Larry Thompson
Real name Lawrence Bryan Danielson
Ring Names Larry Thompson
Height 6'3"(191 cm)
Weight 233 pounds(105 kg)
Date of birth May 18, 1971 (age 38)
Place of birth Baltimore,Maryland
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Resides Boca Raton,Florida
Billed from Nutley,New Jersey
Trainer Monty Smithman
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Debut 1996
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Larry Thompson is an American professional wrestler and retired actor.He is currently working for Entertainment Championship Wrestling.He is best known for his time in Orlando Pro Wrestling(2001–2009).He most recently worked for Total Wrestling Alliance(2009–2010).He is currently taking time off to mourn over the loss of his wife,Sharona(May 13, 1974-January 30, 2010).


Danielson made his debut in the hit series,"Wacky Pack Kids" in 1980 at age 9.The show lasted for ten seasons before the show's cancellation on April 3, 1989.Danielson took part of the cult classic,Pennsylvania:1954,where he played the lead role of Parry Griffin,a greaser whose car breaks down in an Amish commuity in eastern Pennsylvania.It was released January 9,1993.Although it had poor reviews,the film became a hit.Amish communities sued the film director,Martin Meyers,for violation of privacy.Martin Meyers committed suicide on April 10, 1993 to avoid more charges.Danielson announced his retirement on July 30, 1995.Fans did not expect the next move of Danielson.

Post Acting

After retiring,Danielson trained to be a pro wrestler.He worked with 8 time world champion Monty Smithman.He trained until Smithman's passing on June 8, 1996.

Professional Wrestling

Danielson debuted in wrestling under Larry Thompson on July 1, 1996 and defeated Roberto Sanchez by pinfall.He wrestled matches in Northeast America and traveled overseas to Cuba where he entered a legendary feud with Miguel Ortiz.He moved back to the states and signed on with a company.

Pro Wrestling Association(1999-2001)

Thompson signed with PWA on June 30, 1999.He defeated Jake Hayes in his debut on August 2, 1999.Thompson grdually rose with victories over Thorn Javon,Christian Patton and Jeremy J. Tyler.He sustained a debilitating injury in a September '99 show.He returned June 15, 2001 and defeated Danny Taylor.Thompson left June 28.

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