The Lock Wrestling Federation (LWF) Women's Championship is a women's championship in the Lock Wrestling Federation.


Creation of the Championship

On April 19, 2001, Lock declared Aphrodite the first Women's Champion, although there were no other active female wrestlers in LWF at the time. This would soon change.

Retirement of the Title

On December 16, 2001, due to a lack of competition within the division, the Women's Championship was retired and the LWF Lightheavyweight Championship was introduced instead.

Title history

Chronological list of LWF Women's Champions
Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Aphrodite 1 April 19, 2001 Lockdown Lock declares Aphrodite the first Women's Champion.
Lexus 1 May 20, 2001 Resurrection
Aphrodite 2 July 9, 2001 Warzone
Black Rose 1 July 23, 2001 Warzone
Lexus 2 September 3, 2001 Warzone
Black Rose 2 November 1, 2001 Lockdown
Retired December 16, 2001

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