The Lock Wrestling Federation (LWF) Technical Championship is a specialty championship in the Lock Wrestling Federation. A match fought in LWF under "technical rules" can only end in a submission.


Creation of the Championship

On May 27, 2002, Lock declared himself the first Technical Champion. He would be soundly defeated a week later by Phoenix.

The championship would go on to be held by people such as Arelas, CoolJ, Nomad, Xecutioner, and Triple M.

Unification with Havok Title

On August 19, 2004, Technical Champion CoolJ defeated Havok Champion Lone Wolf to unify the two championships, after which the Technical Title ceased to exist.

Title history

Chronological list of LWF Technical Champions
Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Lock 1 May 27 2002 Warzone Lock declares himself the first Technical Champion
Phoenix 1 June 3 2002 Warzone .
Xecutioner 1 June 23 2002 Lord of the Ring The match ended when Lock called for the bell; Phoenix never actually submitted
Alan Fernandez 1 November 11 2002 Warzone .
Matt Marauder 1 November 21 2002 Lockdown .
Arelas 1 December 15 2002 Betrayal This was a Triple Threat Match also involving Alan Fernandez
CoolJ 1 February 23 2003 Maximum Carnage .
Nomad 1 July 14 2003 Warzone .
Red Fusion 1 November 3 2003 Warzone .
Iceman 1 November 6 2003 Lockdown .
Lock 2 November 20 2003 Lockdown .
Nomad 2 December 4 2003 Lockdown .
Phoenix 2 December 14 2003 Betrayal .
Nomad 3 February 26 2004 Lockdown Special Referee Emperor called for the bell; Phoenix never actually submitted
JJ Massacre 1 May 16 2004 Resurrection .
Lone Wolf 1 June 17 2004 Lockdown .
CoolJ 2 August 19 2004 Lockdown Title unified with LWF Havok Championship

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