LPW Transatlantic Championship
Current champion Flag of the United States The Rabbi
Date won January 18, 2009
Promotion Lords of Pain Wrestling
Brand(s) Insanity
Date created
Date retired
Formerly • PWA United States Championship
• LPW United States Championship
Past design(s)
First champion The D
Most reigns The Rabbi (2 reigns)
Most defenses Headbanger (3 defenses)
Longest reign
Shortest reign

The Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) Transatlantic Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship. Currently, it is the second highest ranked championship exclusive to the Insanity brand of Lords of Pain Wrestling.

The title spotlights the expanding globalization of the federation, being contested by superstars between North America and Europe, but in no way restricted to those barriers.


In 2004, the roster for the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance had grown so large that PWA management decided to do a brand extension. The rosters were split between the PWA's two shows, Schizophrenia (now known as Insanity) and Pyromania (now known as Inferno). Pyromania drafted Jade to their brand, who was the reigning the PWA Western States Heritage Championship. As a result, the promotion's top mid-card title became exclusive to Pyromania, leaving Schizophrenia without a top mid-card championship.

The PWA United States Championship was introduced shortly thereafter and commissioned to be the second highest-ranked singles championship for the Schizophrenia brand. The first man to win the title was The D.

Over time, the championship helped build the singles careers of many of its top legends, including the likes of Phantom Lord, Joey Hollywood, and The Rabbi.

In November of 2006, management announced that the rosters would be re-drafted. During the Homecoming Draft, Schizophrenia drafted Rabbi with the fifth overall pick to keep the U.S. title on its brand. However, in Homecoming's opening contest, Pyromania's newly acquired Headbanger defeated Rabbi for the title and brought the championship to Pyromania.

In April of 2007, the PWA came under new management and was renamed to Lords of Pain Wrestling, while Pyromania was renamed Inferno. As a result, the title was officially renamed the LPW United States Championship.

After The Rik defeated stable-mate Peter Saint and RaTo in a triple threat match to win the title at Dead Reckoning, he unified the U.S. Championship with his UKWF Championship during the Inferno 12.1 telecast, renaming the title the LPW Transatlantic Championship.

Current champion

The current champion is The Rabbi. Insanity general manager Little Red stripped The Rik of the championship, creating an eight-man tournament called The Exciting Adventures of the Transatlantic Championship. The finals concluded at Honor Roll with Rabbi defeating Daniel Oakley to win the title.

The Exciting Adventures of the Transatlantic Championship

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
   Flag of the United States Andy Savana  
 Flag of Canada Killswitch  
     Flag of the United States Andy Savana  
     Flag of the United States The Rabbi  
 Flag of the United States The Rabbi
   Flag of Canada Bryan Risk  
       Flag of the United States The Rabbi
     Flag of Ireland Daniel Oakley
   Flag of England Blackwell  
 Flag of Portugal RaTo  
     Flag of Portugal RaTo
     Flag of Ireland Daniel Oakley  
 Flag of England Cactus Sam
   Flag of Ireland Daniel Oakley  

Championship timeline

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Flag of the United States The D - - • The D was first United States Champion • Unknown
Flag of the United States Positively Reaper The D Annihilation
• None • Unknown
Flag of the United States Phantom Lord Positively Reaper Revelations
• Won in a Russian Chain Match def. Positively Reaper at Schizo LIVE from San Antonio
def. "Sick" Nick in a Death Match at Schizos Wild 2005
Flag of the United States "Sick" Nick Phantom Lord Schizo LIVE from Portland • Won in an "I Quit" Steel Cage Match def. The Rabbi at At All Costs 2005
Flag of Canada Joey Hollywood "Sick" Nick, Pen, and The Rabbi Annihilation
• Won in Fatal Four-Way Match • None
Flag of the United States The Rabbi Joey Hollywood Schizo LIVE from Tampa
(May 2006)
• None DQ loss to Headbanger at Schizos Wild
Flag of the United States Drew "Headbanger" Michaels The Rabbi Homecoming
(November 29, 2006)
• Won in a No DQ Match
• Headbanger drafted to Pyromania
def. Robert Lillehammer at Pyro 9.1
def. Blackwell in a Carnival Brawl Match at The Rising
def. Latimer Morven at Inferno 10.1
Flag of the United States Damion Kross Headbanger, N'itomniskittel, The Sublime, Rogue, Latimer Morven, and X Inferno 10.3
(July 21, 2007)
• Won in an Unlucky Seven TLC Match def. N'itomniskittel at Inferno 10.4
Flag of Australia Peter Saint Damion Kross Sacrament
(September 19, 2007)
• Saint aligned with Public Enemy #1 def. The Sublime at Inferno 11.2
Flag of England The Rik Peter Saint and RaTo Dead Reckoning
(February 12, 2008)
• Won in a Triple Threat Match
• Renamed title to LPW Transatlantic Championship
• Stripped of title at Insanity LIVE from San Antonio
def. Jaetyn Knightwash and Eddie B. at Inferno 12.3
Flag of the United States The Rabbi Daniel Oakley Honor Roll
(January 18, 2009)
• Finals of "The Exciting Adventures of Transatlantic Championship" Tournament def. Pen at Resurrection

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