Renewal was the first Pay-Per-View broadcast of the Lock Wrestling Federation after its reopening in December 2007. At this event, three vacant titles were filled, and a new LWF Champion was determined.


Promotion Lock Wrestling Federation
Date December 23, 2007
Venue Unknown
City Unknown
Pay-per-view chronology
Maximum Carnage 2005 Renewal Massive Melee 2008
LWF Renewal chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} Renewal {{{nextevent2}}}

The theme for Renewal was "I'm Alive" by Disturbed.

  • Jake White def. Travis Pierce and Baal in a Triple Threat Match
    • White pinned Pierce with a roll-up using the ropes for leverage
  • The Lords of Pain def. Cold Fusion and the Metal Militia in an Elimination Table Match to win the LWF Tag Team Championship
    • Fear put Dark Angel through a table with the Meteor Press
    • Donovan Hastings powerbombed CoolJ off the apron through a table
    • Lone Wolf speared Fear off Dark Angel's shoulders through a table
    • Donovan Hastings dropkicked Lone Wolf off a turnbuckle and through a table at ringside
    • Red Fusion put Hastings through a table with the Fusion Bomb, but the referee was down and Fear reverses their positions. When the referee came to, he thought that Hastings had put Fusion through the table and awarded the match and championship to the Lords of Pain.
  • Diablo def. J.W. McCammon in a Ladder Match to win the Cross-Hemisphere Championship
    • Baal interfered and knocked McCammon out of the ring, allowing Diablo to pull down the title
  • Arelas def. Alan Fernandez, Psiko, and Triple M in a Fatal Fourway Match to win the LWF Title.
    • Arelas pinned Triple M with the Eternal Slam
    • Ruff Rabbi was the Special Referee
    • After the match, Iceman returned and attacked Ruff Rabbi.

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