The Lock Wrestling Federation (LWF) Imperial Championship is a tertiary championship in the Lock Wrestling Federation. It was retired in January 2005 when it was unified with the LWF Cross Hemisphere Championship.


Creation of the Championship

On September 22, 2003, on an episode of Warzone, Lock unveiled the UWF Imperial Title, which had previously been slated to be unified with the LWF People's Championship at Meltdown, however the match never took place and the title had instead been vacanted. Lock used his power as owner of the federation to declare Emperor the first LWF Imperial Champion.

Supplanting the People's Title

Commissioner Arelas was appalled at the decision to add another championship belt to what he felt was a lineup of too many titles as it was. He decided to fix the situation personally, and at Day of Reckoning Arelas faced both champions in a handicap match with both titles on the line, and defeated both Imperial Champion Emperor and People's Champion Red Fusion.

The following night on Warzone, Arelas declared that the newly unified title was the People's Title, and he carried a brand new title belt. Arelas defended that title against Emperor, and a distraction by Lock enabled Emperor to win the match. After the match, Lock declared that the era of the people had passed and that Emperor's new title was in fact the surviving Imperial Championship.

Over the next year and a half, the title would be held by people such as Phoenix, Ruff Rabbi, Iceman, and Metalhead Matt Marauder.

Unification with Cross-Hemisphere Title

On January 13, 2005, on Lockdown, current Imperial Champion McCammon defeated Cross-Hemisphere Champion Red Fusion in a match to unify the two titles. McCammon remains to this day the final Imperial Champion.

Title history

Chronological list of LWF Imperial Champions
Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Emperor 1 September 22 2003 Warzone Lock awards Emperor the vacant former UWF Imperial Championship
Arelas 1 October 19 2003 Day of Reckoning This was a handicap match
Emperor 2 October 20 2003 Warzone .
Xecutioner 1 October 27 2003 Warzone .
Emperor 3 October 30 2003 Lockdown This was a triple threat also involving BDT
Phoenix 1 February 15 2004 Maximum Carnage .
Emperor 4 March 14 2004 Lockmania III This was a Last Man Standing Match
Ruff Rabbi 1 March 29 2004 Warzone .
Iceman 1 May 16 2004 Resurrection .
Red Fusion 1 August 19 2004 Lockdown .
Pink Fairy 1 September 12 2004 Vengeance This was a six man tag team match pitting the DWO against the New Blood
Wicked Nick 1 October 10 2004 Day of Reckoning .
Metalhead Matt Marauder 1 November 18 2004 Warzone .
Vacant December 6 2004 Warzone Triple M vacated the title in return for a LWF World Title match
McCammon 1 December 12 2004 Betrayal Won an over-the-top-rope battle royal; Unified with CH Title 1/13/05

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