Laura Elizabeth Jones is the sister of former EMF Women's Champion Natasha Cena.


Despite never appearing in any role in the EMF (Wrestler, manager etc.), Laura had been involved briefly in its storylines prior to September 2008. She first appeared at Natasha's 21st Birthday celebrations, during which Natasha revealed she was pregnant with Laura Cena. Laura's role here was not a big one however.

Laura was seen again at the John Cena/Natasha Jones wedding. Laura was the maid of honour, and was seen often helping Natasha on the big day, before obviously walking down the aisle, participating in the ceremony, and later having the traditional dance with the best man, Christian. Later at the party there was a comedy scene in which Laura refused to dance with Christian again because he wasn't "well good" like his brother Edge, and because he was "weird", whih Christian took as a compliment.

Laura re-appereared in EMF Storyline in September 2008, when it was revealed she would be moving in with John Cena after her sister, Natasha Cena had been forced to return to England to look after their sick mother. Laura moved in with Cena to help him look after his 3 children, Eddie Stratus from his relationship with Trish Stratus, and Laura's own nieces's Laura and Rachel Cena.

In October 2008, Cena would again attempt to sleep with Mickie James despite his marriage and her sexuality. When she pulled out at the last minute, Cena was left angry and frustrated. Unable to cope with the emotions, he returned home where he duly bedded his wife's sister, Laura. This was by far the biggest involvement Laura's had in EMF to date, and looks to develope as storyline in the near future.

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