This is a list of commentators and backstage interviewers in the Lock Wrestling Federation.


Mister Mav

Mister Mav is the voice of LWF. Mav provides play-by-play on all LWF broadcasts. He supports face characters without fail, and is often frustrated by the antics of his co-announcers.


Joshman currently provides color commentary on Lockdown! and some Pay-Per-View broadcasts. He typically supports heel characters, although he can never tolerate Iceman regardless of his affiliations and always supports Lock. Although occasionally insightful, he prefers to spend his time berating Mav.

Joshman has participated in the Massive Melee as well as the Outlast Tournament

Covert Jay

Covert Jay currently provides color commentary on Warzone and most Pay-Per-View broadcasts. Covert Jay believes himself to be a ninja and many of his statements reference pop culture, although some things he says are complete nonsense. Covert Jay believes Arelas is a dragon.

Covert Jay has participated in the Massive Melee and once competed for the LWF Havok Championship.


Arelas served as the color commentator on Lockdown! during much of the summer of 2003, while he also served as LWF Commissioner. He often correctly predicted the twists and turns of a match before they occurred.

Patxi Cortez

Patxi provides Play-by-Play for the Spanish broadcast feed of LWF. En SAP!

Aitor Rodriguez

Aitor provides color commentary for the Spanish broadcast feed of LWF.

Backstage Interviewers

Grey Coppi

Coppi is the most well known interviewer in LWF, and is often a favorite target of characters such as Arelas and CoolJ.

Ed Leonard

Leonard made most of his appearances in the very early days of LWF, however he has recently been re-signed to pick up where he left off.

Rob Cartwright

Cartwright is a recent addition to the LWF staff, having made his debut by interviewing Colby Colt.


Arcadia Fernandez, a.k.a. Firestar, is the sister of The Talk of the Town. She is a former Lightheavyweight Champion as well as a former Tag Team Champion. When Lunacy in Motion reunited in March 2008, Firestar returned to LWF and announced she had been signed to an interviewer's contract.

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