LPW Hardcore Championship
Current champion Hatchet Ryda
Date won July 23, 2008
Promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling
Brand(s) Insanity
Date created
Date retired
Formerly PWA Hardcore Championship
Past design(s)
First champion Independent Pest
Most reigns
Most defenses Hatchet Ryda (3 defenses)
Longest reign Retribution (14 months)
Shortest reign Innilock (43 days)

The Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) Hardcore Championship is a title in Lords of Pain Wrestling that is currently exclusive to the Insanity brand. The title is contested under hardcore rules, which means:

  • No Disqualifications: All weapons and interference are legal.
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Pinfalls and submissions do not have to take place in the ring.
  • No Holds Barred: The only job for the referee is to end the match via pinfall or submission.


The LPW Hardcore Championship was originally called the PWA Hardcore Championship when it first appeared in the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance. Independent Pest was the first Hardcore Champion.

Bestest would win the Hardcore title and was drafted to Pyromania (now known as Inferno) when the first brand split occurred. Before the first Altered Reality, Bestest lost the title to Schizophrenia's Phantom Lord in an "Exploding Cage" Death Match. After the match, Phantom Lord threw down the belt and declared that hardcore wrestling was dead. Phantom Lord vacated the title and declared himself as the first Television Champion.

At the inaugural Altered Reality, Pyro's Bestest and cYnical teamed up to challenge some of Schizo's finest to reclaim the TV title. Bestest and cYnical were successful in their quest and brought the title back to Pyromania. They renamed it the Hardcore Championship.

During the first Pyro show following Altered Reality, cYnical was able to defeat Bestest for the vacant title at Pyromania 2.1. At this time, cYnical's young stable named the Bad Mamma Jammas were quickly gaining recognition. Sheepster & Styxx of the BMJs won the World Tag Team Championship at Pyromania 2.2, but cYnical was not impressed with the development of Styxx. cYnical offered a title shot to Styxx at Pyromania 3.1 to invigorate his career. In a shocking upset, Styxx was able to beat cYnical for the title and became the first dual champion in the promotion's history. Very few others have accomplished this feat.

At the Rumble in the Bronx, Morpheus defeated Styxx and three other competitors for the Hardcore title, beginning the most dominant reign in the title's history. "The Master of the Dream Realm" was so dominant, that he even defeated International Heavyweight Champion Jaro at Pyromania 8.1 in a House of Pain Match (both titles were not on the line). Morpheus' victory was so impressive that the Hardcore Champion was ranked first in the inaugural Apex over the promotion's two World champions.

After his victory over Jaro, Morpheus was ambushed by The Paragon. Injured and bruised, Morpheus defended the title at Pyromania 8.2 against a rookie named Retribution. In a stunning upset, Retribution defeated the "Master of the Dream Realm" after driving him through a table from the top rope. Retribution would later be drafted to Schizo (now called Insanity) where the title currently resides.

On August 6, 2007, Zuma ended Retribution's 14-month title reign at Insanity LIVE from Columbia, South Carolina. Zuma's mix of hand-to-hand combat as well as his mastery of weapons made him a formidable opponent. While holding the Hardcore Championship, he also becoame the LPW U.S. Tag Team Champion with his brother, Al.

Current champion

Hatchet Ryda defeated Innilock to win the title at LPW Dead Man's Hand in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 23, 2008.

Championship timeline

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Bestest Independent Pest Unknown
• Champion during brand split • Unknown
cYnical Bestest Pyromania 2.1 • This match was for vacant title after cYnical and Bestest brought the Hardcore title back to Pyromania at Altered Reality def. Stuart at Apollyon
Styxx cYnical Pyromania 3.1 • None def. Showstoppa, WLK, and Firefly at ReignFall
def. SFS at Cold Front
Morpheus Styxx, Robb, Dubzilla, and WLK Rumble in the Bronx
(October 2005)
• None def. Snowman at Pyromania 6.1
def. Styxx at Prevalence
Retribution Morpheus Pyromania 8.2
(June 2006)
• Retribution was drafted to Schizo with title
• Longest Hardcore Championship reign to date
def. Mike "Brawler" Nunes at One Way Ticket
def. Dalby Sound at Schizo LIVE from Cleveland, OH
Zuma Retribution Insanity LIVE from Columbia, SC
(August 6, 2007)
• None def. Magic at Insanity LIVE from Green Bay
Vendetta Zuma and Retribution EndGame
(February 10, 2008)
• Won in Triple Threat Steel Cage Weapons Match • None
Innilock Vendetta Insanity LIVE
(June 10, 2008)
• None • None
Hatchet Ryda Innilock Dead Man's Hand
(July 23, 2008)
• None def. Villiano 187 in Backstage Brawls
def. Zuma at Insanity LIVE from San Antonio
def. Villiano 187 at Honor Roll
def. Andy Savana and Blackwell at Resurrection

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