Royal. She was one of the final three participants in the ring, fighting until she was hit by a sledgehammer to the back, and being hit with her two opponents' finishers, and being pinned.

She later wrestled at the AWA pay-per-view event, Civil War, on May 18, 2008, where she defeated King Flip to face the AWA Regional Champion Karsten Cash. She was later defeated by Cash, who retained the title. On the May 25th edition of Revolution, Krys was defeated by Gavin Masterson to become the new Number One Contender to the AWA Regional Championship.

People's Revolution Champion

On the June 1st edition of Revolution, Krys defeated Nicola Jyentaz for the 'Holy' Revolution Championship, a title which Krys re-christened the People's Revolution Championship, in honor to those who supported her in all that she has done. On the June 8th edition of Revolution, Krys lost her Revolution Championship to Chris Christianello in a Sunday School match, when Christianello threatened to attack school kids with the Bible if they didn't vote for her. Krys became the third person in three weeks to lose the championship. Thankfully for her, Christianello lost the championship the next week as well, to Lucas Kane. At the next AWA pay-per-view, Holy Grail, live from the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Church of Greater St. Kutulmak on June 22, 2008, Krys and Dani were both defeated in a Noah's Arc match by Revolution Champion Lucas Kane. He has been the first person to successfully defend the championship in several weeks.

Life After the Championship

After losing a rematch for the Revolution Championship at Holy Grail, Krys was not present at the June 29th edition of Revolution, and, at the next week's tapings, was scheduled to face Nicola Jyentaz and Georgia James in a Triple Threat Match. Sadly, before the three could compete in their match, the American Wrestling Alliance closed its doors on July 6, 2008 and everyone was released from their contracts per orders from AWA owner Jayson Zine, amid problems from the Church of Greater St. Kutulmak leaders Brother Shane Jacobs and Sister Brianna Blake.

Return to AWA (January 2009)

In late December 2008, AWA owner Jayson Zine announced that he was reopening the AWA for a one-night only show that he titled "One Night Only: Last Breath", to take place January 6, 2009 and she immediately signed up for the show. She competed in a Revolution Championship match against Anthony Jordan, Georgia James, and Gavin Masterson. She won the coin toss earlier in the night, determining that the match she wanted to compete in for the title was a Hell in a Cell. In the match, though she gave it her all, she was defeated by Masterson, making him AWA's only Triple Crown winner in the company's brief history.

WWER(May 2008 - July 2010)

On May 12, 2008, Krys Jericho signed a contract to perform in WWE Roleplay, another independent promotion. She defeated Kasey Winterborn on the May 23rd edition of Aftershock in her debut match. On the June 23rd edition of Aftershock, Krys Jericho and best friend Alexandra Callaway teamed up to take on Kennedy Hart and Lita in a tag team match. Since Lita had been unable to compete, the match was turned into a Handicap match, and the two Divas destroyed Kennedy Hart and ended her WWER career. On the July 11th edition of Aftershock, Krys defeated Elizabeth Perez and Kelly Stratus in a Divas' Triple Threat Match.

On Genetic

It was announced on the July 5th edition of the WWER Aftershock's sister show, Genetic, it was announced that a draft was taking place that night between Aftershock GM Kevin Carter and Genetic GM Amber Grissom. Krys Jericho was the overall second draft pick, the first draft pick for Genetic. In her debut match as a Genetic Superstar, she took on Women's Champion Morgan Cain and her rival sister Corrie Cain (who had been drafted to Aftershock, and was competing in her final match on Genetic) in a Triple Threat Match that saw Morgan gain the pinfall victory over her sister. After the match, Krys attacked Morgan and choked her out. The following week, Morgan and Krys teamed up to defeat Amy Johnson and Lisa Jannetty. On August 24, 2008 in a taped promo by Morgan Cain, it was revealed that three years before, she slept with Chris Jericho while he and Krys had been having problems, and Jericho may be her daughter's father as a result.

Women's Champion

At the WWER Summer pay-per-view Night of Champions on August 31, 2008, Krys defeated Morgan Cain in a very personal match to become the new WWER Women's Champion. The following week on Genetic, she defeated Cain's fiancee at the time, Kashmire James, and later on in the night, during a contract signing for the Women's Championship in a ladder match, Morgan Cain revealed that Krys' long-thought dead daughter, Karina, was still alive, and that she and Kashmire had adopted her as her own daughter. She lost the title the following week to Cain in a Ladder Match.

The following week, on Saturday Night's Main Event, Krys' team consisting of Krys, Danielle Hardy and Kashmire James took on and defeated Morgan's team, which consisted of Cain, Morgan's mentor, Serenity, and Ashley Johnson. The next WWER pay-per-view, entitled Taking Over, saw Krys competing in another Women's Championship match against Cain, this time in a Last Chance Strap Match that the fans had voted on. Losing the match, she decided to take a break from WWER not long afterwards, citing personal reasons and her disdain of backstage politics, and did not come back until the beginning of the new year. In her first match back, on the February 4 card, she defeated Chantelle Hilton in what some deemed a literal squash match. That same night on Genetic, it was announced that Krys would be the next WWER diva to pose nude for Playboy magazine.

X-Division Champion

On the March 3rd, 2009 edition of Genetic, in the main event of the evening, Krys defeated the champion, Serenity, in a Ladder Match to capture the X-Division Championship. She continued to defeat opponents on the show, the following week defeating Kevin Nash and Lita in a Triple Threat match, and even made a special appearance on the April 10th edition of Aftershock to face off against WWER Legend and Hall of Famer Kevin Carter's childhood friend turned nemesis, Nathan James, with Carter serving as the Special Guest Referee. The match had been very personal, with Nathan making racist and sexist comments towards her, and even going so far as to break into her home and allude to attacking her husband and daughter, infuriating the Diva beyond belief. Even with her husband and daughter in Beverly Hills, the site of that week's Aftershock taping, with her, Krys had been enraged by James' actions, and vowed to destroy him, creating momentum for herself going into her X-Division title match that weekend at Highway to Hell against Kevin Carter. During the match, the two traded beatdowns to one another back and forth, but Krys gained the win by using the Codebreaker on James and getting the pinfall. After the match, an infuriated Nathan James tried to attack Krys, but Carter intervened, attacking the giant. He and Krys then worked together, slamming James onto a pile of broken glass. Krys then shocked everyone when she grabbed Kevin Carter and kissed him full on the lips, gaining even more momentum going into their match at Highway to Hell. At the pay-per-view, she ended up losing an extremely brutal and competitive Ultimate X match against Kevin Carter, but the two showed respect for one another by shaking hands after the match.

