The Lock Wrestling Federation (LWF) Light Heavyweight Championship is a weight class championship in the Lock Wrestling Federation. To be eligible for this division a wrestler needed to weight less than 225 pounds.


Creation of the Championship

On December 16, 2001, at Betrayal, Evildeathro defeated Black Rose and Big Dick Togo in a Triple Threat Match to become the first Lightheavyweight Champion. This championship functionally replaced the LWF Women's Championship as it had been determined that there was not a sufficient division to support it.

The championship would go on to be held by people such as Fear, Anarchist, and CoolJ.

Destruction of the Title

On June 26, 2003, current champion Fear destroyed the title belt as a symbol of his new goals and attitude. It was never restored.

Title history

Chronological list of LWF Lightheavyweight Champions
Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Evildeathro 1 December 16, 2001 Betrayal Defeats Black Rose and Big Dick Togo in a Triple Threat Match.
Fear 1 January 7, 2002 Warzone
Anarchist 1 February 17, 2002 Maximum Carnage This was a Triple Threat Match also involing Big Pimpin
CoolJ 1 February 21, 2002 Lockdown
Vacant February 21, 2002 Lockdown CoolJ immediately vacated the championship
Anarchist 2 February 28, 2002 Lockdown This was a Light Heavyweight Supermatch.
Firestar 1 March 17, 2002 Lockmania
Black Rose 1 April 21, 2002 Maul
Firestar 2 July 4, 2002 Lockdown
Black Rose 2 August 29, 2002 Lockdown
Angry Little Man 1 December 30, 2002 Warzone .
Quetzalcoatl 1 January 23, 2003 Warzone
Fear 2 March 30, 2003 Lockmania
Abandoned June 26, 2003 Fear destroys the championship.

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