Dead Reckoning
LPW Deadreck
Promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling
Brand Inferno
Date February 12, 2008
Venue Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
City Flag of the United States Los Angeles, California
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Dead Reckoning was a professional e-wrestling pay-per-view presented by Lords of Pain Wrestling under the Inferno brand. The event took place on February 12, 2008 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.

The main event featured fan favorite Drew Michaels defeating his arch-nemesis, D. Hammond Samuels, in a Tijuana Cage Fight to win the LPW International Heavyweight Championship.



After D. Hammond Samuels successfully retained the LPW International Heavyweight Championship against fan favorite Drew Michaels in a 60-Minute Iron Man Match at Sacrament, Michaels could not stand to see his arch-enemy walk away scott-free. During the opening of the Inferno 11.2 broadcast, Michaels got into a fist fight with Samuels in front of general manager Spectre. Spectre ordered that the two would face each other at Dead Reckoning with stipulations to be added.

During Inferno 11.2, Spectre announced that Ham and Michaels would pick each other's opponents for Inferno 11.3: Pick Your Poison. The man who would win in the shortest time (if he wins at all), will earn the right to choose the stipulations for the main event title match at Dead Reckoning. If only one wins, that winner will choose the stipulations. In the off chance that both men lose, the man who survives the longest will choose the stipulation.

After Ham successfully defended the International Heavyweight Championship against 2006 Owner's Cup winner, Wevv Mang, Michaels announced that Ham would be facing Pen. Pen was the last man who defeated Ham, not to mention beating him in back-to-back matches for the World Heavyweight Championship at Schizos Wild and then the Martinez Cup at Altered Reality III. During a exclusive, Ham picked X as Michaels' opponent, who had beaten Michaels in a heated hardcore match during At All Costs earlier in the year.

At Pick Your Poison, Michaels was able to defeat X in 10:35 after landing a Wicked DDT on X with a steel chair wrapped around his neck. But unfortunately for Michaels, Samuels was able to avenge his previous defeats by pinning Pen in 10:30 after hitting a Blackout Driver.

At the following Inferno 11.4 telecast, Samuels announced that the International Heavyweight Championship match between the rivals would be in a Tijuana Cage Match, a match that Samuels made famous when he won his first LPW World Heavyweight Championship after defeating pro wrestling legend SoL.


# Results Stipulations Notes
Pre-show Jaetyn Knightwash defeated Matthew Strife, Killswitch, Glenn Masters, Sean Jensen, Daniel Oakley, and Kenori Seven-Way Scramble match Knightwash pinned Kenori after a Time Spiral
Pre-show Bryan Risk defeated Thomas Slidell Singles match Risk pinned Slidell after hitting Risky Business
Pre-show Ultramarcus defeated EB4 Steel Cage match Ultramarcus won by exiting the cage door
1 Innilock (with Sinferno) defeated Styxx Inferno match Innilock burned Styxx after hitting the Black Massacre, forcing his face into the fire
2 Random defeated X Singles match Random pinned X after an R-5
3 Mass Chaos (c) defeated Edible, T.J. Rage, and Trey Spruance LPW Television Championship "Misfits Melee" Round Robin Gauntlet match Order of elimination:
  • Chaos scored 9 points
  • Edible scored 6 points
  • Rage scored 2 points
  • Spruance scored 0 points
4 Team Inferno (Spectre, The Sublime, & Kieran Halycon) (with Satisfaction) defeated The Uprising (cYnical, Stone, & Bobino) Six-man tag team match (NPD was the guest referee) Team Inferno simultaneously pinned The Uprising after Sublime nailed Bobino with the Burning Shore Drive, Halycon hit cYnical with the Hero's Welcome, and Spectre drived Stone with the Spectre Spyke. After the match, cYnical threw a fireball in Satisfaction's face.
5 Wevv Mang defeated Sheepster Last Man Standing match Mang landed a legdrop from the top ringpost to the announce table on Sheepster with a chair on his face, rendering Sheepster unable to answer the 10-count.
6 Jaro defeated Pen Singles match Jaro pinned Pen after Ken Ryans interfered, knocking out Pen with a baton
7 Tromboner Man defeated N'itomniskittel Three Stages of Hell match Tromboner Man won 2-1:
  • N'itomniskittel forced Tromboner Man to tap out to a Queen Anglita Stretch in the Orchestra Pit Structure
  • Tromboner Man forced N'itomniskittel to pass out in the Con Cord in the Orchestra Pit Structure
  • Tromboner Man crucified N'itomniskittel in a Crucifixion Match
8 The Rik defeated Peter Saint (c) and RaTo LPW United States Championship Triple Threat match The Rik pinned RaTo after the Slice to win the title
9 Drew Michaels defeated D. Hammond Samuels (c) LPW International Heavyweight Championship Tijuana Cage Fight Michaels pinned Samuels after hitting the Wicked DDT from the top of the cage, shattering the ring below

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