Intercontinental Champion

In a match on the 24th edition of Genetic, on May 5, 2009, Krys faced off against Nikita Storm in a match that originally included Blaze Inferno and Aishah Whitley. Due to unforeseen circumstances, both Inferno and Whitley could not make it to that week's show; as a result, Krys faced off against and defeated Nikita Storm. Three days later, on Friday Night Aftershock, she accompanied her husband to the ring for a very personal match against the Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton, who had been accompanied to the ring by his pregnant girlfriend, Brooklyn James. The following week on Aftershock, Krys defeated Orton in a Hardcore Match, the main event of the evening. Almost a month later, on the June 5th edition of Aftershock, Krys defeated Orton and the returning Phoenix Winterborn in a Triple Threat match.

During this time, Krys had become annoyed by the appearance of Chantelle Hilton, an arrogant model turned wrestler, who seemed to think that she was the top Diva on the WWER roster. Her mentality annoyed and offended several of actual the top Divas on the roster, including Ashley Adams and Jericho herself, and the two took turns showing Chantelle why she was nowhere near the top of the Women's Division, defeating her time after time in singles matches. On the June 14th edition of Aftershock, Krys had finally lowered herself to Hilton's standards, and challenged her to a Lingerie Contest, easily defeating her.

At Legacy, on July 1, 2009, Krys became the first woman in WWER history to become the Intercontinental Champion when she defeated the former champion, Randy Orton, at Legacy to capture the championship. Several weeks later, on the July 14th episode of Genetic, Krys marked her return to the show with a win over Abby Storm, who attempted to avenge her sister Nikita's loss several weeks earlier, in a very personal match. Not long after, a few weeks after her win over Abby, in a thirst for actual competition, Krys faced off against Autumn Leigh in a Cage Match. However, due to her husband's entrance music playing when Krys was about to climb over the steel structure. Taking advantage of Krys' distracted state, her opponent, the rapidly rising and equally impressing Autumn Leigh, hit her with a strobe light, knocking her back down to the mat, and gaining the win. After being left off the following week's card, on the September 1st edition of Genetic, Blaze Inferno took Krys on in a singles contest. In the days building up to their match, Blaze accused Krys of waiting for Blaze to post her promo first in order to get a response up to her, saying that Krys had no excuses for waiting for Blaze to make the first move. Krys refuted her claims, citing that she had to take care of her sick daughter, and accused Blaze of complaining about things such as certain Divas not getting what she thought they rightfully deserved, and other things. In the end, after their highly publicized arguments against one another, Krys gained the upper hand on the WWER Hall of Famer, and gaining the pinfall. The next week on Genetic, she defeated the returning Lori Anne Rossdale, even though she was impressed by Lori Anne's attempt to take their match seriously in the days before the match.

Two weeks later, on the 31st episode of Genetic, in an emotional match, Krys defeated her former lover, Phoenix Winterborn. She tried to keep a brave front by telling Winterborn that she wanted to defeat him, and they both told one another that their minds were not currently on facing and defeating each other, but instead going from the WWER and World Heavyweight Championships in the company, respectively.

Heel Turn, Legacy, and WWER Champion (November 2009-July 2010)

In late 2009, Krys Jericho returned to the WWER after losing two separate matches against newcomers Maryse Ouellet and Autumn Leigh. On Tuesday Night Genetic, in front of a live audience, she called out the WWER Champion, Lita, and challenged her to a match for the WWER Championship, a challenge which Lita accepted. A few weeks later, at the close of Genetic, Krys, disguised at first under a mask, attacked Lita as she was set to address the WWER Universe, viciously attacking her knee and locking her in the Sound of Madness until she passed out from the pain. The following week, she revealed her reasoning for attacking the champion, citing that she felt Lita did not earn the championship, and that she had been overlooked by management multiple times in favor of lesser talented wrestlers. She bragged about incapacitating Lita, which prompted her boyfriend, Randy Orton, to storm to the ring and confront her and threaten to attack her himself in retaliation for her assault on Lita. It was then that Krys revealed to the world that Orton himself had been the one to supply information to Krys about Lita, and that she was the one who attacked Lita at her home weeks prior. She then also announced to the world that she was the female member of Legacy that Orton had been bragging about, and she further cemented her heel status by embracing Orton and hugging him in the middle of the ring, with the fans throwing garbage at the two of them.

It was then that the owner of the WWER, Trish Stratus, addressed a public forum, criticizing Krys and calling her a hypocrite for her actions of late, and informed her that, while she would still face Lita for the WWER Championship, she would also have to put up her Intercontinental Championship in a "Winner Takes All" Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at the next pay-per-view, Valentine's Day Massacre on February 21, 2010. In a hard fought contest, Krys Jericho defeated Lita to retain her Intercontinental Champion and became the WWER Champion.

On July 1, 2010, after seven years of operation, WWER owner Trish Stratus decided to close the company's doors. WWER was bought out by Brady Matthews, owner of Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling, and as a result, Krys was offered the chance to join USW. At the time WWER closed, Krys Jericho remained both the WWER and Intercontinental Champion, remaining undefeated since capturing the WWER Championship at Legacy until the company was sold.

