Laura Kahleigh Cena is the 2nd child and first daughter of EMF Grandslam Champion John Cena (EMF) Her mother is John Cena's wife, Natasha Cena. She was born on May 3rd 2006.

Being a baby, Laura is yet to have been involved in any major way in the EMF. However, she already had one friend in the form of Ashley Jericho. In fact, her name, "Ashley", would become Laura's first word.

Laura was once mentioned in a promo by Wes Ikeda in which he attempted to convince people she was an ugly baby. Wes ultimately failed, mainly because nobody ever bothered to read his promos, nor did they care what he said as they were so dull.

Laura is named after Laura O'Leary, the girl responsible for taking Michael Browning to the EMF. The middle name is a tribute to Michael's cousin. She shares her date of birth with that of Michael's mother (RIP).

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