Fans Wrestling Alliance (June - September 2008)

Krys once again signed another wrestling contract; this time for the Las Vegas-based Pure Wrestling Carnage. She made her debut in the main event of the first episode of Final Solution, defeating newcomer Trey Larson to advance in the PWC World Championship tournament. She later defeated fellow former AMW alumni Dhillon Michaels in a very personal Falls Count Anywhere Match, advancing to two points, ahead of anyone else in the tournament. Not long after her victory, PWC closed down, and Krys returned to the returning American Made Wrestling.

Pure Wrestling Carnage (July - December 2008)

On Tuesday, July 8, 2008, it was announced that Krys Jericho, a former Superstar of the American Wrestling Alliance, had signed a contract with the Fans Wrestling Alliance, or FWA, for short.

On the July 21 edition of Conflict, Krys Jericho made her debut in the company, defeating fellow newcomer Sinn Estarr in her debut match. The following week, she defeated Jessica Jones in a very personal match, in which, during the week leading up to Conflict, Jones accused Krys of stealing her promo and passing it off as her own. After Krys defeated Jones in the middle of the ring following an Alabama Slam, Jones' former associate NovaCaine entered the ring as Krys made her exit. Caine then pretended to befriend Jones, then attacked her, dropping her on her head twice before leaving her lying in the ring unconscious.

The following week on Conflict, Krys took on the returning former FWA Championess Jade Rayzor in a losing effort, getting her shoulders pinned to the mat when Rayzor rolled her up in a schoolboy. At the FWA Overdrive pay-per-view, Krys was defeated in a Bra and Panties-TLC Match that also included Lori Anne Rossdale by Taylor Smith when Taylor climbed the ladder and pulled the briefcase down. Smith was then named the second number one contender to the FWA Championess Title, and went on to face the first contender, Jade Rayzor, at the following Conflict.

On the first episode of Conflict following Overdrive, Krys teamed with the FWA Reckless Champion Ramirez' girlfriend, Rachel Nemisas, in a tag team match against the debuting Rebekah Riley and Gisele Mortenson. The two women defeated Mortenson and Riley, and the two Starlets parted ways with the company not long afterwards. On the September 2nd edition of Conflict, Krys faced foe Jessica Jones and the debuting Blair Mason in a Triple Threat Match. Krys and Jessica teamed up to take out Blair, then focused on each other, brawling back and forth until Krys knocked Jessica out of the ring, just as Blair made her way back into the ring. Just as Jessica got back into the ring, Krys took out Blair Mason, and pinned her, gaining another pinfall victory. The following week on Conflict, Krys lost to Davidson, one of the top athletes in FWA's history. On the October 5th edition of Conflict, she defeated the FWA Championess Hope Cassidy, and, the following week, faced the FWA Reckless Champion Ramirez in a great match but a losing effort. On the 87th edition of Conflict, her loss was extended to two, after she was defeated by TJ Bryce. On the 88th edition of Conflict, she defeated fellow AWA alumnus Georgia James, becoming the number one contender to the FWA Championess Title. At the final FWA show, entitled Big Time Bang on December 6, 2008, Krys defeated Hope to become the final FWA Championess.

The Domain/BUD (2009 - 2010)

On October 18, Krys Jericho signed a contract for The Domain, a company that has been in existence since 2001. At the Halloween Pay-Per-View event Devil's Night VIV, Krys made her debut in a triple threat match against the returning Domain legend, White Trash, and fellow debutante, Tara Jada Rossdale; unfortunately, she did not win the match, but she was not pinned. After making an impressive showing at the pay-per-view, Krys returned to another pay-per-view event, The Domain's Ungrateful pay-per-view, which saw her humiliate and torture fellow rival for Phoenix Winterborn's affections Talon Hartman in a match by submission. Since her arrival in the Domain, Krys had made it clear that she wanted both championship gold, and Phoenix Winterborn's affections, even going so far as having sex with him in his locker room during a BUD live event. In the midst of her feud with Mari Saito that occupied the fall and most of the winter of 2009, Krys attacked Mari Saito, and vice versa. She even announced to the world that Phoenix had cheated on Mari with her before the Christmas holidays. At Krystmas Kaos 2009, the two finally were allowed to get their hands on one another in a Grudge Match. Though Mari put up a tremendous effort, Jericho was able to take her down, beat her, and humiliate her, as well as finally making her relationship with Phoenix Winterborn official and known to the public.

Queen Bytch (January–September 2010)


Krys Jericho as the "Queen Bytch" of BUD.

On the January 11, 2010 of Hangover, Krys Jericho defeated the reigning Bytch Champion Kaydence Starr in a singles match, and in the following week's Hangover, defeated Jennifer Smith and Tara Jada Rossdale in a Triple Threat Style Bytch Championship Contendership Bout, automatically making her the number one contender to Starr's Bytch Championship. At 2010 Wayz 2 Die, on January 31, 2010, Krys earned yet another accomplishment when she defeated Kaydence Starr to capture the championship. However, she suffered her first loss since October when she was defeated by the returning Sean Hunter. On the March 1st edition of Hangover, in a non-title match, Krys defeated Silver Stone in a very personal match, taking out her frustrations over losing to Sean Hunter on Stone, and making her tap out with the Sound of Madness. On the March 29th edition of Hangover, Krys Jericho defeated Jennifer Smith. At The Domain's biggest event of the year, BUDMania, on March 21, 2010, she retained the championship in her first defense, a triple threat match between herself, Silver Stone, and Tara Jada Rossdale. Shortly after her victory, she and the entire Domain audience were shocked as Mari Saito made her return to the ring after an injury sidelined her indefinitely, with Gypsy as her newfound ally. The two immediately began a heated feud that set up a match for the Bytch Championship at Vendetta in May.

Feuding with Mari Saito and Hadley Harper

On the April 19 edition of Hangover, live from Hammond, Indiana, Krys teamed up with newcomer Arissa Jordan in a women's triple threat tag team contest against Mari Saito and Gypsy, and Tiffany Morris and Carmella Crest. Due to the volcanic activity overseas in Europe, Krys' partner was not able to make it back to the United States in time for their tag team match, leaving Krys to face off against five ravenous women who wanted her championship. Mari Saito won the match by hitting Tiffany Morris with a Hanagumori and pinning her before Krys could break up the pinfall. After the match, however, Krys pulled Mari off of Tiffany, and the two engaged in a violent fistfight, only being broken up after several referees getting into the mix and breaking the two women up. At the Sadistic Intentions pay-per-viw event on April 25, 2010, from East Lansing, Michigan, the two were set to face off one more time in a pay-per-view match, however, Mari Saito never bothered to show up for the match, thereby losing the match to Krys via forfeit. After Mari's failure to show up at the event, and her flawed reasoning for no-showing, Krys showed her disgust with the woman's weakness and declaring that she would never get another shot at the Bytch Championship so long as she held it.
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Krys Jericho vs. Hadley Harper

With Mariko out of the picture, the relationship between Krys Jericho and Phoenix Winterborn started to crumble when Krys had been chosen to referee a match between Zarek Lyle and Phoenix Winterborn on the May 10th edition of Hangover. Their relationship further started to deteriorate when Phoenix asked Krys to tip the scales in her favor, compromising her ethics and morals as a referee. Krys immediately broke things off with Phoenix and walked out on him, declaring to call the match the way she saw fit to. During the match, Krys didn't bother to call any pinfalls or submissions for either man, prompting Lyle's business associate, Hadley Harper, into the ring, to attack the Bytch Champion. While they fought, during the melee, Zarek managed to beat Phoenix, and another referee was called in to count the pinfall.

The following week on Hangover, Phoenix and Krys faced off in a tag team match against Zarek and Hadley. The match started off as a standard tag team match, but each person's animosity towards their opponents shone through quickly, and before anyone knew it, the tag team match had escalated into a full-out brawl, with Hadley and Krys fighting on the outside and into the crowd. This feud set up a match between the two of them at the sixth annual Vendetta pay-per-view on May 30 from Cleveland, Ohio, Krys defeated Hadley Harper in a match to retain her Bytch Championship. After the match, Phoenix Winterborn grabbed the Bytch Championship and pretended like he was going to attack his ex-girlfriend Krys with it, but to everyone's surprise and chagrin, handed the title to Krys, who smiled at him and jumped into his arms. The two made up, and left together, once again reclaiming their status as the golden couple of The Domain. At the Master of the Domain pay-per-view on September 9, 2010, after nearly eight months reigning as the Bytch Champion, Krys lost her championship to Kyra Heroin, her most anticipated opponent to date. Not long after Heroin won the championship, after nine years of activity, BUD decided to close its doors, with Kyra Heroin as the final Bytch Champion.

BUD Revival (June - September 2011)

In May 2011, it was announced by BUD owner Roxanne Garcia, a.k.a. Foxy Roxy, that BUD was being resurrected, and would have their annual Master of the Domain tournament as their first pay-per-view event back. Upon the many alumni that returned to BUD, Krys resigned with the company, joining the likes of Gypsy, Drew Stevenson, Kit Black, and her former lover, Phoenix Winterborn.

On the first edition of Monday Night's Main Event, dated June 27, 2011, Krys appeared in a backstage segment where she threatened to vomit on Salman Van Dam and his girlfriend Karmen Moore. She did not appear in a match until the return of Monday Night Hangover on July 25, 2011, where she returned to BUD television with a victory against Kelly Nightingale. At BUD's first pay-per-view since reopening, Master of the Domain on August 28, 2011, Krys took on Mikey Svarro and Trevor Slash in a Triple Threat Match to determine who would become the BUDVision Champion. Jericho won the match when Mikey Svarro's bodyguard, Deacon, who had been barred from ringside during the match, hopped the guardrail, entered the ring, and attacked Slash while the referee's back was turned, and allowed Krys to score the pinfall. After the match, Deacon removed his mask and revealed that it was he who attacked Slash and cost him the championship, and his client, Mikey Svarro and Krys joined forces to purge BUD of all the talent that they deemed "worthless".

On the following Monday Night Hangover on September 5, Krys officially turned heel by turning her back on the BUD fans, who chanted "You Sold Out!" to her. she declared that she would help Mikey Svarro cleanse BUD of the useless talent that they saw as running rampant around the company, and vowed that she would make the BUDVision Championship more prestigious than the BUD Championship itself.

The following week, on the September 12, edition of Hangover, Krys' scheduled match against Trevor Slash never took place, as BUD once again closed down. The closure of BUD resulted in Krys remaining the BUDVision Champion, having never lost the championship.

Intense Violence Entertainment (July 2010)

In June 2010, news broke out that Krys Jericho, fresh out of her contract with BUD, would be joining Intense Violence Entertainment as a favor to friends Alexandra Callaway and Cassandra Daniels, who were also employees of the federation. Her debut match on the show was on the July 5th edition of Destruction, she teamed with Alexandra, Abii Heart, Jayde Holloway, and Juliette Andrews in a five-Starlet tag team contest, defeating the team of Ashtyn Victor, Mackenzie Carter, Alessandra DeRosa, Annalisa James, and Taryne Angel. The following week, Krys again teamed with Callaway and Heart to take on Ashtyn Victor, and Stephanie and Jesika Pierce in a six-Starlet tag team match.

IVE Women's Champion (July 2010)

Within weeks of making her debut with the company, Krys was placed into an eight-woman Battle Royale, with the winner gaining the IVE Women's Championship. After eliminating all seven other opponents, Krys was awarded the Women's Championship. In August 2010, Intense Violence Entertainment was put on an indefinite hiatus, with Jericho still being recognized as the first-ever and current Women's Champion. The company is now inactive, but has not yet been closed down.

Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling (2010-Present)

On July 1, 2010, it was announced by Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling Owner Brady Matthews that he had signed a deal with WWER owner Trish Stratus to buy out the company and the contracts of whichever talent wanted to join his federation. He also announced that those WWER Superstars and Divas that had been the last ones to hold championships within the company at the time of its closure would be given first opportunities at various championships within USW. Krys Jericho, as the former WWER and Intercontinental Champion at the time WWER closed, was signed to a new USW contract with the promise of a USW World Championship shot.

Feud with Destiny Michaels (July - October 2010)

In her first match in USW, Krys immediately reignited her heated rivalry from WWER with the "Queen of Extreme", Lita, with the two being placed in an hour-long Iron Woman Match on the July 6th episode of Apocalypse. At the end of the match, Lita shocked everyone when she managed to gain the win over Krys, who immediately began to say that she allowed Lita to win, giving her a "freebie". After a week off the card, Krys returned to the main event of Apocalypse on the July 29th episode in a match against Lita's boyfriend and Krys' former Legacy stablemate, Randy Orton. Randy tried his best to one-up Krys, studying her moves in an attempt to get inside her mind and counter her every move, but it all proved futile, as Krys continued to counter his every counter, and made him submit to the "Sound of Madness". After the match, USW owner Brady Matthews came out and announced to Krys that at USW's next pay-per-view event, Heatwave, that she was going to be facing off against fellow WWER alumni and current USW champion, Madison Carson. At the Heatwave pay-per-view, the two women fought a hard match, culminating when Carson had Krys locked in a sleeper hold, and Krys was able to counter at the last moment with her "Bow Down Bitch" finisher, knocking the two women back down to the mat, with neither able to answer the ten count from the referee, resulting in a double count-out.

At the following Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling pay-per-view event, "Death Before Dishonor", in a Last Woman Standing Match, Krys defeated Destiny Michaels to capture the USW Championship.
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Krys Jericho defeats Destiny Michaels to win the USW World Heavyweight Championship.

Two weeks later, on Halloween, at "The Devil's Freak Show" pay-per-view event, she defeated legendary wrestler "Ice Man" Levi Russow in a Last Monster Standing Match. Later, her first action as the new champion was to challenge Destiny's biggest supporter leading up to the match between the two, and an old enemy of Krys' from WWER, Chantelle Hilton. The two met on the Apocalypse following 'The Devil's Freak Show', with Krys making Chantelle tap out using the "Sound of Madness".

Krys and Chris Jericho vs. "Chris Jericho" and Billy Anderson (August 2010)

Later, Krys found out that the man that had previously joined USW under the moniker of Chris Jericho was an impostor, and she later brought her husband, the real Chris Jericho, back to USW. She and her husband engaged the fraudulent Jericho and his pupil, Billy Anderson, in a heated feud, with both Jericho and his wife taking verbal and physical jabs at Anderson and his family. Jericho invited Anderson onto The Highlight Reel a few weeks later, and the three got into a heated argument over Anderson's affiliation and insisting that the Jericho he knew was the real one. Afterwards, the two brutally attacked Billy Anderson, beating him unconscious with a chair, and culminating in Chris locking in the Liontamer, torquing Billy's back. The following week on Apocalypse, after her husband defeated Billy Anderson in a match, Krys approached the ring to publicly challenge Anderson to a match herself. While she was addressing Billy, she removed a tarp from an object in the middle of the ring, revealing it to be Billy's wife, Stormee, after which she attacked the woman, delivering her "Bow Down Bitch" finishing maneuver on her, and leaving her unconscious in the ring.

USW's Top Dog (December 2010-Present)

Following her and her husband's defeat of Billy Anderson and the fake Chris Jericho, Krys defended her USW World Heavyweight Championship in a Christmas Chaos Chamber Match in a match that involved CJ Tyler, The Killer, Hardcore Devil/Skulduggery Pleasant, Matt Ward, Simon Lee Nash, and The Undertaker. In various times during the night, Simon Lee Nash, Hardcore Devil, and the Killer were all taken out, while the Undertaker never showed up for the match. Stepping up to take their place in the match were the Sentinels, Alpha and Omega. However, during the match, the Sentinels were revealed to be none other than The Killer and HD/SP. Krys won the match, last eliminating CJ Tyler, becoming the only person to successfully retain the championship within the Chaos Chamber, as well as being the only female wrestler and champion to enter the match, a record which she still holds to this day.

After the loss, on the February 3rd edition of Apocalypse, while still suffering the effects of the Chaos Chamber match, Krys lost a Submission Match to the Junior Heavyweight Champion, Elise Stone, marking it only her second loss during her long tenure in Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling. Later that month at the Right to Fight pay-per-view, Jericho's reign came to an end when CJ Tyler defeated her in a Doomsday Chamber of Blood match to capture the World Championship. After the loss, Jericho immediately invoked her rematch clause for the next pay-per-view event, Vendetta. During this time, she came under the eye of "The Iceman" Levi Russow, who began taunting and trying to seduce her, citing that their baser primal selves were begging to give in to one another. Krys returned to television on the March 31st edition of Apocalypse, where she and CJ Tyler defeated the team of Clive Mallick and Gabriel Roth. On the April 7th edition of Apocalypse, Krys was set to face off against Arianna "The Strange", but attacked her backstage before the match could even start, and left Arianna laid out in a pool of blood. On the April 21st edition of Apocalypse, in a devastating and grueling match, Krys lost to Hardcore Devil/Skulduggery Pleasant, when the two pinned one another; Skulduggery was able to get his shoulder up at the last second, but Krys was unable to, marking only her third loss within the company.


Krys Jericho as the USW World Heavyweight Champion.

Bouncing back from the loss took time, however, and Krys went on to defeat her best friend, Alexandra Callaway, in a singles match on the May 5th edition of Apocalypse. Starting to get some of her momentum back, Krys went on to defeat CJ Tyler in a Last Person Standing match to gain back her USW World Heavyweight Championship, and in effect, set up a match against the new number one contender to the championship, Levi Russow.

Dead Zone Wrestling (October 2010 - January 2011)

On October 14, 2010, it was announced that Krys Jericho had joined the new promotion, Dead Zone Wrestling. On the first edition of NecroVision, Krys participated in the 2010 Best of the Breast tournament, immediately drawing the ire of one of the opponents, Kerin Monroe, the two trading verbal jabs at one another in the days leading up to the debut of NecroVision. After the two women were left after eliminating all the other participants, Kerin won the match, following a mistake that Jericho made near the ropes, earning the Best of the Breast trophy. Krys later engaged in a war of words with Monroe and her "Alpha" partner, Kalia Mason, the three trading barbs back and forth.

After winning and losing several matches back and forth, Krys was picked by DZW co-owner Seth Rotten to face the current NecroVision Champion, Taylor Lynn, in a match at their first pay-per-view, Black XXXMas for the championship. Krys was a replacement, chosen because Lynn's original opponent left the company because he did not like the way he was being portrayed on television, thus filling the spot for Krys. At the Black XXXMas event, Jericho and Lynn went all-out, fighting in the audience and all over the arena, and though Jericho put up a valiant effort, she was put down by Lynn, who drove her face first into the mat using her foot, breaking her nose and knocking her unconscious, winning the match by pinfall. Within weeks however, Dead Zone Wrestling closed its doors, citing a hiatus of sorts, and then closing altogether.

Wide World of Wrestling (January 2011-April 2012)

On January 31, 2011, Krys signed a contract with Florida-based wrestling promotion, Wide World of Wrestling, owned and operated by the Rivers sisters—Faith, Hope, and Destiny. When she first arrived on the scene in February 2011, she was revealed to be the manager of Kevin Carter, her friend and former fellow employee from their time in WWER. Upon joining WWOW, the two were thrust immediately into a feud with Phoenix Winterborn and his wife, Mari Saito, interfering in one of Winterborn's matches and causing him to win by disqualification. After the match, Winterborn challenged Carter to a ladder match for the championship that Winterborn held, the WWOW WTF! Championship. Initially, at the Battered and Bruised pay-per-view event, Carter won the match and the title, but lost the belt moments later after giving Winterborn a rematch for the title and being attacked by two masked men who were later revealed to be Tony Rich and Joel Giovanni. Following the events of Battered and Bruised, Krys was originally supposed to debut as a wrestler in WWOW against Mari Saito nearly a month after the pay-per-view, but Saito once again no-showed the match, further strengthening Jericho's disgust and disdain for her and her husband. The alliance between Jericho and Carter lasted for a brief time, as Carter later took his leave of the company, along with Chris McKenzie, Michael Harris, and Johnny Sykes, leaving Krys on her own in the Wide World of Wrestling.

The Quest for the Billion Dollar Championship (March - May 2011)

Once Carter left WWOW, Krys remained off of television, until she was approached by Faith Rivers, asking if she would like to return to in-ring competition, to contend for the Billion Dollar Championship. Following the match in which Mari no-showed, Krys was included in a six-woman Battle Royal on the April 3, 2011 edition of Shut Out, where she defeated Layla Kinsley, Mari Saito (who actually managed to show up this time around), Kaydence Starr, Tani Lyons, and Mikah to earn a shot at the Billion Dollar Champion, Ambrosia Rose, at the next WWOW pay-per-view, Last Call. Following the match, in which Krys last eliminated Layla Kinsley to win the match, Krys was attacked from behind by Ambrosia Rose; she retaliated by spearing the woman, and they began to fight in the middle of the ring before being broken up by security and ring officials.

Two weeks later on Shut Out, Krys faced off against the woman she defeated to become the number one contender to the Billion Dollar Championship, Layla Kinsley, and defeated her soundly. Afterwards, the Billion Dollar Champion, Ambrosia Rose, appeared on the tron and taunted Krys, telling her that, at Last Call, she was going to introduce her to the V.I.P. section, with V.I.P. standing for "Very Immense Pain". On the May 1 edition of Shut Out, Krys cost the champion the victory when she showed up in the middle of Ambrosia Rose's fatal four way match and distracted her, causing the two of them to argue on the outside of the ring, while Dakota Huntress, one of the other participants in the match, scored the pinfall victory over Lara Rossdale.

At the Last Call pay-per-view event on May 15, Krys defeated Ambrosia Rose via pinfall to capture the Billion Dollar Championship. Ambrosia kicked out, but not before the three count had been counted and the bell had rung. As Krys was being given the championship, Teresa Ramos came down to the ring and exchanged words with the new champion, each woman wearing an arrogant smirk on her face. Ambrosia grabbed a chair and tried to attack both Krys and Teresa, but Teresa slid out of the ring, leaving Ambrosia to deal with an irate Krys, who had been furious at being attacked from behind yet again. She hit Ambrosia with her 'Sin With a Grin', and left her laying in the middle of the ring, with Krys standing over her and holding her Billion Dollar Championship in the air.

Billion Dollar Champion (May - October 2011)

On the June 19th edition of Shut Out, Krys sat at ringside for a Battle Royal Queen battle royal, that saw Teresa Ramos, the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Ring", emerge with the victory and the number one contender's spot to Krys' Billion Dollar Championship. The two had a staredown, Teresa in the ring and Krys standing at the commentator's area and holding the championship over her head.

Due to a death in her family, Krys was scheduled to take part in a Gauntlet Match that featured the women of the Billion Dollar Division, but was not in a proper frame of mind, and was therefore eliminated by Dakota Huntress. The match was eventually won by Layla Kinsley. After the match, backstage, Krys and Teresa exchanged more words, and Teresa vowed to pin Dakota and get the victory that Krys could not, and promised that in a few weeks' time, Krys would be pinned to the mat the same way that Dakota would be, and began to walk off, but not before Krys replied that she didn't know that. On the July 17th edition of Shut Out, Teresa Ramos defeated Ambika Renton, who had stepped in to replace Dakota Huntress, and was celebrating her victory in the ring, when Krys appeared on the tron and vowed that she was going to put an end to Teresa Ramos at The Revolution, the next WWOW pay-per-view, once and for all. Two weeks later on July 31, Krys defeated Layla Kinsley in a match on Shut Out, taking her down with the 'Sin With a Grin' finishing maneuver, to score the winning pinfall in the last Shut Out before The Revolution.

At The Revolution pay-per-view on August 14, Krys went against Teresa Ramos with her Billion Dollar Championship on the line, in the second to last match of the night. She gave Ramos her very first loss in WWOW by connecting with a 450 Splash and scoring the winning pinfall to pick up the victory. After the match, as she was celebrating, Ramos attacked her from behind and hit her with an Inverted Twist of Fate, leaving her unconscious in the ring, before picking up the Billion Dollar Championship and holding it up over Krys' unmoving body, thus turning heel. After feuding with both Ramos and Dakota Huntress, the three women clashed at WWOW's Chaos Theory pay-per-view, which saw Ramos defeat the champion to win the championship; Krys left the division shortly thereafter, making her intentions known that she wanted to capture WWOW's Capitol City Championship, which had been vacated by Manic when he challenged for the Hierarchy Championship.

Global Wrestling Coalition (2013 - Present)

On November 20, 2013, it was revealed online that Krys Jericho, veteran in the wrestling business, had signed a contract with the owner of the Global Wrestling Coalition, Thomas Hume, to perform in his company following the closure of Sin City Wrestling, where she reigned as the Lady Luck Champion until SCW closed its doors in mid-November that same year.

In wrestling

Finishing moves

  • Crippler Crossface (Arm trap crossface)
  • "Suppression" (Modified Gogoplata)
  • "The Sound of Madness" - Liontamer
  • "Bow Down Bitch" - Codebreaker
  • "Epic Erotic" - Canadian Destroyer

Signature moves

  • Lionsault
  • Standing Shooting Star Press
  • Running STO
  • Triangle Choke
  • STF
  • Flashback
  • Double Powerbomb
  • Shining Wizard
  • Dropsault
  • 450 Splash
  • Whisper in the Wind
  • Triangle Dropkick
  • Stinger Splash
  • Step-Up Enzuigiri
  • Tilt-a-Whirl Guillotine Choke
  • Spinebuster
  • Frankensteiner (from the top rope)
  • Throwback
  • Anaconda Vice
  • Texas Cloverleaf
  • Curb Stomp
  • Pele Kick
  • Inverted Facelock into Sitout Wheelbarrow Facebuster
  • Canadian Legsweep
  • Snap Suplex into Belly-to-Back Suplex (a la Petey Williams)
  • Slingshot Double Knee Facebreaker
  • Slingshot Suidice Hurricanrana

Companies Krys has worked for/currently working for

  • Deep South Wrestling (Defunct)
  • Xtreme-Wrestling-Oblivion (Defunct)
  • American Made Wrestling (Defunct)
  • American Wrestling Alliance (Defunct)
  • WWERoleplay (Defunct; merged with Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling)
  • Pure Wrestling Carnage (Defunct)
  • Fans Wrestling Alliance (Defunct)
  • BUD/The Domain (Defunct)
  • Intense Violence Entertainment (Inactive; defunct)
  • Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling (currently employed)
  • All-Star International Championship Wrestling (Defunct)
  • Hollywood Revolution Wrestling (currently employed)
  • Wide World of Wrestling (Defunct)
  • Frontier Wrestling Alliance (Defunct)
  • Bare Bones Wrestling (Defunct)
  • Sin City Wrestling (Defunct)
  • Global Wrestling Coalition (currently employed)

Entrance Themes

  • Flesh & Blood (Sacrifice) - Poison (DSW, XWO)
  • Bed - J. Holiday (AMW, PWC, FWA)
  • So Tell Me Why - Poison (AWA, WWER)
  • More Than a Woman - Aaliyah (AMW, WWER, BUD)
  • Drop the World - Lil Wayne ft. Eminem (BUD, WWER)
  • Sin With a Grin - Shinedown (WWoW; BBW)
  • This is Gonna Hurt - Sixx: A.M. (SCW)
  • A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins (GWC; HRW)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Deep South Wrestling
  • DSW Women's Championship
  • Xtreme-Wrestling-Oblivion
  • XWO Intercontinental Championship (1 time; won from Chris Jericho)
  • American Made Wrestling
  • AMW Women's Championship (2 times; won from Abii Heart)
  • American Wrestling Alliance
  • AWA Revolution Championship (Krys renamed it the People's Revolution Championship, in honor of the fans who support her)
  • WWER
  • WWER Women's Championship (1 time; won from Morgan Cain)
  • WWER X-Division Championship (1 time; won from Serenity)
  • 2009 Playboy Covergirl
  • WWER Intercontinental Championship (1 time; won from Randy Orton, final champion)
  • WWER Championship (1 time; won from Lita, final champion)
  • Fans Wrestling Alliance
  • Newcomer of the Month (September 2008)
  • Final FWA Championess (1 time; won from Hope Cassidy)
  • Bytches Ultimate Domain/The Domain
  • Bytch Championship (1 time; won from Kaydence Starr, subsequently became longest-reigning Bytch Champion in BUD history)
  • Intense Violence Entertainment
  • IVE Women's Championship (1 time; won in Battle Royal)
  • All-Star International Championship Wrestling
  • Divas' Tag Team Championships (1 time with Kyra Heroin; won in a Divas' Triple Threat Tag Team Contest)
  • Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling
  • USW Championship (2 times; first title won from Destiny Michaels, USW Death Before Dishonor, second title won from CJ Tyler at USW Vendetta 2011)
  • Hollywood Revolution Wrestling
    • HRW Naughty Championship (1 time; very first champion; lost to Serenity at Satanic Summer 2011 7/31/11 in a Strip Your Opponent Naked match)
  • HRW World Heavyweight Champion (2 times; very first female champion; was replacement for The Raven, who was attacked earlier in the evening; second reign won from Chris Jericho at Satanic Summer 2013 and joined The Revolution)
  • Wide World of Wrestling
  • WWOW Billion Dollar Championship (1 time, won from Ambrosia Rose at WWOW Last Call 5/15/11)
  • WWOW Capitol City Championship (1 time, won in a tournament final, last defeating Duke Andrews; final champion)
  • Sin City Wrestling
  • Lady Luck Championship (1 time, won from Tanja Devereaux)

Global Wrestling Coalition

  • Empress Championship (1 time, won from Tori Franz at GWC's Arctic Chil pay-per-view)

Personal life

Krys Jericho currently divides her time between Tampa, Florida, where she and her husband live; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she frequently travels for sports events and to spend time with family. Krys does not speak very much about her personal life or her personal business, but is very passionate about the sport she loves. She and her younger brother were raised on a modest but comfortable income by their mother, and was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her full birth name is Krystle; her mother got the inspiration for the name from Krystle Carrington on the 80's soap opera Dynasty, but she prefers to be called Krys. On occasion, she will use her full first name. She is a proud Philadelphia native, and proudly supports the Philadelphia Flyers and arena football team Philadelphia Soul. She has even been seen at many Flyers and Phillies games, and was at the Flyers' last playoffs game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Krys has also been known to have a ferocious and violent temper, and has, on multiple occasions, attacked people if they assume that she is only as successful as she is because of who she has been linked to. She is fiercely proud of herself, believes in her own strengths and abilities, and will take on anyone who challenges her success. She staunchly believes that she is great because of her own abilities, and not her last name. Those who accused her of mimicking the Jericho name and adopting it as her own moniker have been beaten and oftentimes humiliated, eventually forcing themselves to leave the company that they are employed in. Examples of these instances include feuds with Ambrosia Rose in WWOW and Amber Harris in AMW.

Krys has been married to Chris Jericho since late 2005, but have known one another since 1996, when she first started attending ECW events. He and Dean Malenko initially trained her, followed by Lance Storm after Jericho's departure to WCW; when she was sure she had learned all she could from the three men, she struck out on her own. Throughout the years, the two had dated off and on, finally marrying in 2005, before Krys gave birth to their daughter, Karina. Krys has two children; a daughter named Karina by her husband, Chris Jericho, and a son whose name has not yet been released to the public, by "The Iceman" Levi Russow.

Not long before Jericho's departure from the WWE, the two of them met again, and dated for a few mpnths before Jericho proposed. She accepted, and the two married quietly in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on November 9, 2005, in a ceremony attended only by family and close friends. Krys will not speak publicly about her marriage, but it is speculated that the two share an open relationship.

It had been revealed by Krys herself in the days leading up to her match against Morgan Cain at Night of Champions, that after finding out that Morgan had slept with her husband in late 2005, Krys angrily got into a confrontation with PWC and AMW alumni and former two-time AMW Champion Dhillon Michaels, and the two slept with one another. Despite the infidelities, the two forgave one another. She also admitted that the events leading up to Morgan and Jericho sleeping with one another were that, not long after she and Jericho were married, Krys had given birth to a stillborn daughter. Unable to shake the grief, she was advised by Jericho to go back to Philadelphia to recover, and, not long after, he and Morgan had sex, with Morgan recording the entire event.

During their time together in Pure Wrestling Carnage, Krys engaged in a one-night stand with Dhillon Michaels following an argument, resulting in a pregnancy. After PWC closed and AMW was revived, Krys escorted her husband ringside in a match against Michaels, and was accidentally speared by Dhillon, resulting in a miscarriage. Dhillon later revealed that Chris Jericho himself paid Dhillon to spear Krys to terminate her pregnancy, causing a rift and feud between husband and wife.

As of 2011, Krys and her best friend Alexandra Callaway had not been on speaking terms, due to Krys being outspoken about her and Dhillon Michaels dating. Other relationships outside of Krys' marriage included a tryst with one Phoenix Winterborn. The two had originally dated in Ultimate Pro Wrestling, while Krys was separated from her husband, which lasted a few months until Winterborn was released from UPW following a conflict with owners Michael Harris and Randy Orton. The relationship ended once Krys returned to her husband and they reconciled. They met and began dating once more in BUD, while Winterborn was dating Mari Saito, resulting in Krys and Mari feuding with one another over Winterborn's affections. Following a months-long feud between Krys and Mari, which saw Krys defeat Mari and later go on to capture the BUD Bytch Championship, Mari disappeared from BUD after being involved in a car accident. Krys began dating Winterborn, and she led him to capture the BUD Heavyweight Championship twice, before calling an end to their relationship when BUD closed its doors. Ever since, Krys has been outspoken in her hatred of both Winterborn and his now-wife, Mari, and makes no attempt to disguise her hatred of the two of them whenever they encounter one of them in a federation. Krys and Alexandra resumed their friendship in Bare Bones Wrestling after both signed contracts to enter the federation.

In May 2011, Krys cheated on her husband with fellow USW wrestler, Levi Russow. During the days leading up to their encounter for Krys' World Championship, Krys found out and revealed that she was pregnant, causing another rift between her and her husband. After losing the championship, Krys took a maternity leave from Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling, leaving Chris to return to the company alone and join USW owner Brady Matthews in his feud against CJ Tyler for ownership of the company and its championships. During the feud, Mike East joined the feud, while Jericho's then-partner, Bryan York, abandoned the group after suffering a broken neck in a Christmas Chaos Chamber match, which was eventually won by CJ Tyler.

In the months since taking maternity leave, following Christmas Chaos, an angry Chris Jericho got into a physical argument with a pregnant Krys, slamming her against the wall of their locker room and causing her to go into labor. Levi Russow, who was nearby, received a text message from Krys, informing her of the situation, and he rushed to her side, breaking the door in to Jericho's locker room, and carrying her out to his car to take her to the hospital, where she delivered a son whose father was determined to be "The Iceman" Levi Russow. As of August, 2012, Krys has yet to make her return to Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling, a fact which has had many wrestling fans and employees of the company alike questioning whether the Feral Fantasy wishes to return to the company in light of her transgressions there.

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  • [2] - Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling Homepage
  • [3] - Global Wreslting Coalition Homepage

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